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Rather than a revision of his earlier biography Reformer Without a Church, Gritsch Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, PA provides a succinct chronological survey of the whole of Muntzer's life with emphasis on Muntzer's religious development and its effect on his later revolutionary activities. Gritsch gives a sympathetic appraisal of Muntzer, concluding with the disputable claim that perhaps the "tragedy of misunderstanding" that led to Muntzer's execution and subsequent demonization was due to "prejudice and hatred on the part of the ecclesiastical and political establishment.

Both the final chapter a survey of the historiography of Muntzer scholarship from the 16th century to the present and the extensive bibliography will be particularly helpful for both graduate and undergraduate research.

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Thomas Muntzer: A Tragedy of Errors

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Sign In Register Help Cart 0. A Tragedy of Errors. Add to cart Add to wishlist E-mail a link to this book. Ships with Tracking Number! Anti-Semitism, fundamentalism, triumphalism, and moralism represent wayward views on the relationships between Christians and Jews; between the authority of Scripture and tradition; between the church and worldly power; and between faith and morals.

Thomas Muntzer A Tragedy Of Errors

These toxic traditions represent the enduring temptation of Christian faith to be "like God" Gen. To Purchase Directly - Inquire Here. The biography highlights unusual experiences through two decades before, during and after World War II in Europe: A number of photographs illustrate the memoir. The collected writings consist of research papers, essays, editorials, sermons and a playlet, reflecting long-range scholarship, involvement in current issues, and specific interests.

At a deeper level Luther's wit and witticisms reflected his keen appreciation of human frailty and the unknowability of things divine.

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Ultimately humor in the face of mortality is a gauge of human freedom; a "lightening up" that makes of life a divine comedy. What are the characteristics of a Christian in the twenty-first century? How are Christians called to witness in this confusing period of time?

Gritsch addresses these issues in this concise guide to the challenges and goals of modern Christianity. The story of how the Christian reforming and confessional movement sparked and developed by Martin Luther survived its first battles with religious and political authorities to become institutionalized in its religious practices and teachings.

Gritsch then traces the emergence of genuine consensus at the end of the sixteenth century, followed by the age of Lutheran Orthodoxy, the great Pietist reaction, Lutheranism's growing diversification during the Industrial Revolution, its North American expansion, and its increasingly global and ecumenical ventures in the last century. This carefully selected anthology strives to supply hands-on knowledge of this man who would change history. It emphasizes Luther's work as theologian, exegete, and pastor.

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This book serves as an excellent introduction to Martin Luther's ecumenical spirituality. Selected writings are prefaced by an ample introduction, giving a biographical sketch of Luther and highlighting his hopes and goals for the Church.

It also speaks to the difficulties that arose between Luther and the Catholic Church of his time, leading to schism.