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He wants to play his piano and travel the world. Alpha Antonio Val What if desire really did have the power to sweep you away? He has the career, the money, the looks. Too bad their fathers have also changed theirs. Now Ethan and Antonio have to fight for something they never even dreamed they wanted: The Country Omega is the first book in a three-part series set in the Omegaverse. It is a non-shifter, paranormal world in which mpreg is a possibility but does not occur in this story. Kindle Edition , pages. The Downing Cycle 1.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Country Omega , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Feb 09, Katrina Passick Lumsden rated it it was ok. So I get what Peters was trying to do with this story, but for me, it just fell flat. The outdated social conventions of marriage were a twist, but I don't think they were an entirely successful one.

Antonio's father's reluctance to change the contract made very little sense, all things considered, and Antonio and Ethan's romance seemed more contrivance than actual affection. Ethan was a manipulative little shit, kind of a dumb one, at that, and the situation with Robert was confusing and unnece So I get what Peters was trying to do with this story, but for me, it just fell flat.

Ethan was a manipulative little shit, kind of a dumb one, at that, and the situation with Robert was confusing and unnecessary. If you're going to create an obstacle in the form of a former lover, have that obstacle make sense in some way. This was just manners, and I'm sorry, no amount of manners should make it okay to agree to let your child marry a sexual predator.

The Country Omega

And that ending was profoundly unsatisfying. Mar 31, Reflection rated it liked it Shelves: Alphas, betas and omegas? I thought I was getting a shifters book, but no. Instead, all the instincts are there the search for a mate, the stimuli of scents, bonding with bites and knotting, coming into heat or 'estrus'. Particularly clever, is the gender aspects, titles are non gender specific although traditional pronouns are maintained. Mothers can be male or female and mpreg is a viable option. Ethan is an omega with ambition and independent ideas, however his status means that his op Hmmm. Ethan is an omega with ambition and independent ideas, however his status means that his options are limited.

In many ways, it reminded me of the Stepford Wives. If he wants to finish his education at a musical conservatory he must be bonded and seek his mate's permission first. Ethan meets Antonio a potential suitor but much stands in their way and time is running out. Full guest here Boy Meets Boy Reviews A complimentary copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Mar 24, MzBond rated it it was ok Shelves: I can't be sure but it seems to be set in this current decade in some sort of AU Earth.

However, the characters are setup as such, i. Alphas, Betas, Omegas, etc. So, here is what I liked Titles were not gender specific. All Omegas that bore children were mothers, though traditional pronouns were maintained. All alphas appeared to be at the very least bisexual - though not specifically expressed, no one cared one way or the other if an omega was male or female because their biology allowed them to bare children no matter the gender. That's kinda where it ended for me The AU description is some strange mesh that my mind could not seem to reconcile.

In the beginning there was talk of traveling on a train and reference to it being a steam engine; so steampunk, right? Then it went underground to pull into what sounded like a modern day Grand Central Station.

See a Problem?

I guess the first talk of the steam engine stuck in my mind and I just felt confused by the world that world that Peters was trying to build. This aspect just turned this book into a historical romance, with a confusing backdrop, where omegas are chattel women , or at least treated as such. It must SUCK royally to be a female omega in this world. All of this would have been just ok except for this! I removed a whole star because view spoiler [Ethan was taken advantage of by his high school music teacher.

They didn't have penetrative sex but he was 16 and still a student. What he did, prevented Ethan's physical maturity. It went on for 4 yrs o. He finds out that this, his "teacher," is now doing the same thing with a 15 yr old. When Ethan's parents find out, it's because said teacher is now stalking Ethan. Ethan wants to come clean, go to the police, etc. That you and he have actually been together for four years, not two, and you just barely legal, and still his student? And not only will you never escape it — neither will Jake or Becca.

Just one more example of this confusing and frustrating landscape. I mean, are we in or pres? There were other things I had a problem with, that I could mention but they all circle back to the same spot. Not as problematic but definitely just as annoying, were the strange smell combinations that were supposed to describe some sort of heady, arousing pheromones, e. And then this particular analogy left me needing a Benadryl, or Calamine lotion I think there is medication for that. I have my reasons why I avoid these kinds of stories.

The Omega Nanny by Penelope Peters

I should listen to myself more often. View all 3 comments. Jan 31, Lisa rated it really liked it. To set the scene before I review, I have been reading paranormal since my mid teens, so why in 30 years have I never come across "Omegaverse" before? As with all genres, you have a baseline and then it can go from one extreme to other I certainly don't want to be telling anyone to suck eggs, but the basics of this 'verse are based around the Alpha, Beta, Omega of a shifter world, all the instincts but none of the shifting.

There is still the stimulus of scents, bonding bite and knotting and the need of a mate, but it's not the gender that is critical, its your status - Alpha's still being dominant and omega's usually pliant and submissive. Parents can be either or both sexes - you still have a mother and father, but they can be male or female, thus mpreg is just par for the course, as is coming into season or estrus The world is an everyday modern that makes the illogical plausible and left me ridiculously satisfied!! Ethan is an omega, the eldest of 3, mother and father are Ben and Robert and he's had a fairly modest liberal upbringing in a small town suburb.

A bonding contract has been set up for Ethan to mate with Antonio, an Alpha of some standing from a wealthy family in the City. Ethan is a gifted pianist and wants to study at the music conservatory, but as an omega, he has to be bonded to do this. Both men are sceptical of the mating, but on meeting, pheromones kick in, they scent and should be end of story I became very invested in Ethan, he was bucking the trend of a typical omega.

He was independent and wanted a future but with the support of his Alpha, as a true partnership, not as a submissive. Ethan's mother Ben, was all things - strong, supportive, loving, understanding and you can see where Ethan gets his strength. Antonio quickly comes to realise there is more to this bonding lark than first thought. I loved his musings and questioning himself. The scene with "Ned" made me smirk, even though I should've probably been more sympathetic!! Larissa, Antonio's friend, is also worth a mention for her no nonsense attitude! There were a couple of things that did niggle Antonio' father signing the second contract a little too easily.

His stalkerish arse just dropped off the page Next to cliffhangers, this is my most disliked ending Overall, the first dip of the big toe in this new pool has been entertaining, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable. I have just found out from the author's webpage that a second book is due out in the summer Jake, Ethan's alpha brother , so hopefully there will be a catch up then. Apr 18, Mike rated it liked it Shelves: Arranged bonding of a sophisticated, Latino Alpha and a Jewish, country Omega runs into snags from a demanding patriarch and a rejected suitor A quick read for a novel, this story has a nice range of sweet but intriguing, surprising, and entertaining scenes.

The story centers on an arranged match between a city Alpha with a demanding, sophisticated, high-powered business family and a country omega with a loving, domestic family and a shadowy secret. The author starts with an intriguing and eventu Arranged bonding of a sophisticated, Latino Alpha and a Jewish, country Omega runs into snags from a demanding patriarch and a rejected suitor A quick read for a novel, this story has a nice range of sweet but intriguing, surprising, and entertaining scenes. The author starts with an intriguing and eventually dramatic introduction and then weaves scenes of past secrets and yearning dreams into the story of two separated would-be mates.

I especially appreciated the depth of the supporting characters, from competitively friendly lawyers, demanding and over-protective fathers, wise and doting mothers, to conflicted music teachers. I don't think I've read any other omegaverse piece with such nuance and depth. The Alpha-Beta-Omega dynamics are central to the story and potential relationships, but they are not overstated or overly used as explicit sizzle. Outside of dreams, an Alpha knotting with a potential impregnation of the male omega is saved for the end. This is more a "will they or won't they" end up together and "which Alpha is right for the omega" story rather than a book of repeated, hard-core knotting.

Omegaverse aka where everyone is an Alpha, Beta, or Omega, often non-shifter: Feb 23, Meggie rated it it was ok Shelves: What a melodrama, which circled around a mating contract. This romance had a really silly plot. Jan 30, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this. I'm really wanting to know Ben and Robert's story, as well as Dimitrov's.

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Dec 13, E. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. The Country Omega is set in an alternate earth universe where humans are separated by status, omega, beta, alpha. Ethan is an omega who goes to the city with the hopes of starting at the conservatory, and also to find a bonding mate. Now Antonio and Ethan have to figure out a way to make sure they find their way back to one another. This book started out extremely slow.

It was supernatural at best. Despite that, I stuck with it and finally Ethan and Antonio met. I felt like they were both playing the part, rather than actually interested in each other.

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Anyway, there IS an undeniable physical attraction, and it became my quest to see it manifest as quickly as possible. There is a lot of kissing. A lot of touching, but not a whole lot of fucking. This book was pages and about 20 of that is fucking. The whole story takes place in like a week. Part one and part two really dragged. Omg it was so long winded. There was like 10 pages of Antonio running. The author has a really long winded way of writing.

At least three on every page. Like she was trying to convince us that Ethan and Antonio really-really-really felt this way. It was as if she wanted the words themselves to give more feeling than what the story was actually portraying. If that makes any sense. Part three is where the story picks up. This is where we go in a flash back kind of deal and we meet Mr. All I can say about this relationship is: I'll admit, at first I liked it.

But fucking fuck, it got creepy really fast. Clark was a creep. So moving right along. Clark, but oh, will Antonio be able to get his dad to sign the contract? And since we knew it would all work out in the end it became hard to sit and focus for pages of nothing else but these two guys kissing and rubbing each other, with some overcharged pheromones and public displays of aggression. There was no climax. They never faced off with Mr.

Therefore, this gets 2.

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Oct 13, Susana rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. But one look at each other and they agree to the bond. Too bad their parents who seemed so eager on the union fall out about the contract. Can the infatuated men find a way to stay together? The Country Omega depicts a society where omegas are protected and subdued to the Alphas. Their main goal is to be at home and look after their children. But Ethan is a very talented pianist and wants to continue studying, and b 3.

But Ethan is a very talented pianist and wants to continue studying, and become a soloist. In order to do so, he needs to be bonded to an alpha, otherwise he won't be allowed into the conservatory. Besides, there is Alan, his sort of ex, who is decided to claim him as his own, regardless the fact that Ethan is not interested in him any more.

When Ethan meets Antonio, he feels immediately attracted, and finds a similar response in the Alpha. But Ethan's overprotective father is decided to have his son treated fairly, and he disagrees with Antonio's father on the contract. From that moment, Antonio begins a race against time to convince both their parents to sign the contract, but that's not the only danger for the lovers, because Ethan's ex is wiling to do whatever to claim him.

Told from a bouncing point of view, we move from Ethan's to Antonio's minds, which gives us a great insight of both characters and how they view their love story. The narrative is smooth and the story engaging, as it steadily unfolds the mystery surrounding Alan and Ethan's relationship, thus keeping the reader intrigued. Both Antonio and Ethan are likeable, but so are the secondary characters which provide a really endearing background for the love story, both Ethan's loving parents and siblings in their chaotic home, and Antonio's moody family with their explosive Latino blood.

It was really easy to get emotionally invested with both characters, and feel sad the story ends. I would love to find out about Ethan and Antonio's live together. I hope to get a glimpse at them in the next book of this series. Jul 21, Diane rated it really liked it Shelves: Ethan is strong and personable while Antonio is caught in a situation he has been avoiding his entire life. Throw in some parents who have their own agendas and you run into some enjoyable and tension filled encounters. Of course there has to be other potential mates and dishonest alphas to make the story even more enjoyable.

You'll love the scenes with the lawyer and the 'dates' Antonio endures. Chuckles, smiles and a HEA you'll totally enjoy! Jan 10, Jennifer Lavoie rated it really liked it Shelves: I really loved the first half of this book, by I slowly lost interested towards the second half, only to have it regained again by the end. Overall it was very enjoyable. I will write a more coherent review later when I review the book. I forgot to add a review after reading it!

Aug 10, Deirdre rated it it was amazing. This is a very lengthy book was quite a surprise. I put it on and returned it from my Kindle Unlimited ten book limit collection several times. Finally I just meant to read a few pages for the future before I returned it again in exchange for another book I thought I wanted to read more. But I couldn't stop reading this book. Luckily it was the weekend and as I ran errands and did household chores I listened to this fascinating story. I didn't even realize that it was by a favourite author of min This is a very lengthy book was quite a surprise.

I didn't even realize that it was by a favourite author of mine. Penelope Rivers did an amazing job of world building. The world is full of Alphas, Omegas, and Betas - just not Shifters - though their behaviors bear some similarities such as the need to bond. The Omegas once again are treated like second class citizens. With their fathers being in charge of of their lives. But even in the the richer families the Patriarch is in control of everything, including their Alpha sons and who they marry.

In the City, Omegas are never allowed to go out unescorted by an Alpha or Beta or it must be a group of adult Omegas. At a certain age all young men and women go into the Bonding Pool, unless two Bond partners find each other Still they need their parents' consent. Some people put off going into the Pool in order to work or in the case of thirty year old Alpha Antonio Valdez because he didn't want a simpering, needy, baby factory Omega who expected Antonio to entertain him or her, to be their everything.

Just the thought of accepting such an Omega kept him in the Bonding Pool for several years. His father is furious. He wants his son Bonded and soon with grandchildren. But that was not Antonio's plan. He kept finding something wrong with each Omega, when his father invited their family to discuss Bonding. Since Bonding officially meant the signing of a Contract by the Fathers. Ethan Downing is a twenty year old Pianist and an Omega. He has the chance to be a Concert Pianist. He's been practicing since he could sit on his piano playing parent's lap.

Ethan won't be allowed to attend the Music Conservatory for another year unless he's Bonded to an Alpha.

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  4. Which is how this book opens with Ethan and his father, Robert Downing on a train on their way to visit the very hospitable Valdez parents. He is extremely nervous, but pushes through to speak with the tall handsome Hispanic man. The moody darkish atmosphere of the beautiful large Valdez apartment is so oppressive that the newly introduced couple is escorted out to the balcony while their fathers get down to business of reviewing the Bonding Contracts.

    Their chaperone leaves them alone leading to some activity that would not have been allowed if they had been properly supervised. So when Ethan's father abruptly ends the meeting with Antonio's father, taking Ethan back home, Antonio is deeply upset. He is angry that his father told the Downing parents somethings quite different from what was in fact in the Bonding Contract. But as far as Ethan is concerned Antonio is no better than his father, if he can't do anything about the the terrible Contract that he's so glad his father refused to sign.

    What kind of Bond mate would he have made? But down deep Ethan is already missing Antonio. And Antonio's getting drunk to finally pass out, only to experience sleep with dreams filled with his "almost" gorgeous talented Omega. Returning home unBonded is not what Ethan or his parents had envisioned. His unBonded status opens up a Pandora's Box full of unwanted memories, better forgotten activities, secrets, an unrequited possessive angry Alpha, broken trust, creeper behaviors, unmonitored Omegas, and loss innocence.

    Ethan has to learn to trust his parents. To stop keeping them in the dark about very important matters.

    How It All Began by Penelope Lively - review

    To believe that they have his best interests at heart, especially when he doubts them the most. There are some very important characters introduced in this first book of the Downing trilogy: This was a very well written book. Full of action, suspense, love, longing, loneliness, recalcitrance, arrogance, ignorance, determination, creeper, scenting, narcissism, estrus, piano playing, second class citizens, protection, and loopholes.

    The only thing I did not like was that the Omega parent was called Mom regardless of his or her gender. I've never liked it when a man is called Mom or referred to as the Mother. Also I am not happy that the second book in the series will be a MF romance. Otherwise this has become one of my favourite books. Nov 30, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: When the two meet for the first time, there is an instant attraction that neither had been anticipating, but is curtailed by their fathers who come to disagree upon some particulars of the match.

    To be together, they must overcome their bullheaded parents and the alpha threatening to take Ethan as his own. They had stereotypical omega and alpha personalities and traits, which I love. Also, from the beginning, the story felt a lot like some Sterek fanfictions that I have read so for anyone who is into that particular fandom, The Country Omega is a book they should check out.

    Overall, I did like this book. Nov 27, Sharon rated it really liked it. It is a non-shifter, paranormal world in which mpreg is a possibility. A free copy of this book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. I opted to read and review this book because I was intrigued by the concept of a non-shifter world with the hierarchy and rules of shifters. Access as many books as you like Personal use 3. Cancel the membership at any time if not satisfied 4. High speed access 5. No waiting time 8.

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