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Ready for Congress 3.

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Roll Call , December 10, If Congress keeps cutting its staff, who is writing your laws? Politicians and citizens talking without shouting? Who has the best Web sites and social media outreach in Congress? Hollywood — Our Washington Vs.

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Theirs , Roll Call. Obamacare worries Hill aides , Politico.

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Congress members happy with job," UPI. Congressional staffers believe they work longer hours," The Hill. Congress not so slow when it comes to using social media ," Washington Post.

Roll Call Votes 112th Congress-2nd session (2012)

Online chats time well-spent for several lawmakers ," The Hill. Whether you're new to the theremin or just new to the site, please take a moment to say hi and let us know a bit about you. What brought you here? How did you discover the theremin or did it discover you? What are you hoping to learn from our community?

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Im a dj and provide sound liighting services for a space rock band and looking at getting more involved with them and alos at open mic nights, I want to take something different along to them. Welcome to Theremin World! Let us know if you have any questions about various models of theremins as you decide which one to buy. And remember the words of the late, great Clara Rockmore: This might seem like a rather obvious truism, but it's amazing how many people make bad decisions about what sort of theremin to buy, and how to go about learning to play it, because they really don't know where they want to go with the instrument.

They end up buying a toy, fiddling around with it for a month or so, losing interest, and putting the thing on ebay. Yeah you can use it as a MIDI or voltage controller for all sorts of things.

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My first musical instrument is a new to me Etherwave. My cat believes that I purchased it specifically to torture him. I am not yet convinced that he is wrong about that.

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  8. Over the next while, I hope to be able to change this caterwauling that I am currently capable of into some recognizable music. You can start by searching threads about specifics you are looking for, there are so much information here: I started by totorials by Thomas Grillo on Youtube. Both are good DVDs to have. It all depends "which method" you'd prefer to play. Look on YT for Pamelia Kurstin, Carolina Eyck, Thomas Grillo and Peter pringle etc to find a method that will most like work for you then get the teaching material you need to learn.

    A good technique will allow you to play a wide repertoire.