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Nancy Edwards Jenkins I just wanna say one word This is much better. As you can observe, I deleted our very first test. It is useless to explicitly check if an object can be initialized, when other tests also need it. With time, you will find that deleting tests is a common thing. Tests, especially unit tests, have to run fast - really fast Considering this, eliminating redundancy in tests is important.

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Imagine that you run thousands of tests every time you save the project. It should take no more than a couple of minutes, maximum, for them to run. So, don't be terrified to delete a test, if necessary.


While we are in the green, observe that our test code can begin to rot. We need to refactor a few things. First, let's remove the duplication of the initialization of the wrapper object. We can do this only once in the setUp method, and use it for both tests. Next, there are some ambiguous bits in the second test.

Let's TDD a Simple App in PHP

Let's make it clear so that the next programmer who reads these tests doesn't have to guess. Another programmer should be able to read the tests as easily as they would read the documentation. Now, read this assertion again. Doesn't that read better? Of course it does. Don't be afraid of lengthy variable names for your tests; auto-completion is your friend! It's better to be as descriptive as possible. That's the obvious code to make our last test pass. But be careful - it is also the code that makes our first test to not pass! If you choose the first option, making the parameter optional, that would present a little problem with the current code.

An optional parameter is also initialized with a default value. What could such a value be? Zero might sound logical, but it would imply writing code just to treat that special case.

The Testing Fallacies

Setting a very large number, so that the first if statement would not result in true can be another solution. But, what is that number?

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We can't really say. We can now move on to the next test. Let's make sure that, if we have a very long word, it will wrap on several lines.

Test Driven Development in Symfony2 - PHPUnit - Part 1

Can you smell the while loop coming? Is a while loop the simplest code that would make the test pass? According to 'Transformation Priorities' by Robert C. Martin , it is not. Recursion is always simpler than a loop and it is much more testable.

PHPUnit Pocket Guide - O'Reilly Media

Can you even spot the change? It was a simple one. All we did was, instead of concatenating with the rest of the string, we concatenate with the return value of calling ourself with the rest of the string. The next simplest test? What about two words can wrap, when there's a space at the end of the line. Don't; that road leads to a dead end. This time, we need to think! The problem is that our first test has a text with a length of zero. Also, strpos returns false when it can't find the string. Comparing false with zero This is bad for us because the loop will became infinite.

Let's change the first condition. Instead of searching for a space and comparing its position with the line's length, let's instead attempt to directly take the character at the position indicated by the line's length.

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We will do a substr only one character long, starting at just the right spot in the text. I am thinking that we will, after all, need that search for the position of the space character. We moved the first condition inside the second one so that we avoid the endless loop, and we added the search for space. Still, it looks rather ugly. It's time for some refactoring. The next simplest test would be to have three words wrapping on three lines. This little book brings together hard-to-remember information, syntax, and rules for working with PHPUnit.

It also delivers the insight and sage advice that can only come from the technology's creator. Coverage of testing under agile methodologies and Extreme Programming XP is also included. The latest in O'Reilly's series of handy Pocket Guides , this quick-reference book puts all the answers are right at your fingertips.

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