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And one more thing I would like to point out is their wonderful support team. They really go above and beyond to make their customers happy At least we are super-happy! Highly recommended for everyone who is looking into employee engagement solutions or wants to replace out-dated annual employee surveys.

Honestly pun intended , can't think of anything here. Just one thing I would like to note: It is one thing to get all the valuable feedback from your employees, but you also need to ACT on it. Luckily, Honestly provides us with the insights to do just that. Knowing what the strengths and weaknesses of our company, our team and processes are - which usually employees do not dare to communicate so honestly.

Plus our employees felt seen and appreciated and were thus more motivated.

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We realized that in order to be successful in the long-term, we need to focus on employee engagement. Traditional annual engagement surveys are slow and require a lot of planning and effort. On the other side, there's Honestly. The setup of Honestly is a breeze, basically after 5 minutes I was able to launch my pulse survey to all of my employees.

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The surveys can be scheduled flexibly, we chose the weekly option to get new data every week so we can act on it immediately. The employees receive an email or a push notification which can also be freely configured to fill out a 2-minute survey and as soon as there is enough data to ensure anonymity, the dashboard gets filled with data a magic moment if you witness it for the first time. It's just really fun to scroll through all the feedback, apply filters and get to new ideas on how to improve your employee engagement score.

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Morally correct or virtuous Quotations related to Honesty at Wikiquote. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Honesty disambiguation. The valuing process in the mature person. Honesty—Humility, social value orientations, and economic behavior", Journal of Research in Personality , 43 3: A test of the might versus morality effect", Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , 67 1: For instance, if your father comes storming into the house and demands, "What happened to the mailbox?!

Or, you could be honest and say "My friend who was giving me a ride home wasn't looking when he turned his car around in the driveway and ran into it, and I told him not to worry about it, I'd take care of it for him. It looks to me like you're actually asking about the difference between truthful and honest , not truthfully vs. The honestly version has a slight flavor of throwing your hands up in the air and saying "no friggin' clue, sorry"; the truthfully version sounds like you might have spent a bit more time contemplating the situation before reaching your conclusion.

Also, as Rosey28 noted, the honestly version is slightly more likely to imply the opposite i. The only other difference I can come up with is one of usage: But all of these connotation differences are so slight that it is very easy to come up with counterexamples.

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The adjectives, on the other hand, are clearly different. As Hellion noted, it is quite possible to be truthful without being honest. Technically, it's even possible to be honest without being truthful, i.

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