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The event is donation based no one turned away for luck of funds, we should cover what we spend. The excess could be used on feeding some cultures like kombucha so it could be available in Brmlab but doesn't have to be grown there. Below is the list of cultures and people sharing them which we know of already. Even some of us had already knew kombucha drinks, first kombucha homebrewing evangelist was Frantisek Apfelbeck our member for some time and also founder of Tastebridge group in San Francisco hackerspace.

Food hacking

Few Food Hacking events were organized all related to fermentation techniques. Kefir grain and honey based fermented drinks were also made. Stevko is brewing his own Kvass. Stevko is making mead in the kitchen in the bottom shelf.

Fenomén food hacking v diskurzu studií nových médií – Bc. Jitka Žáková

Do not stir, do not shake, do not touch. Expected duration of the first phase: The mead looks good enough after four and half weeks and will be drank at meetup on We did another batch that was more sour some hackers preferred this taste and generally well received. The reason for sourness is unknown, probably less sweet honey, since we left it fermenting for approximately same time.

The third batch was supposed to be made from pasky's home honey with cinnamon, however too much cinnamon probably killed yeast and mold started growing inside the jar, so that batch was flushed. Just take a look at his other projects, like Meta-Cookie.

The technology a 3D virtual reality headset is in fact offering solutions for some serious food-related problems, like the battle against obesity. The Meta-Cookie project applies virtual reality to the culinary field in order to regulate the amount of food we eat and play with our sense of satiety.

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But the reverse is also true! He calls this augmented satiety, in other words: For the agri-food and restaurant industries, Takuji is going even further by imagining this same work on the psychology of perception , but this time without the 3D glasses. This effect is itself shaped by our tertiary retentions R3 , a process of technical individuation.

Simulation, manipulation of the senses Meta Cookie goes even further, by actually changing the taste of food. By superimposing images on the cookie, the computer directly affects our perception of it. A plain cookie takes on the qualities of a chocolate cookie.

Fenomén food hacking v diskurzu studií nových médií – Bc. Jitka Žáková

The smell of chocolate adds to the illusion and succeeds in fooling us completely. We focus on organizations and projects that approach the topic in an innovative way. Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts. Institution archiving the thesis and making it accessible: Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled!

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