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You can also use your company name or blog name here. This is basically sender name for the eMails. Once done, click on next step and now you need to give a list name and add a description.

Exclusive Guide To Start Blog Email Marketing In Next 25 Minutes

Make sure you add a decent description as this will be shown to your subscriber when they click on unsubscribe link. This way they will know what list they are unsubscribing from. Here is how Aweber explain the importance:.

Aweber Email Marketing: How to Set Up Aweber and Dashboard Review - Aweber Tutorial Part 1

Your subscribers will see this if they choose to unsubscribe from your list at a later date. Suppose that you have multiple lists and someone wants to unsubscribe from one of them. Describing each of your lists helps the person decide which list, if any, they want to remain subscribed to. That means, when a reader types his name and Email address on subscription form on your blog or landing page, he will be sent out a link on his Email to confirm. This is important to ensure legit signup. On this page you can customise the email which will ask them to confirm the eMail newsletter.

I personally use something like.

How to Create Mailing List Using Aweber [Tutorial]

Now click on Approve message and create list. Congratulations as you have created your first eMail list and before you take a coffee-break, lets quickly look at how you can get Email subscription code for your newly created eMail list. Aweber offers multiple pre-designed Email subscription box and you just need to copy and paste the code on the plugin you are using. Create Email list in Aweber: Click on Sign up forms and you will be taken to the Email sign-up form creator page.

Click on create your first Email sign up form:. One of the best feature of Aweber eMail form creator is, you can have extra field apart from Name and eMail. For example, if you need to get the Address or Phone number from your subscribe, you can do that by adding a new field. The step is easy to do and even with zero design and coding skills you can do that.

What I suggest is, simply select any template from the page and you are good to add Aweber sign-up form on your blog. Click on save form and go to step 2. Here is the interesting part, as you can direct where users will be redirected after submitting their name and Email in the form. Click on save your form and go to step 3.

AWeber Email Marketing Tutorial [with Graphics]: How to Set Up Your Account

Here you will get codes which you need to embed on your Blog or in the plugin to show the subscription form. If a developer or designer maintain your site, you can directly mail the code from here to him and he can do the needful. Now in the next series of Aweber Email marketing I will share my secret of how I engage with my subscribers and how you can use my technique for your blog.

For now, You should go ahead and follow above steps to create your own eMail list. Start your blog eMail marketing right away. If you have any question, ask me via comments. Do share this tutorial with your bloggers friend on Facebook and Google plus. If you want email marketing without a lot of fuss, AWeber deserves a look. If businesses want to grow, they cannot ignore marketing.

About AWeber

AWeber's templates simplify the process for creating visually attractive email marketing campaigns and the reporting dashboard tracks the most important basic statistics. For this review, I signed up for AWeber's Basic plan. How does AWeber compare against the competition? Unlike Campaign Monitor, AWeber doesn't have any caps on how many messages can be sent in a month. As of , AWeber offers a day free trial. It requires billing information and you have to send an email to support in order to cancel. When you sign up, AWeber displays the email address you need to use to cancel, which is great since some software makes you jump through hoops in order to find this information.

It's also expanded its auto-responder options. A feature called Legacy Followup Messages enables you to send a series of messages to all new subscribers. Another feature called Campaigns currently in beta offers several ways to send auto-responders: You can also pause and stop auto-responders at any time.

AWeber also automatically sets you up for automatic billing. If you change your mind, the company offers a day full refund. It's really easy to click on the wrong thing when checking out and wind up with the report in your shopping cart. If do you wind up buying it by mistake or don't find it useful, AWeber promises to refund your money.

Each record collects the name of the person, email address, ad-tracking value, and the name of the initial email message the person will receive. This can turn into a long and tedious exercise for a long list of names. The import tool is a better choice, as it has a textbox to cut and paste an entire comma-delimited list of email addresses. You have to let AWeber know from where your subscribers came—whether they signed up on a form, bought a product and opted to receive mail, or gave verbal agreement.

AWeber also wants to know whether the list is being moved from another mail marketing provider.