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These applesauce cookies are not overly sweet which is to our liking and they are nicely and aromatically spiced. They would make the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon coffee or tea break. My hubby tasted them as did I and we both agree that they will make a nice addition to the cookie assortment that I give out as annual Christmas gifts to some of our friends. In fact if I find other good recipes in my grandmother's old recipe file, I may alter the usual assortment quite a bit this next year.

I will give the directions as they were written, but if you happen to have a convection oven, multiple tins of cookies can be baked at the same time and the time spent in the oven can be cut down as well. Eight to nine minutes was all it took to have these applesauce cookies rise and achieve a nice golden brown appearance while being baked in the convection oven instead of the 15 to 20 minutes as noted in the recipe.

If you decide to make this applesauce cookie recipe, please leave a comment below as to how you like them. These would be perfect cookies to tuck into a lunch box or picnic basket for a sweet treat that also has some nutritive value.


It is sure to be a winning recipe for your family and friends! I think I'll go grab an applesauce cookie right now along with an afternoon cup of herbal tea. Wish you were here to join me! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

It really has been fun trying out some of these old family recipes. I should do more of it because we have discovered some that are truly delicious. The applesauce cookies look good. It must be a great feeling to be able to try out these old family recipes. The paper the recipe is written on has held up pretty well and the handwriting is lovely. Thanks for sharing this recipe with your Facebook friends. That is so smart of you to share your own family recipes in the ways that you are doing. Hope you have lots of sales on those postcards with the recipes.

I'm glad you are preserving and sharing your grandmother's recipes. I've been putting my mom's on a nostalgia blog I created for her memory. I also put them on Zazzle postcards so people can buy them to mail to friends. You can definitely use less sugar depending upon how sweet your applesauce happens to be. I often cut back on the recommended amounts of sugar in recipes.

Crisco is still available for sale in stores. They still sell it in the cans but also in stick form similar to butter. I often purchase the butter flavored Crisco in stick form when I use it. Thanks for the condolences. My mother has now been gone 8 years. I still miss her. In addition to being my dear mother she was also my best friend. I found this recipe very intriguing because I make apple sauce sometimes. But I never imagined using it to make cookies. The pictures look yummy. I have a sifter, but I just need to pick up some of the ingredients.

I might use less sugar though. By the way, you brought back a childhood memory. My mother used to use Crisco when she made cookies.

Sorry to hear about your mom's recent passing. I agree with you. I have many such hand-written recipes from my family. Glad you liked this. It's really neat to see the hand-written recipes! With ingredients that can be pronounced, no less: You certainly love those cookies that your mother makes from your comment. If you have not shared it here, perhaps you could? Those old timey recipes are often the best. Hope you like these applesauce cookies. Peggy W I will have to try those wonderful apple sauce cookies.

The best of your hub was the hand written recipe that brought back memories of my mom. She made a cookie with everything in it. Almost lethal but so delicious. Thank you so much. Have a great night. Enjoy this good applesauce cookie recipe. I used to make homemade applesauce when I lived in Wisconsin and grew up eating my mother's homemade applesauce.

This is a great time of year for eating apples or using them in other guises such as these cookies. Thanks for your comment. Stopping back by to say that I've also not pinned several recipes due to joining Pinterest late in the game…but I expect to catch up as you are doing. Apple season is the perfect time to make good use of this recipe, as well as any other season.

So glad you enjoyed this hub with the photos and directions on how to make this old fashioned cookie. Appreciate your comment and votes. This hub is laid out so beautifully with the photo of your grandma and the hand written recipe and everything. The recipe also sounds delicious.

Thanks for sharing it with us. Voted this hub up and beautiful. I read that tip some time ago and have used it at least partially to cut back on the higher calorie oils and or shortening. Like you said, it works! Thanks for your comment and votes. Plain applesauce without sugar or high fructose corn syrup added is such an excellent ingredient to use in baking. It can be used in the place of shortening in most recipes for more healthful results. It's a great way to sneak fruit into the diet! Voted up and awesome!

Your cookie board on Pinterest is expanding big time! Nice for those looking for some good recipes. Thanks for the share. Nice that you also have family recipes to treasure, make and share with others. Often they are the best! Thanks for the votes, 5 star rating and the share. Let me know if you make these applesauce cookies and how you like them. Don't know how I missed this recipe all this time!

I have lots of my mother's recipes too. These cookies look yummy, and I know your friends who will be the lucky recipients of them at Christmas must appreciate and enjoy them so much! I think handmade gifts are appreciated more these days because they are all but impossible to buy and they show that you care. I'll bet that not only your son, but you will enjoy these old fashioned applesauce cookies as well.

Healthy Applesauce Cookies

Thanks for the vote up and your comment. I still have many old recipes written by my grandma that I have yet to try. It is fun to replicate these old recipes! You should try some of your grandma's hand written ones. I truly think you will like these applesauce cookies if you give them a try. I would like to try this old fashioned cookie recipe, the cookies look delicious and i can bet my young son will love them.

I might have to make some of these as the calorie count isn't to bad. However, if they are addictive I might just need to stay away. I too have a bunch of my grandma's old recipes. I might have to go through them and see if I can actually read them. Not only are they faded but her handwriting has never been easy to decipher.

It might make for a fun activity! So your grandma also made applesauce cookies! It is wonderful thinking back to the days of our grandmother's cooking and baking. These I remember from my grandma also. Everything she cooked or baked tasted like manna from heaven! Hope that you enjoy these homemade applesauce cookies as much as we do. Thanks for your comment and vote up. I have never made applesauce cookie. Thanks for sharing it. Am sure that you will like these applesauce cookies when you give them a try. I will have to come back to read it again this weekend when I plan to make it..

I will hopefully find the time then.. LOL Thanks for the share. Perhaps you made these applesauce cookies over the weekend? You sounded eager to try them. Thanks again for your comment. Hope you bake these applesauce cookies sometime in the near future and come back to report how you like them.

Applesauce Cookies

My grandmother and mother, for that matter were both wonderful cooks. It is nice to be able to see my grandmother's actual handwriting and to be able to touch the piece of paper that she touched so many years ago. I hope some family members of mine will treasure it as much as I do long into the future.

The applesauce cookies are great. Wow this sounds great I can't wait to try them! Your grandmother sounds like a great cook. I love the original recipe picture. I now have some of my own hand written recipes from over 20 years ago. Who would have know how quickly the time would pass or touching it is just to look at someones handwritting. Glad to be able to introduce you to applesauce cookies. The spices make them very tasty. Let me know what you think after trying them. It is rather fun trying out all of these old time recipes and applesauce cookies are a winner in taste.

Of course my grandmother would have used her homemade applesauce in the recipe. I will have to try this recipe. I never thought about applesauce cookie before, thanks for sharing. Thanks Peggy for a great recipe - never would of thought of apple sauce and cookies. I will certainly give it a whirl! How nice that you also have recipes written in your own grandmother's handwriting! With your homemade applesauce and your liking of cookies that are not overly sweet, this recipe is sure to be a hit with you.

By far the thing i treasure most from my grandmother is a collection of her favourite recipes in her hand writing. How lucky you are to have these.

Applesauce Cookies | Inspiration Kitchen

This recipe looks easy and delicious. I am a big fan of not overly sweet cookies and we have several apple trees leaving us with more apples and apple sauce then we know what to do with. I like the house napa cabbage, non-vegan variety best.

I disagree that you can't get decent kimchi in a jar. If that's what's available to you, it's a really good option. I've tried several brands at Wegman's and Whole foods and I like Mother-in-law's best. I do use thatmuch oil, but I do use olive oil. For me, using less oil makes it dry, at least for regular corn. If you are counting calories, maybe you shoud consider something else for a snack.

I am dying to try this recipe.

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PBS is a c 3 not-for-profit organization. Healthy 4 Ingredient Applesauce Cookies In a large mixing bowl, combine the oats, pumpkin, applesauce and granulated sweetener of choice and mix well. If desired, add 2 tablespoons or so of your favorite nut butter. Using your hands, form into small balls and place on the baking tray and press each ball into a cookie shape. Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon and bake for minutes, depending on desired consistency. Remove and allow to cool completely. These cookies don't need refrigeration and can be kept in a covered container for up to a week for optimum freshness.

They freeze very well. It might go too far if I said I have conversations like that with my sister as well but I can definitely relate to rollercoster like changes of topic when we speak. Oh and don't listen to your Mum, your pumpkin recipes are bomb! With all these amazing pumpkin recipes appearing on the interwebs you can only imagine how devastated I was when my husband told me he fed our dog his pumpkin pie smoothie.

These would be so perfect for my little nephew! He loooves cookies so this would be a nice alternative haha. I makes easy oat cookies like this all the time! Its awesome that you can bake with just oats and some mashed fruit or pumpkin. Plus the options for add-ins are endless! Dear Arman, I get such a kick out of you two. These applesauce cookies sound delightful…an equally delicious healthy treat…even if there is no pumpkin. I enjoy both kinds! Enjoy your day my friend, Catherine.

These cookies look awesome…and easy! And they involve apples. And we all know how I feel about apples. Turns out little sisters are pretty similar! I prefer my ball gown to come with an actual pie, too. Hahahahaha the ball gown that keeps on giving! Seriously, sisters must have their own self taught lingo.