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What do Muslims think of Jesus? Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet who was given a special message—injil, or the gospel—to convey to all people. By Marianne Farina, C. Monday, September 19, See more posts by Marianne Farina, C. Top Content This Week. Did Jesus have brothers and sisters? No one had to die for our sins.

What is in the Bible? Interior Ad Space 1. Should we change our pronouns for God? The word Al-lah literally means "The God" and is the equivalent of ho theos , the Greek term used in the New Testament to refer to God.

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In Arabic translations of the Bible, the name Allah is always used to translate ho theos. Over the centuries, Arab Muslims and Christians have disagreed over many issues, both religious and political, but they have never accused one another of worshipping different gods. Some Christians have objected that since Muslims' understanding of God is not Trinitarian, how can the God of Muslims and Christians be one and the same?

One could ask the same question about the great figures of the Old Testament - Abraham, Moses, Isaiah or Jeremiah - whose understanding of God was not Trinitarian, or even of figures like John the Baptist and Mary in the New Testament. It was only later Christian reflection that arrived at an understanding of the One God as Trinity. Just as Christians would never claim that Abraham, Moses and John the Baptist worshipped a different God because they did not understand God's Triune nature, so it would be wrong for a Christian to claim that Allah worshipped by Muslims is not the God of Christians.

It is not only Christians who question whether the two communities worship the same God. Some Muslims accuse Christians of worshipping three gods. This is based on the view that the Christian doctrine of "one God in three persons" constitutes a kind of committee, a sort of "division of labour" among three individuals who share in the work of creating, saving and judging humankind.

All theologians and Church teachings agree that this is a misunderstanding of Christian faith, yet Muslims may be excused for holding this distorted view, for that is the way the Christian doctrine has often been presented to them. The ancient Councils of the Church like those of Nicaea, Ephesus and Chalcedon actually defined Christian faith as holding "one God in three hypostases". That Greek word is often rendered as "persons" but according to Karl Barth, a leading Lutheran theologian of the past century, it means "a way of being". According to Karl Rahner, one of the Catholic Church's most important theologians in recent times, it is "a mode of subsisting" - that is, a way of being and acting.

In other words, Christian faith affirms one God who has three essential, eternal ways of being and acting. The one eternal God has an eternal Message, a Message that Christians believe God expressed perfectly in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. You will not lose your rewards in Jesus Name. My name is Derrick from west Africa , Ghana. I am very weak in prayers and I want you and your members to remember in Prayers.

I love God but I found it difficult to go to church on sundays and even to read Bible. Very good and great outline to follow as Christian. This has been made very simple for me to follow to grow my christain life. I really love this teachings,it guides my mind in a new dimension, An interesting and inspirational message, GOD bless you more and more.

When we stick to that,ww may surely secure a home in internity. Tanx to Billy Graham. I am doing research to create a pamphlet for my Church, there are many problems that exist that need to be recognized and confronted by our church members. I pray to succeed that our church can become a powerful church in the Holy Spirit, we must get back to our beginnings.

I want to be a Christian but I let the distractions of the world and my circumstances be above Christ. I truly want to accept Jesus as my savior. My parents always tell me that sometimes God may want to use you but you have to let Him. I want to be the woman that God has put me on this earth to be. I believe that God has a plan for my life.

Can you send me a couple of scriptures that will encourage me and help me stay focused? I also struggle with faith, what are some things that I can do about that? Hi Sireeia, We encourage you to visit this site so you can find devotions, and information on how to grow your faith: Billy Graham has impacted my life since I was a young girl. Grateful to Billy Graham and our Lord that he used his gift. Good morning, please help me in my place of work. I am surrounded with so many different sins. As a broadcaster I fall into some of these sins… I live in sins and sometimes stay away from sins.

How do I live a sin free live? Try reading through a few of these answers Billy Graham has given in response to similar questions about sin. We hope this helps. Please pray for me. I need encouragement and clarity on how to become a good Christian. I want to honor God in everything that I do. It is an encouragement to my spiritual life, it help me to grow spiritually. Please help me in prayer that I may stand strong in the Lord.

No one cares what you know until they how much you care. Grahams messages reinforces that for me. Actually I was looking for messages that can help me revive my prayer life. I am inspired thanks Billy Graham. Really inspired through these 10 points, and blessed. He is loyal, trustworthy, His mercies are forever great, Am glad I have given my life to Christ who rules the lives of the faithful.

You know when He comes to get us there shall be joy, peace. I wish to be like Christ perfect. Thank you Billy for sharing these with us and you are now became an angel, here on earth you have inspired the lot of people through scriptures, God and His son must be proud of you. Hi George, we encourage you to visit the following two pages. Just enter your email, and we will send you spiritual encouragement. You are doing a nice job showing people the way. Thank you for the job well done.

I have hard time letting Jesus Christ take control of my life. I was really blessed that being a follower of God our Lord is not easy, but thank God for another lesson being shared by His Son. I want to thank the one who made this. I declare that God give you more knowledge and strength to write more to think more about goodness of God in order for them to encourage and know how to live a life that is full of blessings.

I have not always believed in the Lord. My upbringing was something less then love, but over the years I have come to know Christ and can only hope that because my heart is filled with true sorrow for past mistakes that God will forgive me. My husband left me for his boss after 27 years. I have a hard time understanding the words of the Bible. What can I do to help in understanding the word? Hi Phillip, This is a great question. We will keep you on our email list. You can also subscribe to additional emails here: I want to get back to my religious life.

Lately I have been going on trips enjoying with friends eating and sleeping and working a lot, not paying attention to my religion. I want to be motivated and get some advice and help please. We encourage you to visit this website for resources on growing your faith: God put us in this word, to witness His heavenly love by words and by deeds. People want to see the life of heaven in the life of His followers.

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The more we show the life of Christ, the more people will believe that Jesus is the son of God. The real life of God is in heaven, true believer of Jesus can witness that life hear in this world! I am very much Blessed by the teaching of our Beloved Dr. Thank you for this teaching, you helped me prepare for a sermon.

Hi Aivy, We encourage you to read about temptation on our website by following this link: What if you find your self being occupied with works? I mean a work of from morning to night. How will I do to keep these 10 guidelines? Kindly assist me live a happy life. I am in a lot of temptation, such as marital problems where as my life with my husband is bad. We fight every night and we do not have time to communicate. My husband does not have time for me and children.

Please help me live a normal life. Hi Susan, we are praying for your marriage. You may find these articles about marriage helpful: Hi Harmony, We are so glad you commented. You are making me grow spiritually, and now I know how I can live a Christian life. I have been blessed with this teaching!

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My eyes have been enlightened! May the Lord continues to bless you! Thanks so much for bettering My life. Pray for me too so that I could live the rest of my life in Jesus Christ. I just need a spiritual gift. I am a Christian. I suppose to have married but am facing financial challenge. I need prayer for financial breakthrough and spiritual breakthrough. I dont get it….

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Hi Alvin, these articles may give you some clarity: This site would be really helpful for you, and you can chat with people about Christianity — https: These are very good instruments to use in walking with God daily. I thank God who gave His children the to acquire the knowledge of understanding the Scripture. I am blessed and comfortable reading this one, knowing that Pastor Graham is a true believer. I am grateful that places like this will continue spreading the Gospel. Hi Jason, we are praying for you and we encourage you to listen to this one minute audio clip: This message is going to make my Christian life, a little simple.

I need the special grace of God to help me practice it everyday. Remember me in prayer, please. I have a great family, home, food on the table etc. However I have not been a strong Christian. I have sinned, asked for forgiveness and then sinned again. I have difficulty being a good man in Gods eyes.

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But today I have decided not the first time that not only do I want the holy spirt to take control of my life, I want to be a amazing man of God!! I want to pray always, love and not hate.

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Not judge and to fear God. I want to pray over others and let God perform miracles. You may find this website helpful. Here you will find direction and encouragement for your pursuit of the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I am a leader in a church and want to learn to teach one day and help my pastor.

Our church needs Bible basic principles teaching studies. I will keep on looking at your Christian Living Guidelines. Hi Joe, if you go to this website https: You can also read a daily devotion at https: January 10, at 3: June 8, at January 10, at 4: January 10, at 5: January 10, at 6: January 10, at 8: January 10, at January 11, at January 11, at 5: January 11, at 7: