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Thanks for the article. Thank you for sharing your stories! There are still some in America like me , who care about this issue very much. You have courageous determination and please carry on with your message even louder than ever! The world needs you! Thank you for taking the time to write all your posts. Posts here are like a bright light at night for a lot of topics. On a different note concerning Arctic Sea Ice, would the measured or expected changes in the AMOC or other currents reduce or increase the amount of heat transported into the Arctic?

The transported heat has a big influence on the amount of Sea Ice that melts. Back to that elephant. Arctic sea ice has a profound effect on the exchange of heat between the sea and the atmosphere. Evaporation from the ocean surface both cools and salinifies the ocean surface and thereby bringing about the deep convection.

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The retreat of the Arctic sea ice in recent decades is moving the egdge of the sea ice away from the areas of deep water formation and I would have thought that this would contribute to a weakening of amoc south of Greenland. The exchange of heat between the air and sea surface is particularly intense close to the edge of the sea ice. Interesting to note the Hansen et al. You suggest that the slowdown in the AMOC since may have an anthropogenic cause.

Yet the paper by Haines to which you link suggests that an anthropogenic influence on the AMOC has not as yet been detected. In addition the UK Met Office, in their Nature Geoscience paper, suggest that whilst an anthropogenic impact on the AMOC cannot be excluded in the 21st Century, no such impact has been detected so far. To their credit, they recognise that there are difficulties even with their reanalysis and go on to state:. In particular, the reanalysis may be less good at capturing future changes that occur through different processes, for instance from changes in the dense waters that overflow the underwater ridge between Greenland, Iceland and Scotland into the Atlantic basin.

The deep ocean below m is still very poorly observed, so changes in the deep ocean that affect the circulation might not be properly represented. I still think there is a long way to go before the science community can identify, with confidence, an observed anthropogenic impact on the AMOC. The commentary by Thomas Haine discusses three papers: I would agree that in the variability we see over such a short time scale we cannot detect any anthropogenic influence with any confidence.

My main argument that speaks for an anthropogenic influence is the long-term downward trend since inferred from the SST data in the subpolar Atlantic, and the fact that climate models driven by anthropogenic forcing predict just such a relatively cold patch in this same area. There is another similar persistent cold blob — about latitude 80S, longitude 0.

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Perhaps the only other one. Like the northern one, it is near the THC and near melting ice caps. Could be more than a coincidence. Could there be a relation between the slowdown in this article and Antarctic intermediate water freshening coupled with decreasing Agulhas leakage as described in this discussion paper:. Thank you for the excellent observations and analysis. It is refreshing to see people dedicated to the pursuit of truth.

I have a question about another quasi-periodic ocean phenomenon, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Johnston and Nathan J. Mantua, makes the following claim:. Northeast Pacific coastal warming since is often ascribed to anthropogenic greenhouse forcing, whereas multidecadal temperature changes are widely interpreted in the framework of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation PDO , which responds to regional atmospheric dynamics. This study uses several independent data sources to demonstrate that century-long warming around the northeast Pacific margins, like multidecadal variability, can be primarily attributed to changes in atmospheric circulation.

Abatzoglou co-authored research, published this year in the Journal of Climate, that reached a different conclusion. Abatzoglou and two Oregon State University scientists compared weather observations with climate data for Oregon, Washington, Idaho and western parts of Montana and Wyoming. Neither the century long Cold Blob or the one has weakened it. Better still, climate models show that ours is going to be ok at least until the end of the century. Maas always takes the outlier position, has for year after year, and turns consistently in the same direction. The cold, dense brine as it sinks from the bottom of the forming ice will mix and entrain additional cold water from just under the ice.

I suspect the amount of additional 33psu surface waters entrained by the sinking brine is indicated by the nearly 35psu salinity of Arctic ocean water below about meters depth; if the salt from each cubic meter of ice formed were added to approximately 15 cubic meters of water at 33psu, it would raise the salinity to near 35psu.

A longer period of open water with larger areas will allow more mixing of the top meters, which should increase the surface salinity prior to freeze up, possibly enhancing the effect. The increased seasonal THC variability could have an effect on Arctic ecosystems, as well as weather patterns connected with the Gulf Stream. Cliff Mass said… … The ocean acidification hype is very similar…very small human signal compared to large natural variability.

It took decades for the warming signal to emerge from natural variability, as Hansen predicted decades ago. Wintry weather closes schools across the Maritimes Air Date: Kings County home destroyed by fire Air Date: Fishermen rally as Northern Pulp seeks injunction Air Date: Why one family left T. News and weather update: Tuesday Dec 18, Air Date: Weather slows travel on roads and in the air Air Date: Victim's family upset with plea deal Air Date: Probe continues into pedestrian death Air Date: Passengers support 'bill of rights' Air Date: Family wants to return forgotten gifts Air Date: Challenging year for N.

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Another suspicious fire in Saint John Air Date: Wintry weather prompts school closures Air Date: Pictou County man pleads guilty to manslaughter Air Date: Cat found provinces away in parcel home again in Maritimes. Monday, December 17 Air Date: Case of strangles confirmed in N. Fire partially destroys Dartmouth home Air Date: Halifax tenant arrested for cannabis cultivation Air Date: Halifax Police charge two drivers with Stunting Air Date: Lucie Historical Society, Inc.

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The airplane then began to swing to the left with increasing speed, characteristic of a ground-loop. It tilted outward, right wing low and for 50 or 60 feet was supported on the right wheel only. The right-hand landing-gear suddenly collapsed under this excessive load followed by the left. The airplane spun sharply to the left sliding on its belly and amid a shower of sparks from the mat and came to rest headed about degrees from it's [ sic ] initial course. Waitt Institute for Discovery. Archived from the original on December 15, Retrieved April 4, Geographic Names Information System. United States Geological Survey.

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