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At harvest time, the owner of an orchard comes to collect the fruit. Date and fig bread, sticky cinnamon figs, fig and blue cheese tart — yummy! One year, two years, three years the orchard-owner comes … But no figs! Jesus looks at us, and what does he see? He sees that often we are dry, barren, fruitless. But chop us down? He gives us time.

And as for those perennially vexatious questions — Why do bad things happen to the ordinary and the innocent? Where does evil come from? With Jesus, we should simply get on with our practices of TLC wherever we find people hurting — whether saint or sinner, whether Christian or Muslim — because such distinctions mean nothing to God.

But not as a question expecting an answer, rather, as a prayer, a prayer of lament check out the Psalms — they are our teacher here , which though they look like demands for an explanation, are actually, deep down, articulations of pain and protest, and appeals for comfort and strength. Such prayers will keep us honest, humble, and compassionate — honest about our bewilderment at the experience of suffering, humble about our impotence to probe the origin of evil, and compassionate towards others in their anguish and grief. While the teaching of Jesus provides no answer to the problem of suffering, it does answer another question: Why is it that, along with all the ugliness — why do we find so much beauty in the world?

We talk about the mystery of evil — but what about the mystery of good? Where could it possibly come from? It comes from God, of course! If people do bad, does God love them any less, and smite them from a height? If people do good, does God love them any more, and give them special privileges? God is love, from all the way up to all the way down: Template by Dicas Blogger.

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Friday, 26 February 2016

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