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We all enjoyed Samir as a classmate, since he had an uncanny ability to solve challenging assignments from Ed Hughes, Don Guthrie, and other faculty who were testing our patience.

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Better yet, Samir would always share his discoveries with us. For those who may remember, Samir was the guy who claimed someone had left a bomb on his doorstep disguised as a milk bottle. When the milk bottle turned out to contain Grade A pasteurized milk, Samir was sent home and we lost our in-house tutor. At the time, the Statistics Department was a very comfortable family, with Lyle Calvin as the leader.

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It was the Statistics Department lunchroom where I learned to play bridge, a pastime that has consumed a lot of my time over the past 47 years. I also recall fondly program assistants Peg Stuart and Dotty Jameson who were always available to help the students when we required assistance. After earning an undergraduate degree in math from the University of Washington, I didn't know where to turn until a UW advisor recommended that I contact Lyle Calvin. My studies at OSU helped prepare me for an enjoyable, rewarding year career with the University of Oregon.

In their report, these eminent statisticians found much that was good with the Department, praised it for its collaboration with other units, and found the number one weakness to be a deficiency of mentors for Ph. The Department was allowed to continue and to search for a senior faculty member, which lead to the hiring of Hugh Daniel Brunk. Reflections of Don Pierce.

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As a faculty member from to , Don was a top researcher, making contributions in many areas but most notably in methodology and application in radiation health epidemiology and in higher-order asymptotics. These mainly had to do with the quality of the faculty and students, and the leadership of Lyle Calvin. Here I will mention only a few of many things, those coming first to my mind. Shortly after I joined the department, I found that OSU Stat was what turned out to be more than a decade ahead of its time in terms of statistical computing.

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  7. This software was perhaps closest to the Minitab that came along about a decade later, and was simply revolutionary. In during my Ph.

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    The importance of SIPS was not only for teaching but for our more general statistical practice, and it was kept alive even beyond its time by Ken Rowe in experiment station work. The program of outstanding visiting statisticians mentioned later in this history had a profound effect on my professional development. It seems that he learned more readily than I did what the theory of statistics was all about, e.

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    7. His creativity is not adequately reflected by publications, but was widely recognized. Partly since the author of this history will not be doing this, I want to comment on the importance of the text The Statistical Sleuth by Fred Ramsey and Dan Schafer. Those unfamiliar with this text should look at the review by G. Cobb in The American Statistician , , pp. This highly original text reflects the insights and diligence of the authors, and has had considerable influence in the teaching of the statistical craft, having been adopted for coursework by about 65 departments in the U.

      The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Service was legally mandated to estimate the effects of fisherman and hunters on fish and wildlife populations, but lacked the expertise to do so themselves. Robert Mason, on the first years of the Survey Research Center. He continued to work for the Center until his retirement, and continued to help out in retirement until We received immediate attention due to our work on admitted tax evasion supported by the Oregon Department of Revenue , in which one out of four in our Oregon sample admitted that they cheated on their taxes.

      The New York Times gave our study a full run, and I had to testify before Congress about our results. The head of the IRS had a very uncomfortable session, for he had no data to support how much cheating was going on. I was sweating our testimony but the House panel that heard the testimony agreed and told the IRS to get cracking on their own studies.

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      In that respect, their results supported ours. Oregon State University Statistics Department, In the years the Department had a Biometry Training Grant, which permitted visits of weeks by a great many of the most prominent statisticians of that era. The chance to interact with these people had an important impact on the faculty. Anderson, and Walter Smith. When Seely retired, the Department was very short on senior faculty members and an external search led to the hiring of Bob Smythe, who had been chair at George Washington University.

      Smythe served as chair at OSU from until Dan Schafer followed him in With a few exceptions, most Statistics and Biostatistics departments have been created within the past 60 years.

      History of Department of Statistics

      This book consists of a set of memoirs, one for each department in the U. Read here all about how departments such as at Berkeley, Chicago, Harvard, and Stanford started and how they got to where they are today. The book should also be of interest to scholars in the field of disciplinary history.

      You can download Apple Books from the App Store. Opening the iTunes Store. The department looks forward to a future that is serving up spectacular problems for statistical science. Johns Hopkins University Department of biostatistics. Bloomberg School of Public Health. Abstract The Johns Hopkins Department of Biostatistics was established in , the first of its kind. In Strength in Numbers: