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Children of Exile Book 2 Hardcover: Don't have a Kindle? Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Shop now. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 11 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Really interesting, well written appropriate book for kids, will be buying the next one as soon as it comes out! One person found this helpful.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I really enjoyed this book. It is Edwy's turn to take the spotlight. In book one readers got Rosi's perspective of events as the kids in Fredtown were returned to their real parents. In this one we follow Edwy around after he arrives to meet the parents he's never known.

After less than a day of being back, Edwy is smuggled out of the town where his parents live and told he's being shipped off to boarding school with his two older siblings in the City of Refuge. Edwy is blown away for a vast number of reasons, but chief among them is he knows nothing about this place that is now his home.

He always balked against the Freds training of how to be a good person, but that was the only world he ever knew and this one is starkly different.

Children of Exile – Margaret Peterson Haddix

Can Edwy figure out how to fit in in a strange world with stranger older siblings who aren't exactly welcoming him with open arms. And what will he do when he learns things about this place and the dangers he most likely left Rosi in? Haddix has built an interesting dystopian futuristic world here for kids with the main character suffering culture shock coming from a completely sheltered first twelve years of life plunged into a world that is recovering from a war and is still not stable.

Edwy has to decide what kind of person he wants to be and must wrestle with some moral dilemmas both light and deep. He's dumped into what could potentially be a tween's dream situation, left with two older siblings who will let you trash the house, stay up to all hours, and while away your time with games. But though Edwy pretends not to care, he is concerned with Rosi and he does have many burning questions about what lies beneath the surface in his family and world.

It continues to be a good series to stimulate a lot of thought and would make for a great book club book thanks to all the potential discussion points. I expected the series to wrap up with this book but there's quite a huge issue left hanging at the end of this book. There's gotta be at least another book. I got a couple of students hooked on Haddix's Shadow Children series last year and they've quickly spread their mania to others to the extent all of Haddix's books are now in high demand.

Part 1 of 2 Patterns of Exile and Redemption in the Book of Genesis

They will eagerly snatch this one up. Violence is threatened, war is mentioned, but on page just some people getting knocked out. I'm still not sure how I really feel about it, but I definitely plan on reading the sequel to find out what happens next! Sep 30, Anne rated it it was ok Shelves: I generally enjoy Haddix's books but I really can't get behind this one, particularly the reveal at the end.

More books from this author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Very far-fetched in my opinion. It is very reminiscent of The Giver and not nearly as well done. It is a page-turner and a fast read, however. Apr 02, Scott Fillner rated it it was amazing. Holy schmoly is the accurate term I believe when you finish a chapter and a book by Margaret P Haddix! I should not be surprised by now since I have read other books from this author, but each time I am. She is the master of leaving you hanging at the end of each chapter. I can only imagine trying to do this as a read aloud, stopping and having students jeer, and throw papers, and pencils at me because we had to move on for the day.

I challenge you to read this and be able to p Holy schmoly is the accurate term I believe when you finish a chapter and a book by Margaret P Haddix! I challenge you to read this and be able to put down I know I couldn't. The story is intense, and will have any reader asking a lot of questions and frequently speaking out loud to themselves. I highly recommend this read when it arrives, but you don't need my recommendation Haddix is always a winner!

Aug 26, Tina rated it did not like it Shelves: Read this because my middle school going boy picked it up. He might enjoy it. Definitely not for me!! Apr 30, Sarah Levy rated it it was amazing. This book had me on the edge of my seat for three straight days! Haddix does an outstanding job of leaving you wanting more. This is going to be a HUGE hit with my students!! I need book 2! Twelve years ago and every year since, babies have been snatched from their biological parents and brought to Fredtown. Rosi and her brother Bobo have been nurtured with kindness, understanding, and a belief that all people are equal.

They never realized that the Freds were not their birth parents. Now, however, as they are headed back to the town of their birth, all the children of Fredtown realize they are not orphans as they once believed. As they reunite with their biological parents, they e Twelve years ago and every year since, babies have been snatched from their biological parents and brought to Fredtown. As they reunite with their biological parents, they experience things they never knew How they long to live once again with their Fredmamas and Freddaddys. The Enforcers, a cruel group of men, ensures that violent eruptions are managed in their birth town.

When Rosi gets caught up in an altercation at the marketplace, her world spins helplessly out of control. She is arrested and incarcerated. She learns some shocking secrets about both her biological parents and her adoptive parents. Clandestine assistance comes from an unexpected source and allows Rosi to escape her jail cell. More deeply troubling secrets are revealed as Rosi struggles to grasp the real truth of Fredtown.

Children of Exile is a tween thriller full of suspense and danger. When the real secrets are revealed, your jaw will drop and you'll be shaking your head in disbelief. The disturbing violence makes it a little too inappropriate for elementary school readers Jul 13, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: At first I was going to merely say that this was just a "meh" dystopian tale, rehashing some of the same ideas from The Hunger Games and Divergent but in a less-original and more uninspired way. Instead of complex world building, there were just vague references to people being grouped based on eye color.

Had also included some scenes with odd religious undertones that weren't helpful or illuminating. This wasn't a redeeming factor for the story. Rosi, Bobo, Edwy and all of the other children from their town have been taken away and raised by the Freds in Fredtown. And now, they are all being sent back. And without any Freds to help them. When they get home, things are different. People with different eye colors are treated differently. Rosi can't understand why any of this has happened and she knows that the adults in town aren't telling them the truth.

And when she stands up for herself, demanding answers, she realizes that things are much worse than she could have imagined and that she is dealing with people and forces far beyond her wildest imagination. This book is clearly the first in a series and the extreme cliff hanger ending wasn't very satisfying for me.

Nov 21, Sarah Monsma rated it it was amazing Shelves: But Rosi knows the rules are meant to ensure that everyone gets along and lives respectfully together. Rosi has a million questions. Why have they been raised in Fredtown since they were tiny babies? If the town her parents live in is too dangerous for kids like Rosi and her brother, why are the kids being sent back there now?

Rosi takes very seriously her responsibility to help the younger kids through the trip. Nothing in Fredtown has prepared her for her real parents or life in the town she should call home. Readers will be swept up not only by Rosi, her brother BoBo, Edwy, and the other children of exile, but also by questions of respect, justice, judgment, and duty as they follow Rosi through the discoveries and trials of her new life. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Friday's post will review the second book in the series, Children of Refuge.

Aug 04, Becky rated it really liked it Shelves: We weren't orphans after all. That was the first surprise. The second was that we were going home. Rosi and Bobo are two of many children who are being sent back home to their real parents. For the past twelve years, the children have been raised not by their birth parents, their "real parents" but by the Freds of Fredtown. The children range in ages and reactions. Some are hopeful; some are angry. A few are very, very suspicious.

Among the most suspicious is a boy First sentence: Among the most suspicious is a boy named Edwy. Rosi is typically annoyed with Edwy's conspiracies and negativity. But she changes her mind after arriving "back home. And assimilation is not easy.

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Are the children safe? Are their lives now in danger? Haddix's novels are always--or almost always--quick and compelling reads. Even if the plot later falls apart as you think more and more about the characters, the story, the writing. For better or worse, I'm rarely plagued with questions and doubts as I read the book itself. Did I love Children of Exile. I don't know now. As in when I've finished the second book in the series. Personally, I'd rather have one large book that tells a whole story than two smaller books that just tease you and leave you frustrated. Oct 17, Kizlo rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I read this book in one sitting. It went from fairly entertaining to breathtakingly intense to unbelievably bizarre very quickly. The big twist comes about seven eighths through the book, which to me felt too late in the world-building. It also honestly gave me a bit of whiplash it was so wild. I'd still recommend the book though, because I honestly didn't see it coming and it was interesting and unexpected.

Brothers in Exile

I've come to really respect authors who are this fearless in their writing. The sociopol I read this book in one sitting. The sociopolitical commentary is a bit heavy handed at times, but I think it was spot-on with showing the complexities of the issues at hand. Overall a very interesting and entertaining read. May 25, Cassie Thomas rated it it was amazing.

I by no means ever thought I would be intrigued by science fiction, but this story seriously had me hanging on the edge of my seat for every single conversation, every movement, every thought. If this happens next, the whole story could take a turn for the worst. Student who find themselves curious about outside worlds, aliens, the unknown, I highly, highly recommend.

Jul 05, Cara Cahill rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the story of Rosi and her little brother Bobo. Now, they are heading home with little notice to their real parents. Except home is nothing like the Fredtown they are used to. This book is packed full of suspense. The book was good and the storyline was good. I think that the first book was written to give you a feel for the characters and what they were doing and what was in-store for them.

Two brothers stuck in a small space ship for long periods of time. You know that goes well. Add a girl to the mix and , o boy. Anyway the action has just start Good read This was a little bit different than what I normally read and then again it was kind of what I do read if you can understand what I'm trying to say. Anyway the action has just started with a rebellion starting up and I think the next book is going to be the action packed one so I will get the next one soon and let you know what happens. Jun 22, Caerigna Lunaltii rated it liked it. Fun adventure story, that contains coming of age moments for the eldest brother.

A good beginning to a longer story, feeling a bit cut off on its own. The writing doesn't have the polished feeling old school publishing seems to add, but is still well done, and a clean read.

The Exiled Series by David Wayman

Jan 09, Timothy Dotson rated it it was amazing. Captivating as if you're right there When I started this book I thought that it would be just like another SciFi but this writer knows just how to bring a reader alongside of them showing the possibilities along with impossibilities and the plausible technology.

Mar 11, Vicky Camp rated it really liked it. I liked the details of the world; the atmosphere of dread was interesting too. I had a problem with the younger brother though. I would recommend this book to people who like great descriptive science fiction. May 23, Brook rated it liked it. This is the first book by Vasicek I have read. Enjoyable, but very short it is a serial. As with other serials, it is often tough to give a comprehensive review, because you're in effect in most cases, unless they are specifically meant to stand alone as a story reviewing what amounts to a really long teaser.

The writer has a good voice, the characters are likeable. The Afterword, where the author explained the characters and interestingly enough his writing process, down to details about This is the first book by Vasicek I have read. The Afterword, where the author explained the characters and interestingly enough his writing process, down to details about his day job and daily life, actually brought the characters more into focus for me and helped me relate, the author being a fellow tech person.

It is irrelevant to the story, but interesting. Vasicek, for sharing that. If you are looking to grab some harder-sci-fi journey-through-space stuff in serial, pick this up. The author has promised a very rapid publishing schedule! Jun 09, J. This sci fi novella, first in a series or season, as they're calling it now , presents a hopeful view of the future that's not without villains and some great tension.

Two brothers, steady Isaac and younger, wilder Aaron, arrive at a space station only to find everyone dead; everyone except a young woman, cryofrozen and awaiting rescue. The young heroes take her aboard their ship and begin seeking a way to wake her, and as the adventures begin, the story ends. The character arcs rule this book.

Isaac and Aaron's development is most important; plot happens but doesn't get all that far. Following books promise to take the adventure further, but one must buy the next book for that to happen and I must say that's a bit of a disappointment. We'll call this one 3. Nov 06, Beth rated it liked it. I like Joe's vision of the future in space, where there are plenty of villains, but the main characters are not the strongest ones.

However, they are the good guys, doing right where they can. This book didn't tie things up as well as the Star Wanderers series books did, and I'll have to keep reading to find out what happens. But it was a short, easy, entertaining, clean read. And clean of annoying typos and grammar issues!

Bluecobras09 rated it really liked it Jul 22, Michael Crenshaw rated it it was amazing Dec 07, Oct 12, Dewey rated it it was amazing. I have a new favorite series of books! This book is great. I totally fell in love with the characters they are so realistic. This book is equal to or better than many others that make their way into the best seller lists!

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Eric rated it really liked it May 22, Cameron Hayden rated it it was amazing Mar 29,