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When another mutilated victim is found she agrees to be the bait to lure out the monster. But this killer is one step ahead, and already fixated on Lacey. People who bought this also bought. Dead Scared Sharon Bolton. Daisy in Chains Sharon Bolton. Blood Harvest Sharon Bolton. Little Black Lies Sharon Bolton. Dead Woman Walking Sharon Bolton.

The Killer on the Wall Emma Kavanagh. Dead Scared S J Bolton. Sacrifice S J Bolton. The Craftsman Sharon Bolton. The Burning Jane Casey. The Other Woman Sandie Jones. Lethal White Robert Galbraith. Friend Request Laura Marshall. Nine Perfect Strangers Liane Moriarty. The Husband's Secret Liane Moriarty. The Girl in the Ice Robert Bryndza.

Big Little Lies Liane Moriarty. A Simple Favour Darcey Bell. The Year of the Locust Terry Hayes. The Last Anniversary Liane Moriarty. The Late Show Michael Connelly. The Night Stalker Robert Bryndza. The Loving Husband Christobel Kent. The Woman in the Window A. Leverage in Death J. The House at Riverton Kate Morton. Sharp Objects Gillian Flynn. Crooked House Agatha Christie. Career of Evil Robert Galbraith. With my first reading, Bolton kept me guessing throughout the book until I figured something out and then realized, no, I had not.

On subsequent readings I read for the pure pleasure of language, plotting and characterization. Ms Bolton is the James Bond of twisty writers. She is re- assigned to the Lewisham nick so she can continue doing her own non -related investigations into the under-reported sexual assaults of adolescent and teenage immigrant women. As a witness Flint is not supposed to be involved with the investigation but her expertise on Jack the Ripper comes in handy when a copycat calls her out.

DC Flint then goes from ripperologist to ripper bait as it becomes apparent this really is all about her. No one knows why, but when DC Flint figures it out, she's not about to tell anyone. She is just going to end the murder spree. This is not foolishly going into the scary basement territory- although she does- this is to save the life she has made for herself. Lacey is a mess, but a mess readers grow to care about. Her secrets have secrets.

A beautiful woman, Lacey tries to hide her looks and to stay as much in the background as possible. She keeps a boxing heavy bag dressed as man in her garden shed. Her apartment is a white box with no sign of her personality. Lacey seeks anonymous sex because she thinks she will always be unable to have a real relationship. Ultimately, lack of trust between Lacey and her co-workers end with Lacey having to making excruciating choices to save loved ones. There is not a wasted word, an overdone scene or an off note in this book. As an added bonus I also come away from most of Ms Bolton's books more informed on a social issue than when I started the book.

View all 16 comments. Usually when there is even a mention of Jack the Ripper in a book's description, I quickly add it to my "to read" list. This time I hesitated for bit because this was a modern copy cat Jack the Ripper. Part of the enjoyment I get from reading fiction novels based on "Jack's" murder spree is because of when the killings took place London Horse drawn carriages clip clopping down dark cobbled streets, the man in the in the black cloak, and hat disappearing into the fog.

Scotland Yard workin Usually when there is even a mention of Jack the Ripper in a book's description, I quickly add it to my "to read" list. Scotland Yard working with only eye witnesses and hand written letters possibly sent by the murderer. No cell phones, no internet, no DNA.

London After interviewing a potential witness in a rape case, DC Lacey Flint walks out to her car and stumbles upon a dying woman-Geraldine Jones. Later a letter is sent to the office of a local reporter. How I have laughed. If it is, I hope the police are clever, and on the right track. Ask DC Flint for me - Did the lady squeal?

No time to clip her ears but plenty of times for funny little games. Yours truly, A f r iend Hope you like the red proper stuff The killer is re-creating the crimes of Jack the Ripper, and Geraldine Jones, is only the first. Many fiction novels have been based on the Jack the Ripper Killings, but this one definitely has a style of it's own.

Not just the modern twist, there is so much more going on than just the murders. Lacey Flint is a complex, dark character, and I found her back story just as riveting as the mystery she is trying to solve. View all 23 comments. Sep 27, Chelsea Humphrey rated it it was amazing. Thank you Brenda for the wonderful recommendation of this book! I could have eaten this up in one day if this week hadn't been so busy. This book is the first in the Lacey Flint series and it started and ended with a bang.

Clearly I'm late to the party and most everyone has read this book already, but I'm happy to have joined in. Without giving too much away, this novel is based around the fact that a Jack the Ripper copy cat is on the loose and it is up to the MIT to stop him. As the book pro Thank you Brenda for the wonderful recommendation of this book! As the book progresses, we begin to learn more about Lacey's past and her own secrets. There is a little romance as well; I enjoyed it because it wasn't over the top or distracting from the story. The ending had so many twists and turns I think I have whiplash, but I enjoyed every second.

I've already requested the next in the series and am excited to continue Lacey's story! View all 17 comments. A killer is mimicking Jack the Ripper, mirroring his kill dates from long ago. A deadly game of cat and mouse is taking place, but who is playing whom? Deftly plotted, with characters into which you can really sink your teeth, view spoiler [ or slice up with a knife!

View all 11 comments. Jul 04, Carol rated it really liked it Recommended to Carol by: I'm becoming a big fan of S. It's not that there's anything terribly new here but I like the way this woman thinks and puts a story together. What made me go back and read the first "Now You See Me" was the excellent interview and talk with the author on The Readers , July 2nd.

Bolton, intrigued me to go back and set the Lacey Flint ch I'm becoming a big fan of S. Bolton, intrigued me to go back and set the Lacey Flint character in my mind. I postponed the last segment of the podcast, loaded with spoilers, until after I read the book. The character Lacey Flint and her interaction with other members of the London Police is what makes the read for me.

The mindset of a female policewoman, her means of detection, her working relationship with male staff, and general dealings with the public, are interesting to explore. I do like crime but I love it when it has strong psychological themes as well as some good twists and turns. One review that I read thought there was nothing original in "Now You See Me"; that this story has been told before.

I think that is true of many books, the old how many plots are there question. Hey, there is a murder, there is a killer, there is a person trying to find the killer and prevent more killing. This simple story can be "new" depending on how the author chooses to get you from point to point. She herself states that she leads you a bit in "Now You See Me" and she'd be surprised if you could not figure out a few things for yourself.

Yes, I did, but this made me think about the character of Lacey more, comparing her to people in my own life, who sometimes make me step back and wonder about who they really are. I also loved the back story of the homeless which is termed "sleeping rough".

Now You See Me A Lacey Flint Novel Lacey Flint Novels Copy

It almost worries me how well Bolton writes these scenes. This worry also relates to the theme of rape and violence to women. If this is not enough there's a bit of history regarding "Jack the Ripper" which should interest fans of this long unsolved case. There's also a bit of music running throughout the story and one particular song that will keep sounding in my head as the story fades and I'm on to something new. One point to ponder Flint states "We were taught in training that it's human instinct to turn left rather than right, and that, with no other motivation, people will head to their left" Now I always thought that we look left and turn right when entering a venue.

I wonder if this is due to our different driving habits. Bolton says she does not intend to keep Flint going forever. Her fans might demand she does. I hope she sticks to her guns and maybe does one or two more, which allows for fleshing out the character and her relationships to a natural end. Bolton has written stand-alone books. I enjoyed "Sacrifice" and will definitely seek out the others as well as any new ones she writes. View all 24 comments. Recommended to Florence Lefty by: Though set in modern day London there's tasty gothic undertones, nobody gives you the urge to check over your shoulder quite like Jack.

Nobody saw a thing. I'm not a 'Ripperologist' but I read this right after The Lodger a great Ripper novel written back in , had me wanting more. Complex, neurotic, secretive; a loner who rejects intimacy, preferring one-night stands regardless of the danger, or probably because of it Leans towards torture porn.

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We lie on an examination table, our legs drawn back so that our knees are broadly level with our chest. This woman looked almost like a patient waiting for an internal examination. Comes down to personal preference, if you're looking for the adrenaline rush of a thriller you've found it. View all 32 comments. Jul 17, Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: We both picked a book for each other to read that we knew the other would never pick themselves.

Chris has been nipping in my ear for awhile now about giving the author a second chance, and I am glad that she did.

Reading Now You Can See Me was a completely different experience and even felt like it was written by a completely different author. This is book 1 in a police procedural series that features Lacey Flint. With minimal backstory provided, I still found myself drawn to this character.

She's tough on the outside, but there is a vulnerability that peeks through and I can tell that book 1 barely touched the surface of who Lacey Flint truly is. Strong character development shines through here, but the other thing that really drew me in was Bolton's descriptive writing style. I feel better acquainted with London now, and being that it's on my bucket list to visit, I have now added Camden Stable Market to my growing list of places to see.

Why not a 5 star rating you wonder? If you have noticed, I haven't really touched on my thoughts about the story-line The plot is solid, drawing off the Jack-The-Ripper copycat theme, but so much more involved. I loved the research involved and even found myself looking up references online, including some of the pictures of the murder scenes, including the bodies!

I found it fascinating that these photo's where taken in and now available for all to see It's the ending where I felt a bit robbed of some closure. I still have some questions rolling around in my head about why certain things were enacted the way they were.

Sharon Bolton

The final confrontation between the killer and leading lady felt a bit flat as well. I was expecting more of a showdown. Way to go Chris, you made me a fan!! View all 10 comments. Jan 09, Mackey rated it really liked it Shelves: It took forever to get my hands on this book and then it took me forever to read it, howver, despite the fact that I never thought of it as a can't-put-it-down-page-Turner, this was a very solid book. Bolton who also publishes under Sarah Bolton.

The twist is that the murders are not random and DI Flint appears to in the center of i Finally! The twist is that the murders are not random and DI Flint appears to in the center of it all. The research on the actual Ripper murders was truly excellent. As an historian I appreciate this type of accuracy and the documentation at the end notes for additional reading as well. Hilton's writing is very good although at times I felt I was given tidbits of information regarding the character's background for shock value rather than simply allowing me to know the characters.

This isn't the 20th century. I don't care if someone has a "partner" rather than husband. The ending more than made up for it all though. No matter what you suspected throughout the book, the ending still is a surprise and very well written. So- yes there are flaws but overall it is well worth reading and after that ending I definitely want to know Lahey Flint better! Sep 19, Angela DeSilva rated it it was amazing Shelves: I found a new favorite author here in S.

This book was brilliant! Very engrossing and intricate plot line. Will definitely be going through all her works including this series. This book was the first in the Lacey Flint series. She has written several stand alone novels including Sacrifice her debut novel which I mistook for the first in the Lacey Flint series.

I have heard so many good things about this series I was looking for the beginning and discovered I found a new favorite author here in S. I have heard so many good things about this series I was looking for the beginning and discovered all S. Sharon Bolton's other novels. I can't recommend this author highly enough, I am already on the second book in the series. I like my crime reads to be unpredictable, graphic, and gruesome and this fit the bill perfectly.

This also fits under the category of medical thriller because all the accurate medical jargon and forensic elements. It even has historical elements to it following Jack-the-Ripper copycat storyline. A must read for the crime addict. Mar 27, Janebbooks rated it really liked it.

Last summer I briefly returned to my young girl passion of reading Modern Gothic thrillers. Here's my take on this mystery subgenre and my review of a British Gothic thriller writer's fourth book! My first reading passion was for the tales of mystery and suspense called Modern Gothic thrillers. From the time I was old enough to peruse the adult section of the public library in that small Southern town where I grew up, I hunted down the novels of Daphne Du Maurier, Anya Seton, Mary Stewart, and Last summer I briefly returned to my young girl passion of reading Modern Gothic thrillers.

From the time I was old enough to peruse the adult section of the public library in that small Southern town where I grew up, I hunted down the novels of Daphne Du Maurier, Anya Seton, Mary Stewart, and fell in love with the prolific Barbara Mertz writing as Barbara Michaels, who eventually published thirty of her wonderful tales of suspense. In an introductory essay touting a English course at CUNY called "The Gothic Experience," a Professor Melani attributes the first great practitioner of the Gothic novel to Ann Radcliffe, the most popular and best paid novelist of eighteenth century England.

Radcliffe "added suspense, painted evocative landscapes and moods or atmosphere, portrayed increasingly complex, fascinatingly-horrifying, evil villains, and focused on the heroine and her struggle with him. I wonder what Professor Melani would think of British writer S. Bolton has written four Gothic thrillers. Over in Harrogate, England the third week of July , they dubbed S. Bolton the high priestess of rural gothic crime. This title is apt: The next two novels are set in isolated British villages. The narrators, or main female characters, are strong, professional women an obstetrician, a veterinarian, and a psychiatrist and at least one female in the books is deformed or disabled.

Paperback Editions

There's also a hint of romance and dark family secrets. Reviewers have called Bolton the "new queen of suspense" and after a bit of flap reading of her fourth novel, this reader thought she was about to read "Mary Higgins Clark goes to London. The narrator of the novel is one D. She has been on the force for four years. She is a Ripperologist. That's right, an expert in the Jack the Ripper five canonical cases of The five undisputed Ripper Crimes.

It seems Lacey, after interviewing a victim of gang rape in a seedy part of London, discovers the first modern-day copycat Ripper victim on August 31 the day Polly Nichols' body was found in Victorian London some eleven decades previously. And other victims follow. Bolton has well researched the subject. If you are squeamish about the Ripper stuff and skim the first half of the book, slow down about Chapter A suspect has been found through DNA on the third victim. The Major Investigation Team is celebrating the close of the case. And into the Squad Room walks the fathers of a private school's rowing team with their solicitors.

It seems the first four modern-day victims were mothers of the young rowers. And Gothic lovers, don't dismay! The elements are there. A freelance journalist named Emma Boston, with a missing right ear and burn marks on her neck, befriends our protagonist. Mark Joesbury becomes both romantically interested in Lacey and suspicious of her spotty background. Lacey herself is rather enigmatic and slips down to Camden late at night for sexual adventure.

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Now You See Me, Lacey Flint Series, Book 1 by Sharon Bolton

View all 4 comments. May 06, Barbara rated it liked it Shelves: A 'Jack the Ripper' copycat is murdering women in London and - like the original Ripper - is taunting the press and the cops. The copycat seems to be focusing attention on beautiful Detective Constable Lacey Flint, who had the bad luck to find the first victim moments after she was attacked. Because Lacey was first on scene - and happens to be an expert on Ripper lore - she's asked to assist with the investigation being run by Dana Tulloch, head of the Major Investigative Team. Also assisting wi A 'Jack the Ripper' copycat is murdering women in London and - like the original Ripper - is taunting the press and the cops.

Also assisting with the investigation is rugged, handsome Detective Inspector Mark Joesbury. Joesbury seems to be suspicious of Lacey for several reasons: In his eyes, Lacey's a suspect in the Ripperish killings. Of course this doesn't stop sparks of attraction from igniting between Lacey and Joesbury. Unlike the original Ripper, who murdered down-trodden prostitutes, the copycat targets stylish middle-class women with families. The copycat does, however, seem to be following the Ripper's timetable and modus operandi: The police have trouble finding a connection between the copycat's victims, but once they do, DC Lacey Flint is panic-stricken for reasons that are revealed as the story unfolds.

The copycat is very clever at misdirection and leaving false clues, and Lacey keeps endangering herself by plunging into situations without appropriate backup, etc. Luckily, Joesbury is usually around to lend a hand. Eventually the police identify a suspect who has a likely motive, and this eventually leads to a dramatic climax. I liked the mystery aspects of the book and thought the killer's motive was believable.

I also felt most of the main characters were compelling, though I think the author does better fleshing out female characters than male characters. The real Ripper 's history and mythology - sprinkled through the story - add interest. Moreover, Lacey's and I guess the author's theory about the original Ripper's identity is clever and plausible.

I'm not a big fan of romance in mysteries so I didn't enjoy the 'push and pull' between Lacey and Joesbury as they dealt with their attraction. However, readers who enjoy romantic suspense will probably like these parts. Overall, a good beginning to the Lacey Flint series, recommended to fans of the genre. You can follow my reviews at http: View all 5 comments. Sep 15, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: What an amazing surprise!!

I wasn't really expecting much from this book. Jack the Ripper copycat, it's been done. Investigator series, it's been done It had pretty much everything I love about a novel all rolled into one. Great characters, interestingly dark - yet extremely enjoyable tone, well written, suspenseful, with a dash of romance Lacey Flint is an investig Wow! Lacey Flint is an investigator in London who is shoved, quite literally, right into a Jack the Ripper copycat murder investigation.

As the investigation progresses and the bodies pile up, she discovers she may be more involved than she realises Loved the character of Lacey! She is a flawed, yet extremely likeable heroine. Her past was incredible. Joesbury is the experienced senior investigator determined to uncover Lacey's past while struggling with his feelings for her. I loved the relationship between the two of them. The tension was fantastic!

I don't really have anything negative to say. I don't really like England that much, and London is probably my least favourite city no offence to my English friends or England loving friends so I wasn't too excited about it being set there. But I actually really enjoyed the setting.

The city was so dark and mysteriously beautiful. It almost made me want to go back there It was slightly predictable, but she really did keep you guessing till the end. You will have to read it to understand, just when you think you have it figured out, you don't, but then you do again Only this time its like BAM!!!!! I am already dying to read the next one! I did in fact read the next one, and the next one and the next one.

Now You See Me

Loved every word of all of them. And they only get better as they go along! Try it out, you wont regret it! Jun 12, Mary rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dear reader, If you are looking for a fantastic crime thriller that will have you burning the midnight oil,then this book has to be added immediately to your TBR list!!

This book centres around the death of Geraldine Jones,the first victim of a killer who,we learn,is mirroring his attacks on none other than Jack the Ripper!! Lacey Flint,a police woman who finds the first victim,quickly becomes involved in the case. What follows is one of the best storylines that I've had to pleasure of reading,wi Dear reader, If you are looking for a fantastic crime thriller that will have you burning the midnight oil,then this book has to be added immediately to your TBR list!!

What follows is one of the best storylines that I've had to pleasure of reading,with the myriad twists and turns that,for me,made this tale deeply compelling. Woven into the 'who done it' background,we are privy to the slow burning romance between Lacey and her superior,Mark Jonesbury. I must admit to loving the initial animosity and mistrust evident between these two characters only for their working relationship to hint at the promise of much,much more.

As the end of the book beckoned,I believed myself to be very clever and thought I knew the identity of the killer and how the plot would resolve. Evidently not,but the sheer surprise and shock I got when reading the reveal was breathtaking and the final words were the perfect way to end this amazing book.

I loved every minute I spent with Lacey,Mark and the team. Ms Bolton has a gift when it comes to weaving an intriguing,deeply gratifying and satisfying read. She has crafted a fantastic tale,one done with care and attention to detail. I highly recommend this book and must state that I take my hat off to Ms Bolton for penning this exciting and thrilling read!! Jan 18, Kelly rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was my first introduction to this author. Such a fantastic gripping thriller that kept me guessing right until the end.

I loved this book and am looking forward to the next in the series! View all 3 comments.

Now You See Me: Lacey Flint Series, Book 1

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Speaking of which, how many of you think Jack the Ripper was actually a woman? Jill the Reaper I have to admit it never crossed my mind until I read this book. A dead woman was leaning against my car. The car in question belongs to Lacey Flint , a young detective dedicated to helping young female rape victims.

Until one night, when a murder victim leaning against her car pulls her into an investigation that points to a Jack the Ripper copycat. As events unfold, Lacey's past catches up with her. I'm trying to be as vague as possible, because with thriller books, spoilers are unforgivable from my point of view.

The writing was fast-flowing and kept me on the edge of my seat. All the characters were intriguing, especially Mark Joesbury. He's so rough and mean and sexy! Lacey is one of a kind! I can't wait to read more of her! The ending left me like and 5 stars! View all 22 comments. Jan 13, Anne Booklady Molinarolo rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just keep adding to my favorites shelf this year.

Another 5 Star read is S. Bolton 's Now You See Me! Sharon Bolton knows how to keep a reader turning the pages! Her narration is fast paced and suspenseful, whilst giving this reader chills - a modern day Jack the Ripper! Her characters are fully fleshed out. And I loved Lacey Flint. I didn't see the last twist at the end of the novel. And it blew my mind away! Briefly to summarize the plot. She sees a dead woman leaning, bleeding out on her car. Tulloch is sympathetic to Flint, but Joesbury thinks Flint may have done it and doesn't want Lacey on the team investigating the murder.

Soon it becomes apparent that the killer is recreating the infamous canonical Jack the Ripper murders. And the killer is also fixated on DC Flint. The why will be surprising - Lacey has a secret.