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He discussed with students how German soccer team TSG Hoffenheim deploys analytics in scouting and player development. Deighton discussed how new sources of data starting to be generated by the Internet of Things will impact the advertising-based hegemony of Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

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What happens when products with sensors generate such volumes of customer experience data that advertising may be a less significant factor? New analytic approaches and new sources of digital data are starting to revolutionize this field, he said, such as algorithmic approaches to hiring and promotion; real-time data streams that track performance feedback and organizational culture; and analyses of digital trace data to map and shape organizational networks.

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Turning to how data is analyzed, Dennis Campbell, of the Accounting and Management Unit, discussed the data strategy of the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, and challenges to distinguishing between correlation and causation in inferences drawn from large data sets. She took the class toward her personal passion, precision medicine. I spend a lot of time thinking about questions like, How will artificial intelligence change the medical diagnostics industry?


How will better data collection transform the ways in which we do clinical trials for new cancer drugs? It is both staggering and exciting to imagine how data and analytic capabilities will transform entire industries and it was thrilling to engage in these conversations with folks from such rich and diverse backgrounds.

Why and How to Use Pandas with Large Data

Kris Ferreira, also a Technology and Operations Management Unit professor, sketched her approach to operationalizing a data strategy using discussions around case studies. Second, students developed an implementation plan to transform an intuition-based company into one that relied more heavily on data and analytics; this included discovering important barriers to change that require a broader understanding of the organizational culture and incentives.

Ferreira also shared results of a survey of about companies in four industries about their analytics capabilities. Feng Zhu, who teaches Digital Innovation and Transformation , illustrated how big data is making new business models possible.

Using big data ethically

But to take full advantage of data analytics, it will be important for them to consider the following two strategic questions: In class after class during the program, across the range of disciplines that make up a business school, instructors emphasized the importance of connecting analysis to an overarching data strategy. Which Makes Better Hires? The Revolution in Advertising: But I think you can really upgrade your filming experience with this app called Filmic Pro.

But the one that you really need to know about is you can monitor your audio with headphones while filming. You can set your phone up in a hard to reach place or some other angle and then start recording from your other phone or iPad or whatever device, and have a lot more control over that.

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It also lets you control multiple phones at once. So you could ostensibly set up multiple cameras. This is one of those apps that the photo nerds are really into. One other thing I think is really cool: For a lot of folks with iPhones, especially, you shoot your video and it can be kind of a pain to get it off. Filmic Pro offers a ton of different ways to move your video somewhere else.