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What useful equipment do you currently own or have access to?

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How will you promote and market your artists, events and releases? Have you carried out any market research, and do you have any opportunities, clients or deals already lined up? How will your label turn a profit? What are your areas of incomes and expenses? If you already have a financial history, make sure to set it out clearly and make realistic projections for the future.

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A good way to sum up your business plan is with a short-term, long-term and contingency plan, to demonstrate foresight and the ability to adapt to new challenges. Give them plenty of good reasons to invest!

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Be professional Make your plan look and feel professional. This could include a front cover, contents page, detailed charts and forecasts, as well as a clear and inspirational executive summary or mission statement at the very beginning. Print out your plan and present in an eye-catching folder or binder.

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  4. Understand your market Demonstrate a clear understanding of the music industry and your target market. Label Writing and Planning. Do your labels make sense? Which is surprising considering that the label on your product is the most important document you produce. Ask any customer; it is often the only communication they have with you.

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    Using the book is simple. If you are responsible for a product or product range, or even the whole of your company's labeling, you will see that good labeling is not difficult or expensive, but that it is the key to future profitability. Program Leaders Compliance Officers. Business Office Notices Summer Gallery.

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