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As for the baby, it cried a good deal at odd times; but at night, when its mother had settled down to sleep, it would always begin to cry, quite as a matter of course, so that she hardly got any rest at all. This made her very tired. The baby could make up for its bad nights during the day, if it liked, but the poor mother couldn't. So whenever she had nothing to do she used to sit and cry, because she was tired out with work and worry. One evening the blacksmith was busy with his forge.

He was making a goat-shoe for the goat of a very rich lady, who wished to see how the goat liked being shod, and also whether the shoe would come to fivepence or sevenpence before she ordered the whole set. This was the only order John had had that week. And as he worked his wife sat and nursed the baby, who, for a wonder, was not crying. Presently, over the noise of the bellows, and over the clank of the iron, there came another sound. The blacksmith and his wife looked at each other. But the noise grew louder--and the two were so anxious not to hear it that he hammered away at the goat-shoe harder than he had ever hammered in his life, and she began to sing to the baby--a thing she had not had the heart to do for weeks.

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But through the blowing and hammering and singing the noise came louder and louder, and the more they tried not to hear it, the more they had to. It was like the noise of some great creature purring, purring, purring--and the reason they did not want to believe they really heard it was that it came from the great dungeon down below, where the old iron was, and the firewood and the twopenn'orth of coal, and the broken steps that went down into the dark and ended no one knew where. How could there be? And they tried so hard to believe that there could be nothing there that presently they very nearly did believe it.

Then the blacksmith took his shovel in one hand and his riveting hammer in the other, and hung the old stable lantern on his little finger, and went down to get the coals. So he went down the winding stairs to the dungeon, and stood at the bottom of the steps holding the lantern above his head just to see that the dungeon really was empty as usual.

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Half of it was empty as usual, except for the old iron and odds and ends, and the firewood and the coals. But the other side was not empty. It was quite full, and what it was full of was Dragon. But the dragon was too quick for him--it put out a great claw and caught him by the leg, and as it moved it rattled like a great bunch of keys, or like the sheet-iron they make thunder out of in pantomimes.

The dragon seemed very much struck by this remark. So John said again, very distinctly: One of my wings has got some of the rivets out of it just above the joint. Could you put that to rights?

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John timidly went round when the dragon took his claw away; and, sure enough, the dragon's off wing was hanging loose and all anyhow, and several of the plates near the joint certainly wanted riveting. The dragon seemed to be made almost entirely of iron armour--a sort of tawny, red-rust colour it was; from damp, no doubt--and under it he seemed to be covered with something furry. Come; set to work.

I know how easily accidents happen. It's all fair and smooth, and 'Please rivet me, and I'll eat you last'--and then you get to work and you give a gentleman a bit of a nip or a dig under his rivets--and then it's fire and smoke, and no apologies will meet the case. Now, if you'd just let me fasten you up?

Give me something in pledge. What do you value most? You must think of something else, and at once, or I'll eat you first. At this moment the baby in the room above began to scream. Its mother had been so quiet that it thought she had settled down for the night; and that it was time to begin. Babies are poison to dragons, so I don't deceive you. It's all right to touch--but don't you go putting it into your mouth. I shouldn't like to see any harm come to a nice-looking gentleman like you. The dragon purred at this compliment and said: Now go and fetch the thing, whatever it is. So John ran up the steps as quickly as he could, for he knew that if the dragon got impatient before it was fastened up, it could heave up the roof of the dungeon with one heave of its back, and kill them all in the ruins.

His wife was asleep, in spite of the baby's cries; and John picked up the baby and took it down and put it between the dragon's front paws. Then John rummaged among the heap of old iron and found there some heavy chains and a great collar that had been made in the days when men sang over their work and put their hearts into it, so that the things they made were strong enough to bear the weight of a thousand years, let alone a dragon.

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John fastened the dragon up with the collar and the chains, and when he had padlocked them all on safely he set to work to find out how many rivets, would be needed. If you'll excuse me, sir, I'll step round to another forge and get a few dozen. I won't be a minute. And off he went, leaving the baby between the dragon's fore-paws, laughing and crowing with pleasure at the very large purr of it. Now come and help to get my baby away. But they all happened to have engagements for that evening; so they praised John's cleverness, and said they were quite content to leave the matter in his hands.

After I've been down you can go, and if you keep your head the boy will be all right. So down went the blacksmith, and there was the dragon purring away with all his might to keep the baby quiet. Ok so part of that is because I'm obsessed with dragons and I just wanted more of them, but I really liked Alaith and Prince Rythe as well.

Alaith is from the plains. His tribe has carried down the secrets of training dragons for generations. Normally he would have nothing to do with outsiders, but when the neighboring Super cute! Normally he would have nothing to do with outsiders, but when the neighboring kingdom comes to them for someone's help his father thinks he should go. He never thought they were really requesting a dragon slayer not a dragon tamer.

He refuses to betray his craft though and a tamer is what they get. Over time he's taken to his roll no matter what the rest of the palace snickers about behind their back. Now if only he didn't have to deal with the thorn in his side, Prince Rythe. Rythe is the youngest son and as such seemingly has nothing to do. He takes a perverse pleasure in needling Alaith every chance he gets. He has a motive though. Eventually he might even reveal it to Alaith. Rythe may come across as a witless playboy with no responsibility to his name, but he has a few secrets he's buried down deep.

Right now though he needs a dragon tamer and is determined to get Alaith to go with him. I liked the little twists and turns in this story for how short it was. I loved who Rythe was underneath everything. His obnoxious demeanor was a lovely cover for all his secrets. Granted I think he truly does enjoy needling Alaith and getting a rise out of him.

Alaith on the other hand is the perfect "savage" who is of course no such thing. I like his description and the idea of land he comes from. Of course he gets my vote no matter what since he tames dragons! I want to train dragons! There's a fun little plot here, intrigue and all. I just wish that I could have had more! More time with these characters and in this world.

This is a wonderfully complete story, but that doesn't stop me from wishing for things I can't have. Jan 27, Julesmarie rated it really liked it Shelves: This was sweet and adorable and just so much fun. I loved Alaith's voice and only fell more in love with him the more I got to know him. He's also one of the most unique-looking characters, with his tattoos and piercings and dreads. Combine that with his reluctance to harm anything--as a plainsman, he tames dragons instead of killing them--and I'm hooked!

I think the greatest joy of this story was watching Alaith discover Rythe. It was fascinating to watch as all of his pre-conceived notions were This was sweet and adorable and just so much fun. It was fascinating to watch as all of his pre-conceived notions were disproved one by one until he had to confront the prince on whole new terms.

An interesting short little story. I love the idea of a dragon tamer rather than slayer. I'm liking Megan Derr's style of writting. A lovely short story. Not exactly amazing, but an adorable, cute book that I'll read over and over and over again. I'm a sucker for Ms. Dragons, kingdoms, and sexy men, oh my! This is another short story that knocks it out of the park.

Loved the hate to love theme, the traditions and cultures mentioned, the boys' attitudes and characters, and the plot. Jun 19, Jimmy Hanson rated it really liked it Shelves: An absolutely delightful read. The plot is simple but well-rounded, and I absolutely loved the characters - Alaith is so feisty and Rythe's depth of character is portrayed slowly and very well.

Megan Derr has definitely become one of my favorite authors, and although there are rarely any 'graphic' sex scenes, the charm between her couples make each story unique and far better than most more erotic novels I've read in the best. May 15, Saba rated it really liked it Shelves: I wish there was more: Alaith was sexy as hell with his nipple piercings and braids, and his back and forth with Rythe was fun and cute!

Mar 20, Lucy rated it really liked it. I loved their back and forth, and especially how the Prince was not the spoiled brat he appears. Mar 24, Rebecca rated it really liked it. Mar 26, Clover rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 04, Raymond Mathiesen rated it it was amazing. The Dragon's Tamer A hero of a more peaceful kind… Alaith is a Plainsman and a foreigner to the castle, not really accepted and regarded by some as a barbarian. But Alaith, like most of his people, has the ability to tame dragons.

Unchecked these mystical beasts can cause great harm, so Alaith was sort by the king. Rythe, the kings fourth son, is frankly a trivial pain in the neck, but his friend Trey is always friendly to Alaith. The two come to Alaith asking for help: In this charming story Megan Derr maps the relationship between Alaith and Rythe with expert skill.

The reader delights as the two men bicker: The events and dialogue draw the reader on. A surprise occurs midway, then the story proceeds to a satisfying end. Alaith is masculine, but sensitive too. He firmly rejects Rythe's mock come-ons: His heart is true though, and he does not fall into the brutal masculinity that mares some men.

He is certainly not afraid of rough and tumble, but this is balanced by caring. Rythe, as I have said, seems light and foolish, but has hidden depths. Some men act to cover who they truly are. This story is an adventure with action and excitement, but is also about the idea that life can contain secrets that we do not suspect.

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We think we understand things only to be surprised. In her hands, 'misunderstanding' become adorable and sweet. Alaith, the dragon tamer finds Prince Rythe spoiled and obnoxious. Rythe seems to dedicate his time to annoy Alaith with his infuriating smirks and his attitude that looks down on him as a dragon tamer rather than slayer. But we all know that those acts are signs of Twu 3. But we all know that those acts are signs of Twu Wuv right? Well, Alaith finds out about Rythe's true feeling when they try to stop illegal dragon smuggling and Rythe's got poisoned Aaah, their banters are just so entertaining!!

And those kisses so sweet. It makes me all happy: Whilst this was a lovely quick read, my biggest gripe is that it needed to be longer. Megan Derr excels in getting a lot done in a short amount of time, but some of her short stories shouldn't actually be short.

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In The Dragon's Tamer I would have loved to get to know the characters and the world more. Alaith's shamanism and dragon taming abilities would have been incredible to learn about. If a hundred pages had been tacked onto this, I would have been a very happy girl. The budding relationship Whilst this was a lovely quick read, my biggest gripe is that it needed to be longer. Again, I wish we had gotten to know these characters more. If Megan Derr ever decides to come back to this and write a longer edition, I'll definitely buy it. Alaith dragon tamer of Plainsland Yeah!! My sweet pleasure read: Of course, too short but then that's why I can read it in one night A bit too short to say much.

The editing could have been better. Words were missing here and there. There were themes I did like. Although we did not see much of that at all and that was disappointing.