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Published as Mob over Miami. Guzo rated it it was ok Apr 23, Kelli Lajaunie rated it it was amazing Nov 19, Michelle Brownstein rated it liked it Feb 25, Louis rated it liked it Apr 25, Thomas Hoeffner rated it it was amazing Oct 19, Neil Barrington rated it really liked it Jun 20, Allison rated it really liked it Dec 06, Steff Valdespino rated it it was amazing Oct 14, Gerald Posner rated it it was ok Dec 24, Wendy D rated it liked it Mar 19, Mary Kathryn OKeefe rated it it was amazing Jun 23, Laura Slapikoff rated it it was ok Mar 21, Michele McPhee rated it it was amazing Jan 01, Glenn Barnett rated it really liked it Apr 22, Chuck rated it liked it Aug 30, David rated it liked it Dec 13, Johanna Hayes rated it really liked it Apr 19, Samantha rated it liked it Dec 29, Pj Schott rated it it was amazing Jan 01, Jordan rated it really liked it Aug 14, The chocolate was so good, though.

It was tough getting defeated but, I am so obsessed with making these that I got the ingredients again…. I was nervous to make these after reading the comments, and fortunately had no trouble at all. I think using the stand mixer, and making sure that the butter and sugar is very well blended is the trick. These cookies are delicious!

A grown up chocolate chunk cookie. The 1st log I refrigerated and baked within 1 day. I had no problems with the dough coming together. But I failed to notice that the oven was at until 6 minutes into the baking. I turned it up and baked the cookies a little longer than directed, and they spread a lot. I assumed it was because of the temperature issue. The other log I froze. With my sharpest knife, I did not have a problem with cutting the cookies. I baked them at the correct temperature, but they still spread. And I did use European butter for the dough. We loved the flavor of these, so I will try them again.

After seeing pictures of this cookie non stop in Instagram for I gave up and finally joined the salted butter chocolate chip shortbread bandwagon, and I cannot look back. I made them using a hand mixer for beating the butter and sugar and then I mixed the flour and chocolate chunks by hand and had no issues.

Yes the dough is a little crumbly but it came together as a log just fine and after chilling it for a bit I had no problems cutting the cookies. This was so easy and delicious it has officially joined the recipe rotation. Definitely chill for 2 hours, and just to be sure, I popped them in the freezer while the oven preheated. Used a large serrated bread knife to cut. I had a little bowl of sugar to make sure the slices were nicely coated after the cut. Has anyone attempted these with chopped nuts? I made mine with chopped pecans and walnuts.

Using a mixer I thought the flour is going to be overmixed but proceeded and finished adding flour by hand. After being in frig overnight I found them very difficult to cut and most were patched together…also the cookies melted while baking. But man are these divine! Just wished they looked better. Next time will mix ALL the butter with the sugars before adding the flour.

Also, used Scharffen Berger baking chunks and left them whole. They already resembled the chuncks in the photo. Next time will cut them in half so hopefully they will cut more easily. Did my cookies melt more because of how I goofed up mixing them do you think? Thanks for another great recipe! I made these with my daughter, who confessed all she really wanted was cookie dough, and I am sorry to report that was the best part. We coaxed the crumbly mess into two logs minus a lot of tastes, which were great! It cut fine but the cookies are just average: The dough is great though!

Mine spread a bit, but they were marvelous. I used a fennel flavored dark chocolate which was just perfect. These are definitely addictive! The dough came together beautifully and the cookies have an incredible texture. I did find them a little too salty, so I may sub some of the butter for unsalted next time. I also found that if you cut these on the thicker end, you taste the chocolate more and they become crispy crunchy on the outside with a pocket of soft on the inside. Hey Deb, I want to bake off a few slices tonight and save the rest for tomorrow. After reading most of the comments, I made the recipe as written except used 2 tsp homemade bourbon vanilla.

Weighed ingredients, used cold salted butter beaten with sugars for approx 5 mins using a stand mixer Took almost 3 mins for the butter to loosen up! Coated the first log with beaten egg, and rolled the log in turbinado sugar sprinkled heavily on the plastic wrap in which it was chilled. Ended up having to wrap the log up in the sugared wrap and rolling it with firm pressure to get an even coating.

I used a long serrated knife and pulled it slowly back and forth for the entire length of the blade, which worked beautifully. If a chunk of chocolate popped out, I just pushed it back into the cookie. Baked the cookies off for 15 mins, and had issues with spreading.

Bouddhisme pour les moutons Pdf

As the cookies were underdone, I returned them to the oven for 2 more mins. To apply the sugar to the second log, I sprinkled the sugar over the top using a soup spoon until evenly coated before rolling the log in the plastic to push the sugar into the cookie. Because of the issues with the first log spreading and being undercooked, I cut log 2 a bit thinner and chilled the tray for 15 mins before baking them off for 17 mins.

No issues with spreading or undercooking! Alas, my family prefer the Salted Chocolate Chunk cookies, but we see what others think at the Scottish themed party tonight! I had no problems with the dough crumbling or the cookies breaking apart. I love the idea of the sugar crust, but one of my guests is allergic to eggs. Whatelse can I paint on the logs that would allow sugar to adhere?

But some people here say you can skip the egg. My first batch is in the oven now! I have a double chocolate cookie recipe that slices like this one and sometimes I coat those logs in sugar too. I ended up nuking the dough in the microwave for 45 seconds to get the butter to melt a little so that I could — sort of — mold the dough into logs. Then, when I tried slicing the dough, it crumbled to bits. I ended up piling little mounds of crumbs on the cookie sheet.

The cookies look awful, but they taste divine. Did anyone else have this problem? I had to beat the butter mixture longer and at a high speed to get it a little fluffy. My Kitchen Aid is a little big I think. But the dough was fine albeit a little hard. Refrigerated overnight and cut with a sharp serrated knife with no problem. The trick I think is using a good tool. Came out exactly as pictured. My question however relates to the thickness of the cookie. Half inch seems a little thick. I had to bake my a little longer. Anyone had an issue with this? It was thoroughly stuck.

What do you think I did wrong? OK — do we need another comment on these cookies? It always turns out wonderful as long as the butter is good. Chocolate is great, but not my favorite. I left the rolls in the fridge for 24 hours. I did the egg and sugar. Mine baked for about 16 min until I could see slightly brown edges and not just sugar frico. People as Deb would say these cookies are superb. I am totally impressed.

Follow the recipe, really mix the sugar and butter, and do it now. I made these cookies and got them to hold their shape! I did beat the butter and sugar for a full 5 minutes in the kitchenaid. I lowered the total sugar amount by about 15 grams and increased the flour by about 10 grams.

I chilled the logs for 6 hours and also lowered the baking temperature to The sugar, flour, and temp adjustments help with baking at elevation, but I think probably also contributed to the dough holding together beautifully. When I tried the first one about 30 minutes after they finished baking, I thought they were good, but maybe not worth the hype. But this morning when I had another…ohhhh boy. I think they just needed a little time to firm up after baking. I used kerrygold butter and creamed it with the sugar using a hand mixer. I spent a solid minutes on this step based on other reviews.

Chilled the dough for about 3 hours and used a freshly sharpened non-serrated knife to slice the dough, and I had almost no issues with the dough falling apart. They have a strong shortbread quality but are also nice and chewy, like a good, traditional chocolate chip cookie. I have made tons and tons of recipes from the site and the cookbook, and this was my first Smitten Kitchen disaster: I followed the steps exactly, and ended up with a crumbly mess.

I chilled one log in the fridge for 4 hours, and the other in the freezer for the same. This was so disappointing. I made these and they are absolutely deserving of all the hype and praise. I was a little bit scared after reading some of the reviews here, but I had to try them anyway. Deb has included all of the relevant tips and info from the recipe in the actual book I consulted this page and the book. If you follow the measurements as outlined, you have nothing to be scared of. I set a time and let the mixer go for a full five minutes to get the sugars and butter super light and fluffy.

Yes, the result is a bowl full of big crumbs, but pile them out onto the cling wrap and work them into a roll. If anything, know that you can smack this dough around a little. MAKE it be a log, and it will be a log. I froze one log for 30 mins and then baked — perfect with very little spreading. I did the other in the fridge and baked the next day — pretty much the same result. If something crumbles, just work it back into a disc and bake on.

Really a great cookie. So rich and tender. Used a food processor for all steps up until adding the chocolate, and had no problems with crumbliness or spreading. Inspired a vigorous family debate about shortbread vs. But the shortbread lovers in the family loved them. My daughter had made these in early January when I happened to be visiting her and I truly believe they may be the best cookies I have ever eaten.

Served them at a family gathering the next day. Everyone was blown away by the taste and texture! Cookie of the year, indeed! I made these and they completely fell apart after 1 day of refrigeration. I think there needs to be a binding ingredient. I could barely cut them and basically had to reshape them into balls. No, more than that…ummm…hard to stop eating…well, yes…but you did forewarn us all…ummmmm…. Holy cow amazing cookies! And I used slightly less flour as I use grams for my cup of flour weight. My mother would make old fashioned Scottish shortbread every Christmas. These were pressed into a round pan, not individual cookies.

BUT, the recipe called for working the crumbly dough until it came together in a ball, then you pressed it into the pan. One year, my Aunt Marion offered to help in making a double batch. The two of them stood side by side. When it came to working the dough into a ball, it almost instantaneously formed a ball for my aunt.

My mother just stared! The warmth was the missing ingredient.

A Mob Story

We laughed about that for years. So, the advice someone offered to just push it together when it crumbles sounds very familiar! Should work, though they may not look as pretty. And try using dental floss to cut the log wrap a piece around the log and pull it crosswise at the top. They do it on other cooking shows all the time.

Less friction — might help with the breaking apart when slicing. So, I made these the other night and everything worked perfectly. When I was at the grocery all the European butters I saw were only g blocks so I supplemented with the unsalted I had at home, but I can see how that 30 extra grams of butter would help hold the cookie together better. My mom made the dough two days ago and left in my fridge; she used half white and half dark chocolate chunks and sucanat instead of usual brown sugar.

I rolled it in coarse sugar with no egg wash allergic son and it stuck just fine after baking. They taste like brown butter but there is no brown butter in them! I failed to attend to the weight for the butter and just used a g block but there were no ill effects as far as I could notice. I mixed the dough in the food processor before kneading in the chocolate chunks by hand.

Slicing was a crumbly experience and some slices came out far more attractive than others but the advice to smush together the crumbled bits worked well. Deb, what cups to grams guideline do you use? Yours seems different than the one I use 1 cup equals g which made me wonder about the g of flour recommendation in the ingredient list.

These worked out great! This did not bake at all for me! It was okay to eat but it tasted like flour and butter. I double checked the amounts I used and it was all correct. My guess is that your cookies were underbaked. Shortbread needs to get really golden or it will taste how you described. Was about to make the fudgy brownie cookies and realized someone has been nibbling my chocolate. So…would they be as good with unsalted butter? Of can I add salt to the recipe? I have the recipe but Alison Roman that calls for 55 grams of lite brown sugar and grams of flour.

I thought the cookies were a bit dry. Not sure if because of more flour or over baking…. Why are the amounts different? Am I losing it? I highly recommend baking by weight for these. My two sticks of standard American supermarket butter weighed only g — I needed a few extra tablespoons to meet g than I would have added had I not gone by weight.

I let the butter soften for a few hours in my slightly chilly kitchen, and then really let the mixer have at it for awhile to get it very fluffy. I did have some crumbling on slicing but it was more like chunks breaking off that I could easily press back onto the slice. Hope this helps some people out since these are really good…even without the vanilla. Easily rolled into logs and popped into the fridge Chapter 2- 2 hours later; feeling more smug as I easily slice through the log.

No crumble here, she gloats to herself Chapter 3- watch as cookies ooze over the parchment as they cook. Cook a few more cookies. Will make them again and wait a full 24 hours before baking.. I made all sorts of subs whole grain flours only! No crumbling, nothing challenging, pure alchemy of smell while they were baking much more than the sum of their parts , and magic to taste! I did all measurements by weight, used all brown sugar had no white sugar , half spelt flour and half whole wheat pastry flour had no all-purpose and I prefer whole grain baking anyway , cut some bit and bobs and stubs of different dark chocolate bars I had into chunks and it was less than what was needed, used a g tub of European salted butter and used unsalted to make up the difference in weight.

This is a genius recipe. I think slicing them with a sharp bread knife was key it distributes the force of the cut evenly over the cross section of the roll but other than that it was simple and perfect. I was intrigued because for so many, this recipe failed.. The butter package was g and I weighed out another 5 g for it. I use an oven thermometer and made sure it was at I used Gold Metal flour, using fluff and spoon method but I also weighed what this came to: I think this might be why some people had trouble; I stuck to g.

I read the comments a few times and decided to take a flying leap and listen to Reshmaadwar.. My butter was not cold from fridge. When I was forming the 2 logs, they were too soft to roll well so I put them in the freezer for an hour. Did not use the egg wash, just rolled in the turbinado sugar, log was semi-frozen when I used the serrated knife to slice, no real trouble slicing. Baked for 16 minutes it was hard to tell if the edges were getting golden because the sugared edges were brownish.

I tried following the instructions F and the cookies were nowhere need baked even after 15 minutes. I ended up having to give them 19 minutes and it made me wonder how much this affected the taste. You said in your post that a minute less of baking helped a lot, but they seemed super doughly and melty in the oven at 11 minutes in my oven. Did you use Convection Bake or Regular Bake? How many minutes did you bake for the second round of cookies the ones that were better chilled?

I only have a non-convection oven. I think ovens vary and baking times vary the most with small things like buttery cookies. Thickness will affect baking time too. Most important is that they have a golden edge before you take them out. Made this last night. My cookies needed less that 15 minutes to bake. My neighbors came over to try it and one of them kept popping them in her mouth. Even my picky husband loved them! I made these today with 9 oz. Kerrygold butter and made up for the rest with 3 tbsp. The dough was definitely crumbly and difficult to mold into logs, but I got there eventually.

The hard and really frustrating part came when it was time to slice the dough from the logs. Each slice totally fell apart into crumbles and I had to mash it into something that resembled a cookie. With that being said, the ones that came out were delicious.

However, there a bit more crumbling along the way than I normally have the patience for. I followed instructions to a T and they turned out perfectly and taste all the more delicious for me having a sugar free January up to now. The only bit of advice I would add is to let them cool and solidify a bit between taking them out of the oven and transferring them to a cooling rack , say four minutes. The NYTimes version has an interesting note: Apparently [other] Alison uses g for a cup of a flour.

I saw that and was surprised her flour cups were so heavy! She scoops, not fluffs and scoops. These are simply the BEST! I have become very popular by bringing them to every gathering. My all-time favoritec cookie is Scottish shortbread. Followed closely by chocolate chip. The dough can be crumbly, be sure to really beat the butter and sugar probably at least 2 minutes.

Weighing ingredients, especially the flour, really helps here. I cannot get these to not be totally crumbly. How do you do it?! I followed the recipe exactly as written and used a scale to measure ingredients. I creamed the butter and sugars for 5 full minutes. Everything was crumbly when I moved it to the parchment paper, but it came together pretty quickly and easily into logs. Chilled for two hours, cut it with a serrated knife with basically no problems problems. These are insanely good. Used sparkling sugar for the sides and European butter.

The trick is measuring ingredients and then to mix well, and even if you are using a stand mixer, give the mix a hand mix at the end because bits of flour may be stuck at the bottom of the bowl, resulting in a crumblier second log. These spread a little more while baking than I expected so next time I might give them a chill after I slice them, and then bake them post chill. My husband and toddler are currently devouring these post bake! I followed directions exactly, weighed my flour per weight specified, used European salted butter which came in a g.

Block and I added 28 g of unsalted to make up the difference. I refrigerated the logs for just over 2 hours. They sliced beautifully, no crumbling. They baked for minutes to perfection. Thank you so much for a perfect recipe. These cookies are a new favorite. Such a nice change from boring toll house cookies! I made these cookies and they were the best. Really like your recipes. Going to make oranges this week with the yogurt.

More buttery, less sweet, much better quality chocolate. I creamed the butter for 5 minutes in my kitchenaid, but I could tell by the batter that these cookies would want to spread. I left the rolls in the freezer overnight and sliced them frozen and a bit too thin. Did not have a problem with crumbling because I held the slice together as the knife went down.

Put them in the oven right away, frozen, and I think that kept them from spreading. Also, because I sliced a bit too thin, they were cooking up by the time the spread would have occurred. Another thing I think helped was that my oven was a bit hot forgot to convert for convection and they were definitely done in 10 minutes, so the temp was not too low which sometimes causes spread.

I have made these a couple of times since I saw the recipe and my phone is still ringing with requests to share the recipe. It has really been a hit. I freeze them after baking otherwise I would eat the whole batch and every night I see my husband going into the freezer to get one. I see from previous posts that some people had trouble with the dough. I leave the butter out for a little while to become room temperature before beating it and I use a stand mixer and beat for a good 5 minutes.

Have not had any problems. Has definitely become my go-to cookie to make! Has anyone done them with both the measurements here and the others ones posted in the NYT article, where the flour measurement is more? Argh — pea-size chunks?

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Any guidance would be appreciated, as well as tips on not ending up with lots of fine shards regardless of chunk size? They are about the size of a Pez candy or maybe a tic tac. That worked great for me and reduced prep time. These are awesome — wont replace the typical chocolate chip cookie — but a great variant to add to the repertoire. I used European salted butter plus a little unsalted to make up the difference for what I needed.

I used an electric mixer — hand held — and it was difficult. Omg I just baked these and my partner and I nearly ate the whole lot! Another winner Deb, thanks for sharing: I made these today and they came out great. I creamed the butter by itself for a minute or so before I added the sugars. I also just scooped the flour from the bag with the measuring cup and leveled it off. I did not do the egg wash or sugar on the outside, but left them in the fridge for about 2. The only times the dough crumbled were when I hit a chocolate chunk and I was able to piece it back together.

It seems most people who are having success in the comments are using a serrated knife. I think if you cut straight down with a regular knife your dough is more likely to crumble. Thanks for the well-written recipe and multiple tips in the comments section! For anyone wondering, as I was, whether you can make these brownie-style in a pan, the answer is yes you can. In this way you also avoid the crumbly dough togetherness issues.

I made the dough, pressed it into a round pie pan, brushed the top with egg wash, sprinkled a little sugar all over and bits of salt in selective tiny clumps. Baked about 45 minutes, sliced it up, and it was enjoyed by all. I normally make shortbread in a square pan but that pan was occupied by regular shortbread; it was for a crowd hence the pie plate. But next time I will use the square metal pan for this. Perhaps something was lost in crispy cookie texture but it sure was easy and still was darn delicious.

After reading through the comments, I had success! I had very little crumbling of the dough, both while I put the dough in the parchment paper and while I was cutting. Also, I chilled the dough for about 24 hours or so. I think the egg wash was a nice touch but really did not need the raw sugar.

But… I had major spreadage with g butter and g flour.

Story of Samuel! (Malayalam)- Bible Stories For Kids! Episode 14

I halved the batch to bake again two days later to see difference in regard to crumbling and took the second half out of the fridge, let it warm and kneaded in a table spoon more flour. Less spreading, but still some. And then decide how I like them best. I made a Valentine version for my mom and sisters, using red sanding sugar, and rolling the dough into a heart shape. The 5 of us gobbled down half a batch in one sitting.

I parceled out the rest to friends; everyone has raved about these little morsels. After making these cookies unsuccessfully the first two times, I just cooked my third batch which finally turned out reallllly well! The first two times the dough was super crumbly and while they tasted good, the outcome did not really resemble cookies. Anyway, I hope that helps! I made these a couple of weeks ago and while delicious, they did spread a bit much during baking and ended up with a weird shape.

Just in case you wanted to ammend the recipe with that information in mind. The question about the flour measurement is interesting!! Deb, can you let us know what you think? Beat on stand mixture 5 minutes, add four and choc. Beat a tad and knead it a bit. Comes together like dough for me, very little spreading.

Wonder why results are so different…. A sharp non-serrated knife worked better for cutting the slices. After resting in the freezer they cut much more easily and baked up very well. We went overboard and drizzled some leftover chocolate ganache on them when they had cooled. They are amazing, crisp edges, buttery, delicious. So I initially made these close to 2 weeks ago—baked off one log and left the other one in the fridge.

I came back only tonight and remembered the other log. Was initially worried I had left it too long, but no! The dough sliced better, and baked up fabulously! Even better than the first batch. So, let my forgetfulness be of use to you—these are wonderful to have stashed for a rainy day. By the time I realized my mistake it was too late to add salt.

So I tried to compensate by sprinkling extra sea salt. Other than overlooking the very important salt factor, I had no problems. I used cold tillamook butter and froze the dough for 40 min before baking. My butter sat out for the 30 minutes between getting home from the grocery store and starting to bake, and by the time I finished creaming, it was near room temp. I mixed the flour in long enough until it was easy to form a log.

First log was frozen for 2 hours, hard to cut. Second log, taken out of the freezer and into the refrigerator overnight, easier to cut. Use the cling wrap that covered the logs when chilling to hold them while slicing to get a better grip on the egg wash and sugar coated log. No spreading at all. My texture was great, flavor excellent, but I prefer my regular chocolate chip cookie nonetheless. I decided I like my shortbread with more subtle flavorings than chocolate. Any chance I could somehow make this work with more accessible tools i. There was a really funny article about this very question!

Worst QB in the Hall of Fame. It is pathetic that he is even in there…a product of the New York hype machine. Lots of Pats love on an article dedicated to Namath and the Jets. Enjoy Haynesworth and your latest playoff loss chowdaheads. Probably could have spent less time partying off the field although that is part of the legend of Broadway Joe. For those too young, along with Ali he was the most popular and famous sports figure in the country.

He also played on horrible knees. We have much more boorish behavior these days. But, like all of you Jets haters, you knew that and everything else about the Jets and football. I doubt many of you would say that about Joe Willy if you actually saw him play in person. I watched him throw for yards against us and he picked apart guys like Willie Brown.

Even though we did win the game, he did things throwing a football I had never seen. The touch, power, release…he was amazing. And this coming from a fan that was rooting against him! Aug 9, 1: And how many did the Pats win in that 43 years? The joke is on you bitter New Englanders. Populace, sports, you name it, Boston will always be second best.

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When you are a QB that guarantees a victory in a Super Bowl where you are a 19 point underdog and win, you get in. Super Bowls, like World Series wins, are more likely to get you in. It is a well known fact that back then people were more classy, refined, and were not jerks like the players and youth of today. Nowadays all you hear about are guys getting arrested and being drunk.

Back then were the glory days. Less crime, less drugs, less teen pregnancy, and less violence.

salted butter chocolate chunk shortbread – smitten kitchen

Back before people went to crap. Right now in America we have some of the lowest crime rates, drug usage rates, DWI rates, and teen pregnancy rates in the last years. We live longer and own cooler stuff and treat each other better. Less of us smoke. More of us spend time doing charitable deeds, Etc.