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To an even greater degree than Thomas Keneally's Confederates, Jones' new Civil War novel strives for a close-up, life-sized evocation of the conflict--as it follows the men of a self-formed squad within the Thirteenth Arkansas Infantry Regiment.

The Barefoot Brigade by Jones, Douglas C

Elkhorn Tavern, , whose beloved family straddles the Arkansas-Missouri border pestered by Yankees; Lt. Some of the men sail together downriver to Virginia to enlist in the Arkansas regiment, then march and entrain with the regiment to Lynchburg for training--hellbent to kill Yankees and get the war over in a month or two. But once into the Shenandoah valley, General Stonewall Jackson keeps them moving, until the impatient troops have passed through five states without firing a shot in anger; their shoes are ragged, toes out, bodies liceridden. And then in Maryland, at Antietam, they find themselves facing tens of thousands of the Army of the Potomac which becomes a beloved enemy.

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Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, Richmond follow--some men falling, some wounded, some taken prisoner. There's gambling and whoring between bouts of bloodshed.

The Barefoot Brigade

And, while less eloquent and less firmly focused than Keneally's intense evocation, this is sturdy, above-average Civil War fiction--strong on unromanticized detail and day-to-day grit. There was a problem adding your email address.

The Barefoot Brigade

Leaving his wife and children behind to run the family farm near Elkhorn Tavern, Hasford embarks on a path from which he may never return—and on which he meets men as embattled as himself: Together these men form a tight niche in the Third Arkansas Infantry Regiment, trudging from the Ozark foothills, headed east into one cataclysmic battle after another, determined to beat back the Yankees and end the war.

A testament to a special breed of American, The Barefoot Brigade is a work of undeniable and lasting power. From the Trade Paperback edition. A native of Arkansas, Jones died in Jones By Douglas C. Also by Douglas C. See all books by Douglas C.


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