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Leading Means Making an Impact Think about the greatest leaders in history. What was the one thing they had in common? Yes, they all made an impact.

10 Principles of Effective Leadership |

Leadership is not just setting goals and effectively achieving them with your team. Leadership is not just brilliant public speaking and great communication skills. If you want to be an authentic leader, you should have your unique contribution to the welfare of the society. You should make a positive change.

Promoting Leadership Principles in Product Management

Each person can be very busy implementing various tasks, but the key is devoting your efforts and time to the realization of your vision. Vision is what inspires people to take action and go forward. Discover your unique vision and coordinate all your activities towards it. Inspire each and every member of your team with that vision. Actions Speak Louder Than Words It's not a secret that much talking and less acting has nothing to do with effectiveness.


What people see affects them many times greater than what they hear. Don't waste your and other people's time on endless conversations about your plans. Just realize that plans and be sure that everyone will see it. Flexibility May Refer to Behavior, Not Values Depending on circumstances you may choose a different style of leadership or communication. Flexibility is a truly effective trait, if it doesn't affect your values. Each and every decision of yours, no matter the situation, must be based on your value system.

As long as your actions are value-driven, you will have the trust and respect of people around you. Leadership is All About People Could you be a leader in an empty room by having profound goals and skills? Leading means communicating, influencing and engaging.

10 Principles of Effective and Authentic Leadership

Communication skills are the foundation of effective leadership. Constantly improve your relationships with people, and the amazing results won't make you wait. It Is Fine To Admit Mistakes If everything has always been done perfectly, we would have somehow lost the ability to analyze and improve.

Mistakes are proof that you are doing something. You won't become a worse leader if you admit your mistakes. Reading that tip reminded me of a good leadership seminar I attended last year presented by Doug Wood.

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The topic was becoming an effective leader. He presented ten principles of effective leadership that will build desired results, relationships and quality of life.

The following list describes each principle with my added observations:. Be a leader, not a victim: Do not blame others or look for scapegoats. Your ability to be a leader starts with mastering yourself. Shun the victim paradigm. See Principle 5 from my recent article. Beware of your blind spots: Take care of important relationships: Treat others as though they are the most important thing. A Chinese proverb says: Balance short- and long-term results: Both, but with balance. Know and live your mission: Create a personal mission statement that is short, memorable, passionate, measurable and for which you become accountable.

10 Leadership Principles for Next-Generation Leaders

Do what matters most — now: Do things that will make your personal life more meaningful, and do what it takes to move to a higher level of professional success. Be a master communicator: From listening comes wisdom.

Great leadership starts with self-leadership - Lars Sudmann - TEDxUCLouvain

Be a great team player: When you have disagreements or conflicts with others, try this approach: Commit one hour per day to personal renewal: Take time for spiritual, physical, and professional growth. Live and lead in honesty and forthrightness; be true to your word. He spent ten years teaching at the Marriott School of Management before moving to the private sector, most recently as a senior leadership consultant at Franklin Covey.

He now works as an independent consultant, teaching business leaders around the globe how to align their long-term vision with their short-term goals. If you know where Doug has posted his ten principles his website, blog, etc. Fairly nice article, very educational stuff.