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Being intelligent about business data. PhD for year-old theology graduate. There is an ancient tradition linking his birthplace with the small village of Bisenti , Samnite territory , in today's Abruzzo region of Central Italy. Eusebius , quoting early apocryphal accounts, stated that Pilate suffered misfortune in the reign of Caligula AD 37—41 , was exiled to Gaul and eventually killed himself there in Vienne.

Other details come from less credible sources. The corpse's final disposition was in a deep and lonely mountain tarn , which, according to later tradition, was on a mountain, still called Pilatus actually pileatus or "cloud capped" , overlooking Lucerne. Every Good Friday , the body is said to reemerge from the waters and wash its hands. The fragmentary apocryphal Gospel of Peter exonerates Pilate of responsibility for the crucifixion of Jesus, placing it instead on Herod and the Jews who, unlike Pilate, refused to "wash their hands". After the soldiers see three men and a cross miraculously walking out of the tomb they report to Pilate who reiterates his innocence: The 4th century apocryphal text that is called the Acts of Pilate presents itself in a preface missing in some manuscripts as derived from the official acts preserved in the praetorium at Jerusalem.

Acta Pilate: Pilate's Report to Caesar of the Crucifixion of Jesus

Though the alleged Hebrew original of the document is attributed to Nicodemus , the title Gospel of Nicodemus for this fictional account only appeared in medieval times, after the document had been substantially elaborated. This text gained wide credit in the Middle Ages , and has considerably affected the legends surrounding the events of the crucifixion, which, taken together, are called the Passion.

Its popularity is attested by the number of languages in which it exists, each of these being represented by two or more variant "editions": Greek the original , Coptic, Armenian and Latin versions. One class of the Latin manuscripts contain as an appendix or continuation, the Cura Sanitatis Tiberii , the oldest form of the Veronica legend. The Acts of Pilate consist of three sections, whose styles reveal three authors, writing at three different times. Eusebius , although he mentions an Acta Pilati that had been referred to by Justin and Tertullian and other pseudo-Acts of this kind, shows no acquaintance with this work.

Almost surely it is of later origin, and scholars agree in assigning it to the middle of the 4th century. All three of these men lived between — There is a pseudepigraphic letter reporting on the crucifixion, purporting to have been sent by Pontius Pilate to the Emperor Claudius, embodied in the pseudepigrapha known as the Acts of Peter and Paul , of which the Catholic Encyclopedia states, "This composition is clearly apocryphal though unexpectedly brief and restrained.

We thus have it in both Greek and Latin versions. The Mors Pilati "Death of Pilate" legend is a Latin tradition, thus treating Pilate as a monster, not a saint; it is attached usually to the more sympathetic Gospel of Nicodemus of Greek origin. The narrative of the Mors Pilati set of manuscripts is set in motion by an illness of Tiberius, who sends Volusanius to Judaea to fetch the Christ for a cure.

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In Judaea Pilate covers for the fact that Christ has been crucified, and asks for a delay. But Volusanius encounters Veronica who informs him of the truth but sends him back to Rome with her Veronica of Christ's face on her kerchief, which heals Tiberius. Tiberius then calls for Pontius Pilate, but when Pilate appears, he is wearing the seamless robe of the Christ and Tiberius' heart is softened, but only until Pilate is induced to doff the garment, whereupon he is treated to a ghastly execution.

His body, when thrown into the Tiber, however, raises such storm demons that it is sent to Vienne via gehennae in France and thrown to the Rhone. This version combined with anecdotes of Pilate's wicked early life were incorporated in Jacobus de Voragine 's Golden Legend , which ensured a wide circulation for it in the later Middle Ages. Other legendary versions of Pilate's death exist: The lake, today, is still named Lago di Pilato. In the Cornish cycle of mystery plays , the "death of Pilate" forms a dramatic scene in the Resurrexio Domini cycle.

More of Pilate's correspondence is found in the minor Pilate apocrypha, the Anaphora Pilati Relation of Pilate , an Epistle of Herod to Pilate , and an Epistle of Pilate to Herod , spurious texts that are no older than the 5th century. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church recognized Pilate as a saint in the 6th century, based on the account in the Acts of Pilate , [45] as it does his wife, named Procla , whose strange dream of Christ induced her to try to stop his crucifixion.

His death was unusually dramatised in a medieval mystery play cycle from Cornwall, the Cornish Ordinalia. Pilate's role in the events leading to the crucifixion lent themselves to melodrama, even tragedy, and Pilate often has a role in medieval mystery plays. In the Eastern Orthodox Church , Pilate's wife is commemorated as a saint, [47] but not Pilate, because according to tradition Claudia urged Pilate not to have anything to do with Jesus. In some Eastern Orthodox traditions, Pilate committed suicide out of remorse for having sentenced Jesus to death.

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In Switzerland , near Lucerne , is the mountain of Pilatus. An old tradition is that Pilate went there and was banished to the mountain as a punishment "for his crime against Christ". The island of Ponza in the Bay of Naples , Italy, is believed to be named after Pontius Pilate; his family built grottoes named after him.

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April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved 21 March Pronunciation Guide for the Lectionary. Retrieved 9 June The Israel Museum, Jerusalem Frova, L'iscrizione di Ponzio Pilato a Cesarea". The Journal of Roman Studies. Antiquities of the Jews , Journal of Biblical Literature.

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Jesus and the Ossuaries Vol. Retrieved 15 April From a recently discovered inscription in which Pontius Pilate is mentioned, it appears that the title of the governors of Judea was also "praefectus". Online Encyclopedia of the Roman Provinces. University of South Dakota.

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