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With a growing number of small e-presses, you need to carefully read guidelines to see what each publisher accepts, and what you are comfortable writing. If you target a certain publisher, read many books to get a feel for the writing and the quality of the line. The key to a good erotic romance is to make sure the sex scenes are integral to the story. If you prefer a bit of an edge to your love scenes, and can handle more graphic language, you may be able to re-write the book for this market. The erotic market is wide open for all genres: Each publisher has different requirements. Some need a certain amount of sexual scenes and others say as long as it blends with your particular story, there is no agreed number.

Frank language is encouraged so if you are uncomfortable naming the terms of the body and prefer rose-colored, soft phrases, again this market may not be for you. Romance Writers of America RWA special interest chapter, Passionate Ink, define erotic romance novels as stories written about the development of a romantic relationship.

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Erotic romances differ from erotica. In an erotic romance, there must be a happily ever after. With erotica, the relationship does not have to end happily. For the erotic romance, authors must have a skill for focusing on the art of physical lovemaking, developing conflict, and keeping a strong love story between the main characters to the very last page. Most markets require a strong romantic connection with a happily ever after, and sexual monogamy. Other markets will let you explore threesomes, bondage, and any other sexual exploration the author is willing to examine.

This novella is full of heartache and lust. Truly raw and lovely. Crooked Hearts by Patricia Gaffney — For those of you not into the erotic, this historical romance is sinful in a different way. I read it for the first time many years ago and it blew my mind. The hero and heroine are both con artists. A broken down society, a sweet, sudden attraction, and my favorite treat of all: Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden — A funny, nerdy erotica. Yes, I said nerdy erotica. The heroine is a computer programmer and the hero is an astrophysicist with no social skills.

Kink mixed with Minecraft jokes. I loved the complexities the characters navigate to find their happy ending. Natural Law by Joey W. Hill — I heard talk of this book for many years before I actually read it. He needs to know why someone of her status would risk their life by going out in a storm as bad as it is. He gets his answer when she wakes in that she was running away from a very bad match — Stuart of Bute. Seems Erland could help Rhona out with that. Even if nothing happens between them, to spend the night in such a compromising position is enough.

It appears he has a little secret though, one she gets a glimpse at, or more feels, when in the throws of passion. A little love bite never hurt anyone right? But with Stuart of Bute out to cause trouble will their midnight passions be heading for a stormy day ahead or are calmer waters coming? Being a white English woman the Embassy thinks she would be tempting enough to get inside.

Six Steamy Shorties: Sexy Short Romances

She is given a bracelet with beads that come off for her to write messages to them. If she finds anything or if she is safe everyday she must send something.

Although its Nabil the Younger who captors her. Being a virgin she never imagined she would be introduced into the world of sex she is taken to with him — hello kink! You can tell she loves every second of it to begin with but when his father then makes it clear that he now wants her there is nothing she can do but go. She might just get the information she was sent in to get, or maybe not with the revelation he tells her. Or maybe she might want to go back? Mar 19, LaGina rated it it was amazing. These six steamy short reads from Suz deMello will give you everything your little reading heart is looking for.

They cover a wide range of things like menage, college fling, dolphin shifters, female dominant, BDSM and a gotta get me one Viking Vampire!! I have been a fan of Suz work for sometime and she never lets me down. Sep 11, Dana Busenbark rated it really liked it Shelves: One Hot Havana Night - This story takes place in Cuba, she is a reporter, he is fighting for the up and coming guy, the Castros.

Sergio Almonte will grant her the interview, provided that she does whatever he asks of her.

Romance Unlaced: Erotic historical romances offer lots of heat and love

She does exactly as he asks. Then a policeman comes by, by the last name of Cardenas. She had anticipated trying to track him down as well. One things leads to another, she marries one of them, the passports for the men claim that they are brothers. So she gets to take both of One Hot Havana Night - This story takes place in Cuba, she is a reporter, he is fighting for the up and coming guy, the Castros. So she gets to take both of them back to the United States. See what happens in their future and what is happening after her time in Cuba. Naughty Balls - It is Valentine's Day, all the sweethearts are out and about doing the V-Day thing, and Penny is wishing her roommate to have a good night.

She is a women's basketball player for their University. She decides to head to the gym to practice. When she gets there she finds Oscar there practicing as well. He's only the best ball player of the men and the most 'wished' after. What is he doing there? Why is he there if he has a girlfriend? What happens with Penny and Oscar? Read to find out. Ocean Dreams - This is one of those crazy little love stories that will have you giggling your way through the book.

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Especially when you find out who Blue is to Sandi. How does she know him and when was the last time she saw him?

See a Problem?

This book is a hoot! I so was NOT expecting what happened in the middle of her time swimming with a dolphin! This is one of the cutest books I have read. Spring Training - I loved that we found ourselves in Phoenix, Arizona for this book. It truly is an area for Spring Training for baseball. There are fields set up all across the valley where different teams come in to get ready for the season at. Who is Chase McCall and what team does he play for? Who is Terri and why is every player on the team sneaking glances at her as she stretches? When Terri runs into Chase at the hot tub in the hotel, what comment does she make that causes him to feel better about his first yoga workout?

They meet up later for dinner, what happens? I could not help but to chuckle at this story as Spring Training takes on a whole new meaning for a man that always is in control of everything. What does Terri figure out relatively quickly about Chase? What happens with the team? Erland Blodson is the person we meet first. What is he doing and why?

Where is he going and why? What was she doing out in the ocean during a major storm? Can Erland find them someplace to weather out the storm that is raging? With Rhona out of it, can he drag her out of the water, and himself? What of his ship? What has happened to it?

After weathering out the storm. Erland tries to take Rhona back up to the keep at the top of the cliff. What happens when they step outside of their refuge? Who is there to greet them? When Rhona and Erland make their way up to the keep and look for her brother Keith, what happens? This was a fun read and not at all what I expected. It was a very interesting tale to read to figure out how the title of the book came about.

Anna's Adventures in Morocco - In , Anna finds herself needing to find work after the death of her father. When she is sent to Morocco, what happens? What is she hired to do? Why is what she is hired to do, odd? What is she tasked to do one day? Does she accept the task?

Six Steamy Shorties: Sexy Short Romances by Suz deMello

Who is Nabil the Younger? Why do they call him that? What happens to Anna when she's on walkabout one day in Morocco? Can she complete her task? What happens when she tries?