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Wifey was feeling the beef though, so she went with the carved filet of beef tenderloin well-done.

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We find that a lot of dishes are a bit light on the vegetables though and we often feel like we are craving more veggies after a couple of days at sea. So, she also ordered a side of steamed vegetables for us to share which comes with broccoli, carrot and asparagus.

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Next up is dessert! Wifey tried this one once before, and it was way too strong for her tastes, but I quite enjoyed it. The desserts on this menu are varied, and all look delicious. I got the low-fat berry bliss along with the ice cream of the day, raspberry and lime sherbet. Mine was still partly frozen.

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This dish completes the Vitality menu. The ice creams and sherbets of the day come served with an amoretti biscuit and are quite a generous serving. You could have this on its own for dessert, or get it to have with your dessert. Wifey was pretty full after her beef tenderloin, so she asked for a fruit platter.

Our relationship to the food we eat is the most intimate, involved and enduring any of us will ever have. And as with all important relationships, it's complicated. You can put pasta back on the menu while trying to lose weight Not only does pasta not cause weight gain, but three meals a week can help people drop more than 1lb over three months.

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Sarah Knapton April 5 2: You can put pasta back on the menu while trying to lose weight. Nearly half of us are overweight, and the obesity crisis is growing. Is our problem all Irish News Gene Kerrigan: Life Newsletter Our digest of the week's juiciest lifestyle titbits.

Are edible plates, beakers and straws the future of packaging? We tasted them to Celebrity low-carb diets 'take years off your life' Eating a diet low in carbohydrates could mean you die younger, a year study has What's in your stock cube, and what's the best solution?

Stock is often used to add flavour, colour and By eating too late, and snacking before bed, we could be risking our health We've all done it: The best time of day to have your last coffee might surprise you - sleep expert What we eat has a knock-on effect on Seven options per food category, tops seven appetizers, seven entrees, etc.

Up-and-coming Peri Peri restaurant needs a menu with spice | Menu contest

No shame in sticking with what you know, but a well-designed menu might entice you to try something a bit different and a bit more expensive. Some restaurants have lost sight of this rule.

  1. Up-and-coming Peri Peri restaurant needs a menu with spice.
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  3. 8 Psychological Tricks of Restaurant Menus.

And in an industry where repeat customers account for about 70 percent of sales, getting diners to return is the ultimate goal. Including a nice-looking picture alongside a food item increases sales by 30 percent, according to Rapp.

Our Life in 5: Menu planning

Campers who saw the salad photo were up to 70 percent more likely to order a salad for lunch. Of course, you can have too much of a good thing. One way to encourage you to spend more money is by making price tags as inconspicuous as possible. Dotted lines leading from the menu item to its price are a cardinal sin of menu design.