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Because anti-matter electrons moved oppositely to electrons, when the opposing particles met, they seemingly annihilated each other. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. Well, how many of you have ever fallen asleep watching television late at night and when you awoke, you heard the static hushing noise from your television screen?

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The source of the soul proceeds from, and is present in, this vacuum. Some people talk about the Light that is seen at the moment of death and in near-death experiences. From a scientific standpoint, it is difficult to say exactly what is going on. As an example, right now, you have some sense of being present in your body looking out at the world. But according to what we know from physics, this is an illusion of perception: We have the illusion that our human bodies are solid, but they are over If an atom is blown up to the size of an entire football stadium, the dense part of the atom would be comparable to the size of a single grain of rice placed on the 50 yard line.

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Now why is that important? Because in an atom, the nucleus accounts for Atoms are mostly made of space.

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We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. Let me offer a possibility here.

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Though all material objects cannot, by definition, travel faster than the speed of light, there is evidence that the soul, which is non-physical and therefore not confined by movements in the material world, can travel faster than the speed of light. Now this is where it gets really interesting. At the superluminal speed of the soul, we go beyond time and space as we experience it in this physical dimension.

People who come back from a near-death experience describe something like this. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Can this be explained? But why do these particular beings manifest in our consciousness?

Well, I believe these figures are symbolic representations of our spiritual ideals. On a higher level, everyone embodies the archetypal aspects of Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, etc. These archetypes of our ideals heal our sense of soul loss and serve our spiritual revival to help us remember a part of us that we usually forget about in everyday life.

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The physics of the process of experiencing these beings involves an interaction between our soul and our body-mind. Let me offer a speculative but scientifically grounded view of God. First, in speaking about any phenomena, including God, scientists prefer to say that something or someone behaves in this way, or that way, rather than say that something is or someone does this or does that.

So, using this scientific terminology, how does God behave in the universe? Finding out takes the reader on a riveting journey into the depths of the human psyche and to spiritual power points in Medjugorje, Virginia Beach, the Findhorn Community, and the Celtic isle of Iona, where she walks in beauty and the psychic, discovers the science of spirituality, and embarks on her soul's destiny.

The Voice of the Soul: A Journey into Wisdom and the Physics of God

No matter where you are on your journey, you will meet yourself in this universal story of personal transformation and enlightenment. The second half of the book, a selection of the author's beautiful, mystical writings of great wisdom, will resonate with the voice of your soul. Available in soft cover or as an e-book. One prison, four jails, in three different countries no less, and four years later; having been kicked out from the last three countries I had visited; I found myself heading through Europe to the North Sea. The oil rigs beckoned.

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Nothing had been planned to end this way. How I got to this point, is the story. I went to Africa because I didn't know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was a recent college graduate taking advantage of my father's employment. He was a Captain with Pan American Airlines.