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Pieces of relationships and feelings I have felt. Lila is the tougher version of my younger self. I think I am a lone wolf at heart. PN is a metaphor for life. Cres is closely based on friends of mine from high school. It happens as I go along. I just have to be in the Wolf Sirens zone. I channel parts of my life into it. Everything I read or see or hear about is fodder. But those are strong influences. All of those stories and story tellers influenced me.

I am chipping away at Wolf Sirens 5, Dawn in Shade.

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We are almost done. I am also going to extend the short stories that I have written for the anthologies. They have been well received and I would love to take them further, one is about vampirism and the other is about aliens—good looking aliens. The novellas all seem to have my trademark mystery and detail. I do now, though at the same time I know more than ever that that is a hard thing to achieve. I hope to be able to financially support myself on my novels and spend every day doing nothing but writing.

No, I work over them as hard and as much as I can and when they are done, they are done. I cannot go back and read them over once they are out. I am evolving as a writer and I am usually in a different zone once a work is done. I would hate to think that I could make it better, it is what it is. I hope that it is well received; I might rethink my current opinion if it was not.

However I plan the plots in my head long before the words hit the page and long before the public read the pages. So I stand by all twists and turns. I loved the story of Puss in Boots and other fairytales as a small child. I used to beg my parents to read to me. They were so sick of it they bought me books on tape. There is something innate in me.

When I was inline in heaven God handed me a love of words. Writing is my outlet, my art. I do it well, apparently, but it is my least favourite part of the job of telling a story. All my books have a pace all their own. I feel like every with novel in the series the pace increases. I love Colleen Hoover, I love the twist, she excels at good surprises in her stories. Their personality is so well depicted. I also like to take my love of contemporary fiction and inject it into my Paranormal. Books like Atonement and The Book Thief.

Katniss and Lila have similarities— attitude and a bow. I did, necessity is the mother of invention. I have a limited budget and I am a perfectionist, so I worked hard and taught myself how to use photo shop. I am happy with the results. Editing, first and second rounds before I give it to my editor and proof reader. I learnt so much about editing. I was a newb before I started writing the series.

I have learnt about formatting, cover design, computers, facebook, promo, touring and bloggers. I like that saying. Tell your friends how great the book was. The hardest part about being Indie is that I have a small advertising budget. Word of mouth is the best thing you can do for a book and a writer you love. It keeps me in business. I had my back to the audience most of the time because I was so shy!

My daughter thinks I am a bag of laughs and my mother just thinks I am complaining, she frequently scolds me. Yes, beading, walking the dog, soaping and I can cook. Most of my spare time is spent watching movies for inspiration, reading for inspiration and eavesdropping for ideas. I try to soak up art like a sponge. But writing my series is my life, when I am not at work in customer service and more often than not nowadays I am marketing or promoting the series and the anthologies—so I have to squash in spare time. I watched Divergent recently and loved it! They did a good job of keeping it close to the book.

It was a thrill. I love reality talent shows at the moment. I get a kick out of seeing people pursue their passion. The dancers remind me of the wolves in wolf sirens. They are agile and strong and super fit. I have spent the last seven years completing the over 30 subjects required for the advanced diploma whilst working in a health food store. Unlike with writing there were many road blocks and it was a long road but I always finish what I start.

Writing comes naturally to me. I dislike reality; I am only truly at peace when I am creating an alternate world, even one filled with sadness, death and violence. I am the first to admit I am an oddity. Wolf Sirens 5 Dawn in Shade. It is due for release in October. We all relaxed a little as we hit the open countryside but the sky was still buzzing with electrical threads that seemed to culminate around a white sun in a frosty blue sky.

Dillon reached across behind Marcus, and handed me something. I found the pistol and loaded the magazine as I nodded my thanks. As we neared the other boundary of Shade the sky was the same; it cut off our way out of the Valley. Mason got out and tried throwing a rock that dissolved into it. He paced the glowing perimeter. The wounded guy who was already starting to sweat looked at me sullenly like he too might expect me to answer them.

I strode back over to him and shoved the army issue rifle slung on his shoulder into his arms, pointing the muzzle at his chin. That was the cold truth. But maybe you should know something before I leave you for dead. Neither did I look back as I strode down the road. Night would be falling, soon. I needed to find a hiding spot on high ground.

I watched the weaving white blue wavy lines in the sky above the mountains with interest. I was about to head off-road when I heard the familiar whir of the Hummer. I stepped further aside. But they slowed and pulled up. I glanced at Dom. They were lost without me and they knew it.

Things had swung in my favour, only my instincts told me I was better off alone and Dillon might not even have the kind of authority to return my friends, if they were alive. Dom stated his case. He was already turned. I knew what I had to do for Fre. His face was clearer. I lifted my gun to pull the trigger but Mason dived on me and I fell back under the force as the infected soldier leapt, transformed, at Dom. I was winded and I struggled to get up, but all I could see was Lab Coat struggling.

Mason grabbed my arm. He let me up but held me back, firmly. Dom panicked, pushing the body back. Mason let go of me. I struggled for breath as I walked over and shot Marcus in the head point blank. The bullet blew out the back of his skull, the splatter flicked over my face. We were all in a state of shock, breathing heavily, still tense for action as the echo of the shot died down and I dropped the hand that held the pistol.

We also have two miniature black and tan dachshunds. We live in the middle of the woods on a lake which suits my nature.

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The big news is that I have been asked by Siren Publishing to become an exclusive author. And I have accepted. I actually became unemployed last year and thought what the heck. I sat down and wrote a story.

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I then followed the directions for submitting to Siren Publishing. And the rest is history. I was watching the news and saw a house being swept away by a flooding river. I thought about what would happen if there was a group of experts that could come in and help. Rescue for Hire was born. One character was kidnapped and abused. He vowed to never be a victim again, no matter what. He fought against his attacker the whole way. I hope someone reading it in whatever situation they are in, can realize they can fight and not be a victim.

I am working on Lubirea Mia 3. This is about a bigoted lion shifter and a very stubborn human. The readers will get an inside look at the big cat council in this one. Maybe I would explain the epilogue happened 6 months after the original story. Although in the next story it is explained. Samuel braced himself as Simon came toward them, his green eyes glowing. Simon reached out his hands, ready to place them on lubirea mai symbols on their chests. The tips of his fingers were mere millimeters from their skin, when Riley spoke.

The next moment the palms of his hands connected with the blurry scarred lubirea mai symbols on their chests. You are now united, becoming one in heart, soul and body. It is what is and what will be. For eternity and a day. Learn the game of promotion. It takes putting in the time to promote your book and yourself. To meet and why? I would love to meet my grandfather who died when my mother was 2 years old. I feel a connection with him when hearing all the stories about him.

I would love to see and hear how he thinks. He was quite a successful man, but died on July 4 th when he was only If so what is it? Tell us where we can find you on the internet. Ages 15, 11 and 8. I retired as a nurse when my youngest was born. My husband works away from home.

I love discovering new bands. Book 5 here we come. Professionally I started writing about four years ago, but have always found myself writing my feelings and thoughts down. When it was all I could focus on. I had a story I wanted to tell and it had to come out. I prefer to write in first person, present tense. I like to insert myself into the character. I knew I wanted Embrace in the title, that is what I call it when a human is turned to a vampire.

From there I just wrote out lots of combinations and picked what fit. Immortal Embrace seemed perfect for the first book. I would say the main one is being true to yourself. Although the relationships, personalities and bonds are all realistic. Many are actually taken from my own experiences. As I mentioned before, lots of the book is taken from my own experiences. Mostly in the form of personalities and relationships. Every book I read affects me in one way or another. I think as a reader we all take a piece of what we read and keep it inside of us.

Pretty much every book I read. I prefer up and coming, self published, unknown. Doing it for myself is calming, but doing it for others is exhilarating. No, because I did the best I could when I wrote each book. Each one made me a better writer and taught me more. Every good or bad review pushed me further and will continue to do so with my future works.

Hmmm, I actually have so many. They all have different styles and such amazing stories. To always believe in your dreams and not let what others think tear you away from who you truly are. Write, write some more, read, and be kind to others. Most of all though, believe in yourself. Thank you so much for believing in me, my little stories and encouraging and supporting me. It means more than you could ever know. Most of all thank you for being patient in waiting for my next books.

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My kids, I take them to activities and such. I love Italian food, blue and Marianas Trench…. Given that I entered the market initially as a Paranormal Romance author, I have been itching to write another book in this genre. Honestly, I think when I finally saw my book available on Amazon. It was so surreal and yes, I had to take a screenshot of that moment!

The very first book I wrote was Green: A Life Force Novel. It was actually inspired by a dream that I had on January 29, I only know the precise date because I had written the entry down in my dream journal. Palace Hills is my first book released through Limitless Publishing. I actually came up with the premise of the story back in and was inspired by different things going on in my life during that time — crushes, music I listened to, etc.

I tend to write in first person narrative. Though I do have a novel written in third person narrative, I find that I prefer first person both as a reader and a writer. Self-forgiveness is the main theme of my novel. However, Palace Hills is completely fictional. There are so many!

Where do I even begin? We are a close-knit network who is there for one another in all aspects of the literary industry. Thus, I consider all my Limitless Publishing teammates as my mentors. I have been following this series from the start! I am a one-click addict! There are so many new authors that I discover all the time. The list is just insane! I am currently in the process of writing my newest Paranormal Romance; however I am also revising my New Adult book, which I actually had written while in recovery from surgery this past summer.

My friends have supported me throughout this whole venture. My best friend was actually the person who pushed me to finally write Palace Hills as I kept procrastinating on it. Also, my friend Jayne Thurber-Smith is a genius when it comes to editing! At the moment I have a full-time job and moonlight as a writer at night. I do hope that one day I can make this a full-time career. I was always a bookworm so I think my interest in writing was inevitable. The sharp bite of the cold car window did little to snap me out of my melancholic daze.

I pressed my forehead against the glass, ignoring the stray strands of hair that matted against my skin. I gazed out the window and quickly became lost in the scenery around me. The rush of buildings soon turned to trees and subsequently to bland colored houses and power lines. It was like the beginning of a bad fairy tale, yet somehow I knew there would be no happily ever after to my story. It was all happening too fast. I shut my eyes as if to wish everything away. In just two weeks, my life as I knew it changed completely. There had to be a way to get it all back…but how?

My eyelids were shut so tightly, it began to induce a tiny headache. Yet, I knew no matter how hard I prayed, dreamt, or wished, none of them would ever come true. I always scoffed at the name.

The never ending streets of torn up houses and rusted chain link fences looked anything but a palace. I guess the city contractor had a sense of humor, and it was probably needed considering the pathetic state of the neighborhood. At least someone could find the humor in the situation. I know I found none. I tend to get very emotional when I write. I really need to work on it, but at the same time it helps make the scenes more real. I love, love, love Jennifer L. I love how her books leave you hanging off the edge of your seats and I love all the new book boyfriends I get every time I read her stories!

I went to art school for Graphic Design so that really helped out a lot. Palace Hills was designed by the talented people at Redbird Designs and I think they did an excellent job. Nina, the main character in Palace Hills, made some pretty difficult choices in the wake of her situation. It was such a fine line between understanding and anger and I think I succeeded in not crossing it.

I know it sounds silly, but I learned that as a writer I have the ability to touch my readers emotionally. It was very enlightening, humbling and I am awestruck by it. I feel so blessed to have such awesome readers.

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Write your little hearts out! Thank you for all your support. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeves and am a very emotional person. I know people are expecting some deep answer to this, but to be honest I would love to meet a certain group of people.

The Imagibles 2: Snarl the Brave by A.J. Cosmo

Their music speaks to me and has gotten me through many difficult times. I have always wanted to meet them, but alas never could. So if anyone knows them please send them my way! I love sketching, painting and graphic design. And of course I really love reading, but I think writing and reading always go hand in hand J.

I have so many TV shows I love! Just to name a few: Pretty Please Princess Polly by A. Cosmo Goodreads Author , J. Donnelly , Angela Pearson Editor really liked it 4. Snarl the Brave by A. Wally's Talent by A. Bread N' Butter Omnibus: Tales from the Dirty Kitchen by A. Cosmo , Angela Pearson Editor it was amazing 5. Whipsdom by Greta X , Angela Pearson it was amazing 5. The Whipping Post by Angela Pearson did not like it 1.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Imagibles 2 by A. Snarl the Brave by A. Cosmo Goodreads Author ,. Join the Imagibles in their second adventure!

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Snarl the Brave leads the pack as the kids battle a shadowy monster that threatens their neighborhood. Kindle Edition , 45 pages. Published November 7th by Thought Bubble Publishing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Imagibles 2 , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jan 24, Angela Lambkin rated it it was amazing. Are you ready to read this to find out just who is Snarl? What an adventure and mystery ebook this was.

I want to highly recommend this for kids ages with a five star rating for these reasons. I received this ebook for free and and n return for it, here now is my honest review. Apr 27, Barbara Ann rated it really liked it.