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Except that wasn't quite the case After a certain incident, breaking the curse of the Iron Jackal is no longer an option for Frey. Good thing, Crake had a back-up plan. When the Iron Jackal fully materialized, Crake had experimental anti-demon machines ready. Frey, Ugrik and Crake were able to corner the Iron Jackal with these machines, before Frey stabs it with his demon-bound cutlass. Later on, Crake will end up killing 3 demonic Imperators with the help of an amulet he made. Amalicia Thade had been screwed over by Frey twice, but what would lead her to betray the Ketty Jay crew and the Century Knights in an ambush that led to Jez's death?

Amalicia was feeling horny while her new husband was away and wanted Frey to have sex with her, unfortunately Frey couldn't get it up that time. Some of the Century Knights come with fearsome reputations, but their leader Kedmund Drave is especially someone to be scared of in a fight. However, in the process of getting over them, they demonstrate surprising psychological complexity. Fate Worse than Death: The suit of armour actually contains the soul of Crake's niece, whom he murdered after a summoned daemon took over his body.

He managed to attach her soul to the suit of armour, but she only exists in her most basic form, more like a pet than the bright and vibrant little girl she had once been. Also what everyone believes happens when the Manes get a hold of you. The Fellowship Has Ended: At the end of the story, half of the Ketty Jay crew move on. The rest of the crew stay together with ex-pirate queen Trinica joining them and they intend to keep in touch. Initially the Ketty Jay crew have no real connection with each other than having no where else to go.

Some of the members even hated each other, but through their first adventure the team is practically family now. The Friend No One Likes: Pinn is an flatuent idiot who's dangerously clumsy with a gun when he's not flying a fighter plane. No one really likes him on the crew, but they do sometimes miss him whenever he disappears as he's an idiot that everyone can blame.

During a heist against an armoured train, the Ketty Jay crew were given 3 Rattletraps, which were armoured dune buggies with gatling guns. The Rattletrap's gatling guns enabled the crew to successfully raid the train.

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Bess the Golem is a large, powerful and frightening suit of armour. But she's a total sweetheart when she's not being ordered to attack. Bess is a hulking armoured suit that's animated by a sliver of a dead girl's soul. As a golem, Bess is so strong that she can tear through thick, solid steel with ease and hold down packs of demons that have Super Strength.

Later there's an entire army of golems, that wreck what's in their way.

After the Awakeners had created their demonic Imperators, the leaders of the Awakeners also became possessed including the Lord High Cryptographer. Possessed, the Awakeners planned to a demonic invasion of the world.

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Hero of Another Story: The Century Knights are clearly this. They are an law-keeping organization whose each member has a very specific appearance and who all seem to embody the general feel of a pulp adventurer. The entire crew of the Ketty Jay have intricate backstories to explain how they've become who they are.

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One example is Malvery who's a war hero in the 1st War and was awarded one of highest military honours, he never mentions this as he's since become a fat drunk. The Awakeners preach against demonists and often kill them on sight. However it turns out their Imperators are really members who are demonically possessed to get supernatural powers and the Awakeners used early demonist lore to create them.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Darian Frey, he's a selfish dick but there's no doubting he cares about his crew and enough of conscience remains that he will feel guilty if he's in the wrong. Whenever Bess takes to action, expect steel walls to be ripped open and scores of enemies torn to bits while Bess walks through a hail of bullets. Then there's an actual Juggernaut that shows up in Iron Jackal , this is a Godzilla-sized bio-mechanical monster that can breath out a colossal heat ray that tears through city blocks and contemporary armies.

The Ketty Jay just buggers out against it. Kill It with Fire: This happens to Jez in their battle to capture an Imperator. While going berserk, she Flash Step through Awakener bullets, unfortunately one of the assault team had a flamethrower and Jez can't avoid a flaming gas cloud. Getting torched, downed her so the Awakener gave her a second helping The Azryx are a disappeared people that have technology and demonist lore that's centuries or millenniums ahead of their modern-day descendants.

Retribution Falls: Tales of the Ketty Jay

This includes making cities out of ceramic and laser-shooting bio-mechanical monsters. Grayther Crake makes daemon-bound compasses for the crew of the Ketty Jay that always point towards Darian Frey. The Ketty Jay crew has daemon-bound earpieces from Crake that allows them to communicate long distance with each other. The Archduke has daemonists working for him, so his elite Century Knights have their own magical artifacts, for example Kedmund Drave has gauntlets that can catch bullets. Silo is horrified to find that the powerplant of the Azryx city is a machine that's partially coated in beating pseudo-heart tissue.

Almost all of the Ketty Jay crew are given medals by the Archduke at an award ceremony for their heroics in the battle of Thesk, Frey didn't get one as it'd be too awkward politically he once killed the Archduke's son and neither did Ashua though she did get a pardon for treason.

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In the final book, the last battle was initially between the Awakeners and the Coalition. Then the Awakeners's ally, the Samarlans come and betray them - intending to kill both sides. Then the Manes have been summoned and smash into the Samarlan fleet from behind More Deadly Than the Male: But when a hot tip on a cargo frieghter loaded with valuables goes wrong, and Frey is framed for murder, they find themselves being chased by both government forces and bounty hunters hired to take him down. Can Frey become a true leader and will his crew learn how to pull together as a team?

This action-packed story blends old-fashioned pirate adventure with a gripping science fiction novel set in an intriguing retro-futuristic world. Chris Wooding's writing is excellent, his characters are rounded individuals - and it's great fun too. Chris Wooding grew up in a small town in the Midlands, where nothing very interesting happened. So he started to write. His first book contract was signed at age nineteen. By the time he left university he was working as a full time author and has been writing professionally ever since. He is now the author of a number of books for adults and young people and has been translated into over twenty languages.

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Retribution Falls – Chris Wooding

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