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Spanning through , Our Story is a tales of enduring love and simple values that is at once tragic and inspiring: With gorgeous full-color illustrations throughout, and a distinctive exposed spine emulating the original Chinese design. He lives in Shanghai, China.

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Translated from the Chinese by Nicky Harman. The story is driven by rich memories of everyday life. A graceful, gently told narrative of contentment and resilience. About Our Story Begun by the author when he was eighty-seven years old and mourning the loss of his wife, Our Story is a graphic memoir like no other: Inspired by Your Browsing History.

A Memoir of Love and Life in China

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The Seven Deadly Sins: A little girl so innocent, so vulnerable and so small. Our little girl, taken from us within the blink of an eye.


Everyone who knows Amy and I knew that we so desperately wanted a baby girl, but as long as the baby was healthy we would be happy. We used to imagine what our lives would be like and the fun and games that we would play with Alfie.

A story for every child. A reflection of every community.

Alfie would be a big brother that would look after her and protect her throughout school and as she grew older. Throughout my life I dreamed of being able to walk my daughter down the aisle to a man that loved her as much as I would but sadly I will not be able to do this. That is why it was important to me to carry Lily Mae into the church; The hardest thing that I have and will ever have to do in my life. In such a short space of time Lily Mae was able to touch so many lives.

The moments that Amy and I had with her will be cherished forever.