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Hobbits are still shown as mischief-making and fun-loving and weed-smoking.

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Lust for power is said to be a particular flaw in the race called "Man," though the long-lost King Aragorn is one noble warrior who does not succumb. Strong female characters are not too prominent in the Tolkien novel but get represented here even if they are Elves, not humans. Death and attempted murder by arrows and swords, including the agonizing killing of one character in a pincushion of arrows.

People fall from great heights. Wizards batter each other bloody with invisible forces. A toothy, squid-like creature tries to eat the heroes. Supernatural creatures set on fire, impaled, decapitated and dismembered. Lots of gnarled skeletons and bodies showing signs of violent death. Topless female nude statuary is a barely noticed background feature of the architecture of Rivendell, the village of Elves. Hard to ignore the original Tolkien books , not to mention a plethora of video games, movie tie-in action figures, role-playing games, plus the movie sequels and other existing adaptations.

Gandalf and Hobbits smoke "pipeweed," a clearly enjoyable experience that makes playful smoke rings and figures. Drinking of vintage wine-like beverages, talk of beer. Parents need to know that The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is a classic fantasy that's full of violence and danger, including death.

Horrific medieval-esque creatures kill, mostly with arrows and swords. More often, though, they get impaled, decapitated, dismemebered themselves.

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Middle-Earth characters drink beverages that are akin to wine and beer and smoke something called "pipeweed. Add your rating See all 47 parent reviews. Add your rating See all kid reviews. A great wizard called Gandalf Ian McKellen has told him that the ring can be the source of great evil. But, of course, this makes it highly sought after by all kinds of scary folks, so Frodo is in for more than his share of thrilling and terrifying adventures.

He bands together with heroes from all around Middle Earth to travel to the evil land of Mordor to destroy the ring. Somewhere, there are future Hollywood directors who will tell magazine feature writers that they first decided to make movies as they watched this film; it's that good.

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The Lord of the Rings: And it's a story that invites us into a fully realized world with many different civilizations, all so thoroughly imagined that we don't only believe that they each have complete languages, but that they have dictionaries, histories, mythologies, schools, music, and poetry. Peter Jackson , who directed and co-wrote the script, has created a movie that seems astonishingly inventive and new and at the same time somehow seems as though it always existed inside us.

Every detail, from the tiniest plant to the hugest battle, is exactly, satisfyingly right. The bad guys, all thundering hooves and billowing capes, seem to have come from the core of every nightmare since the world began. All three movies in the series were shot at once, so his singular vision can carry us through to the end.

A couple of caveats -- like Harry Potter , Frodo is a character who is more interesting on the page, where we can share his thoughts, than in a movie, where he is primarily called upon to look amazed, scared, or sad. And like Harry Potter, there were benefits to producing a series of films at the same time continuity, commitment to getting all of the details right , but some drawbacks, too. So, we get glimpses of people who will be important later but now are somewhere between placeholders and distractions. Families can talk about why only Frodo seems immune to the ring's power to corrupt even honorable, wise, and powerful people in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring demonstrate teamwork , perseverance , and courage?

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The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Age-by-Age Guide

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Column 4 Our impact report: How Tech Is Changing Childhood. Want personalized picks that fit your family? Set preferences to see our top age-appropriate picks for your kids. The Fellowship of the Ring. Fabulous, but also violent and scary. PG minutes. Sign in or join to save for later. Another structural change is that the Hobbits meet Gandalf the White early on, explaining why the Hobbits do not react to his return when they meet him again following Isengard's destruction.

This was explained in the book by Gandalf arriving at Isengard in the middle of the night to talk to Treebeard.

The filmmakers' decision to leave Shelob for the third film meant that Faramir had to become an obstacle for Frodo and Sam. In the film, Faramir first decides that the Ring shall go to Gondor and his father Denethor , as a way to prove his worth. Jackson winks to readers with Sam's line, "By all rights we shouldn't even be here, but we are. These changes reshape the book's contrast between Faramir and Boromir, who in The Fellowship of the Ring attempted to take the Ring for himself.

On the other hand, which can be seen only in the film's extended version , it is actually their father who wants the Ring and urges Boromir to get it, while Faramir only wants to prove himself to his father. Boyens contends these plot changes were needed to keep the Ring menacing.

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Wenham commented on the DVD documentaries that he had not read the book prior to reading the script, so the film's version of Faramir was the Faramir he knew. When he later read the book and noticed the major difference, he approached the writers about it, and they explained to him that if he did say "I wouldn't pick that thing up even if it lay by the wayside", it would basically strip the One Ring of all corruptive power. The meaning of the title itself, 'The Two Towers', was changed.

While Tolkien considered several possible sets of towers [17] he eventually created a final cover illustration [18] and wrote a note included at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring which identified them as Minas Morgul and Orthanc. The film depicted Saruman openly presenting himself outright as Sauron's servant, whereas this association was not explicitly stated in the novel and indeed analysis by Gandalf and Aragorn in the chapter "The White Rider" stated that there was a rivalry instead, as Saruman was afraid of the prospect of being at war with Sauron, if Rohan and Gondor fell.

When Alan Lee joined the project in late , Helm's Deep was the first structure he was tasked to design. It was primarily drawn from an illustration Lee had once done for the book, though fellow illustrator and designer John Howe suggested a curved wall.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring DVD Review

Used in the film for longshots, Jackson also used this miniature to plan the battle with 40, toy soldiers. As a pivotal part of the story, Helm's Deep was built at Dry Creek Quarry with the Gate, a ramp, and a wall with a removable section and the tower on a second level.

Most importantly, there was the 1: It was used for forced perspective shots, [21] as well as the major explosion sequence. The film explores the armies of Middle-earth. John Howe was the basic designer of the forces of evil. The Uruk-hai were the first army approved by Jackson, and Howe also designed a special crossbow for the characters, one without the redundancy of opening to reload, the realisation of a 15th-century manuscript. Also created were Elven suits of armour, with emphasis on Autumnal colours due to the theme of Elves leaving Middle-earth.

The Rohan designs were based on Germanic and Anglo-Saxon patterns. Most of the weapons were designed by John Howe, and forged by Peter Lyon. Each sword took 3—6 days to make.

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The Rohirrim's capital of Edoras took six months to build on Mount Sunday, with thatched roofs, but that was simply the exterior: Dourif shaved off his eyebrows and put potato flakes as dandruff in his hair for unnerving effect. The film also provides a look at Mordor and Gondor, in terms of Frodo and Sam's story. He and Lee fully created the Black Gate though a typo in the script made the miniature into two [20] and Osgiliath, the ruined city reflecting London during the Blitz or Berlin in Mortensen broke two toes when he kicked an Orc helmet upon finding the remains of the Uruk-hai and believing Merry and Pippin to be dead; this take is the one in the finished film.

Bloom fell off his horse and cracked three ribs, whilst Beattie dislocated his knee. Because of these injuries the actors suffered two days in pain during the running sequence leading Jackson to jokingly refer to them as "The Walking Wounded. Afterwards, they went on for three months filming the Battle of Helm's Deep.

John Mahaffie handled most of the night shoots. Mortensen got his tooth chipped during the nightshoots, and Bernard Hill also got his ear slashed. Wood and Astin were joined by Serkis on 13 April Weta began animating Gollum in late to convince New Line they could achieve the effect. Andy Serkis "played" Gollum by providing his voice and movements on set, as well as performing within the motion capture suit later on.

His scenes were filmed twice, with and without him. Originally, Gollum was set to solely be a CG character, but Jackson was so impressed by Serkis' audition tape that they used him on set as well. The original model can still be glimpsed briefly in the first film. Over Christmas , the crew proceeded to reanimate all the previous shots accordingly within two months.

Another problem was that the crew realised that the cast performed better in the takes which physically included Serkis. In the end, the CG Gollum was rotoscoped and animated on top of these scenes. Serkis' motion capture was generally used to animate Gollum's body, except for some difficult shots such as him crawling upside down. Gollum's face was animated manually, often using recordings of Serkis as a guide.

Gino Acevedo supervised realistic skin tones, which took four hours per frame to render. While the novel alludes to a division within his mind, the film depicts him as having a split personality. The two personalities talk to each other, as established by contrasting camera angles and by Serkis altering his voice and physicality for each persona. Treebeard took between 28 and 48 hours per frame to render.

Weta took urethane moulds of tree bark and applied them to the sculpt of Treebeard to create his wooden skin. Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd sat on bicycle seats concealed into Treebeard's hands to avoid discomfort and were left alone on set sitting in the puppet's hands during breaks. The puppet was shot against bluescreen. The musical score for The Two Towers was composed, orchestrated, and conducted by Howard Shore , who also composed the music for the other two films in the series.

While the scores for its predecessor and sequel won the Academy Award for Best Score, the soundtrack for The Two Towers was not nominated. Initially there was confusion over the score's eligibility due to a new rule applying to sequels, but the Academy did declare it eligible. The soundtrack was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. The soundtrack has a picture of Peter Jackson barefoot , the composer, and two producers crossing Abbey Road , referencing The Beatles ' album of the same name.

The date was originally intended to be a simultaneous worldwide release, but due to a Bank holiday weekend in the United Kingdom, some British stores began selling DVDs as much as four days earlier, much to the ire of the film's UK distributor, which had threatened to withhold advance supplies of subsequent DVD releases. The runtime expanded to minutes.

The set included both the film's theatrical and extended editions on a double-sided disc along with all-new bonus material. The Two Towers opened in theatres on 18 December The site's main consensus reads, " The Two Towers balances spectacular action with emotional storytelling, leaving audiences both wholly satisfied and eager for the final chapter".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the live-action film. For the book from which it was adapted, see The Two Towers. For other uses, see The Two Towers disambiguation. Osborne Fran Walsh Peter Jackson. New Zealand [2] United States [3] [4] [5]. Cast of The Lord of the Rings film series. Production design of The Lord of the Rings film series. The Two Towers Soundtrack.

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Artist and Illustrator , Boston: How we made Movie Magic.