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In the process of looking for him Amos visits some clubs and jazz collectors where he listens to records Favor played on, finds one young musician who has deified Favor and learned to play all of his recordings note for note.

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I particularly liked the second plot thread that involves police lieutenant John Alderyce. When the book opens Alderyce is on leave from the Detroit police department. His wife as left him and Amos visits him at home where Alderyce is trying to drink his way through then cases of beer. During the book I learned that Alderyce and Walker grew up together. In this book we get to see the two men away from the office where they open I found the third plot thread the least interesting.

Lady Yesterday (Amos Walker, #7) by Loren D. Estleman

In it Sam Mozo, a Colombian drug smuggler, who is rising in the Detroit criminal world comes to play. A few years earlier Mozo hired Irene to marry him while she was still a prostitute. Based on this marriage of convenience he was able to wrangle US citizenship.

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The federal officials would like to deport Mozo because of his drug activities. Meanwhile Frankie Arcado, a small-time current Italian criminal boss in Detroit is trying to kill Mozo because he believes Mozo killed his missing father. I found this thread to be the most predictable and the least interesting of the three.

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I would liked to have seen all three plots fleshed out a little bit. I enjoyed it but would have enjoyed it more if there had been more to it. I feel like I was reading a book that needed one more draft. In this case I learned that not enough work had been done either in the cover design or in the novel.

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The site is not responsible for the mistakes made. It's shorter than other books in the series and while reading it I found I missed the extra fifty or so pages the volume lacked agree? Price To Buy or Not to Buy? Have a rest Consumer game Request review Is your opinion valuable?

Estleman As those of you who have been reading my reviews lately know, I discovered the writings of Loren D. When Dante is arrested for the murder, Walker finds himself again in Helen's employ. Walker interviews Holly Zacharias, a college student who was the last person to see Marcus alive. But, if Marcus is dead, and Dante is his killer, then who is shooting at Walker and Holly? Amos Walker is at low ebb.

Just released from a rehab clinic, the Detroit private detective has to marshal his energies to help solve a murder in Iroquois Heights, his least favorite town. Amos Walker doesn't mean to walk into trouble. But sometimes it finds him, regardless. The missing woman has left a handwritten note that said, "Don't look for me.

Walker is hired by his old friend, Detroit Police Inspector John Alderdyce, to get his son's brother-in-law out of a Mexican street gang.

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This, the 20th novel in the series, marked 30 years since Amos Walker was introduced to the world! Starred review from Publishers Weekly. Michael Seidman quoted the opening as an example of the best way to open a book in Living the Dream, a textbook for writers. Shamus Award for best Private Eye Novel. Byron Preiss Visual Publications.