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I'm updating now when I should be sleeping! This is going out to the readers that have stuck with me! I just wanted to share a few quotes that I thought were pretty inspirational! They're all from Finding Fate. You need to read Finding Fate to understand these quotes. I came up with these quotes by myself so beware. These are not inspirational never mind Also, you with your Aqua eyes is just the beginning. Emily is also one of the chosen ones. Why do you lie to your mate?

Accepted Fate

The Beta is coming to side with our pack, they want me back with them Nick, and I don't wanna let you go. I don't care if you don't agree.

I almost lost my little sister. So you don't like then screw the hell off. Well written, chaotic, yet romantic, she has created a firm foundation for this series for anyone who loves to have to think about what they are reading, instead of having it spoon fed. I received a review copy from Sarah J. Pepper in exchange for my honest review. October 5, Publisher: YA Paranormal romance Print Length: I mean, the start of the book was already sooo good! Pepper the author wrote such a Detailed Review: Pepper the author wrote such an excellent plot that practically the book was brimming with excitement that made you go At first, I was genuinely surprised by her bestfriend's boyfriend, Ryker.

Gwyneth's bestfriend, Bree is a really good friend and at the same she had the really opposite boyfriend of herself. Ryker is totally mean, hateful towards Gwyneth and a total bleh to everyone. The characters were written quite well with detailed descriptions that 'frame' each character wonderfully. You'll definitely enjoy this book once you get a taste of it! She's strong but she's more than a typical normal teenage girl - actually - there's more to this dark tale and under that pure blond hair of hers.

Once she meets Jace, can she get enough of him or is this the start of upside-down relationship? When he meets Gwyneth, everything he's ever known is just blown away. They're both drawn together like gravity as the relationship blossoms, who knows who will kill each other first? A story of Goddesses and ageless Hunters like in summary, a world filled with the unknown is a dangerous place for Gwyneth.

Hunted down and found, the question is; what can Gwyneth do to stop this madness? To end this battle that has been brewing before her time? I guarantee you'll fall in love with this book! Pepper has developed and created a story surrounding the world where a girl is someone she never knew before, a life that has been shadowed, enemies at your every turn, this book has a delicious ending and twist that will make you want MORE! Forgotten by Sarah J. Pepper is an author who has created a world where the unknown is sweetly dangerous with twists and a secret hush between the past and present, this book will NOT disappoint you.

Forgotten was a great start to The Fate Trilogy. I found myself devouring this book in 6 hours and instantly wanted to know more. The characters were engaging and their interactions were realistic and left me feeling intrigued. I enjoyed the mythology put into the world of the novel and of course enjoyed the spice thrown in during the yearning young adult romance.

Of course the concept of old souls along with the danger and betrayal. Of course the angst of youth and the sheer stubbornness of Winn Forgotten was a great start to The Fate Trilogy. Of course the angst of youth and the sheer stubbornness of Winnie our leading lady made me want to shake her and say wake up! But that's a sign of a good book. I developed feelings for the characters and enjoyed the book in general. My only complaint is that I instantly wanted more and have to wait for another chunk of hours to read the second installment in the trilogy.

Jul 13, Felicia rated it really liked it. Please give this book a chance. It was hard for me to understand what was going on at the beginning because it was hard to determine what was real and what wasn't but once I pushed myself to continue reading, it became a beautiful story.

I truly felt the emotions in this book. I was there, feeling them as Gwyneth was feeling them. The story unfolds and you finally start to understand everything that was going on in the beginning and you just can't stop reading. The only reason why I gave it a 4 Please give this book a chance. The only reason why I gave it a 4 and not a 5 is because of my initial confusion. I am sure that if I were to go back and reread this, it would all flow nicely and be a lot easier to get through. But please don't get discouraged initially because the rest of the book is definitely worth the read.

This review is also available at: The Not-So-Literary Heiresses 3. I was curious how an author would handle the subject of a disability that, in my opinion, is just so consuming.

Finding Fate by A.M. Jensen

Pepper warned me that she was slightly evil in writing the book and it would leave me with a lot of questions for a good part of it. I'm not sure if she warne This review is also available at: I'm not sure if she warned me because of my not-so-happy review of the last book I've read that was confusing as hell but she really didn't have anything to worry about. Although I had a lot of questions, I really liked and empathized with the protagonist.

Enough to keep me from getting too frustrated with all the mystery hanging about. The doctors say it's some kind of coping mechanism. She doesn't live in total darkness but rather in blurry shades of grey. That changes when she meets Jace who is blindingly white, instead of the dark grey shadows she's used to seeing. Despite her disability, she's independent and a bit stubborn. I like the fact that her being legally blind doesn't stop her from living her life; like hanging out with her best friend along with her hateful boyfriend and practicing self-defense in the local gym.

She's also blessed with foster parents who love her and treat her like their own and because of that we were free to focus on her inner turmoil about her tragic past and Jace's sudden appearance in her life. From the very beginning, we know that Jace isn't normal. He is able to talk in a strange foreign language and Gwyneth can't seem to stop having adverse reactions to him whenever he's near. He's also convinced that there's more to her than meets the eye. He's made it his life's mission to pursue her and make her remember a past life she supposedly had. Convinced that he is dangerous and possibly crazy, she tries to stay away from him but he perseveres.

He even infiltrates her dreams, although her reactions to him there are far more honest and forthcoming. Jace is definitely mysterious and full of secrets but it is clear that he has eyes only for Winnie and he's very vocal about his intentions towards her. Perhaps my one frustration with Winnie's character is that she's a little bit too stubborn sometimes. I mean, the guy obviously cares for her and again, he has secrets but jeez There are a few mysteries afloat and I really enjoyed uncovering them.

I'm not going to lie, it is one of those books that's very vague at the beginning with its timeline and storytelling, but I think the characters we meet and the history that we unravel is interesting enough to enjoy the book despite its vagueness. Combining classic mythology, intrigue, and murder with a paranormal twist, Forgotten is a great start for a trilogy. Alas, it does end with a cliffhanger but I enjoyed it enough to continue on with the series. A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Omg this book killed me so many times while I read it. Utterly amazing and mesmerising D Review to come soon! Ebook copy provided by author via Goodreads. Not only with the blurb, but the trailer which finished winning me over and making me forget any other doubt of readi Omg this book killed me so many times while I read it.

Not only with the blurb, but the trailer which finished winning me over and making me forget any other doubt of reading this. In this story, we are met with Gwyneth, this unusual blind person, making her only see blurry shadows of those around her. But she knows what's fiery red, sky-blue, and brilliant yellow because of visions she has of her "future".

Her life consisted of surviving each day with these visions of a not-so-happy future, the memory of a family she never got to know, and her blindness. She had accepted all this. Until Jace gets in the picture, claiming to know who she is, from where she comes, and a way to make her see the splendor of the world again. In this story we have a lot of twist, among the characters and the myth in it. We encounter these deities and the most important characters here, the fates.

I loved how the author described them. The common Greek myth describes them as being ugly and that stuff, while here we don't. I love the fates because they are somewhat victims of their own "gift". And here I see something of that, which I loved. There aren't any mentions of the usual Greek gods, other than the fates, and these deities completely made up by the author, as far as I know. I loved how Gwyneth was, how she didn't want to fall for oh-so-swoonworthy Jace. I did in the first chapter. She's strong even with her discapacity and life situation.

We see her character grow as she discovers why she's the ways he is and starts to accept her destiny, even when she has so many other problems to deal with. She was a believable character, not only a cardboard one. If charisma, raw hunger, and undying lust could be wrapped up into one hot package, it'd be called 'Jace'. He's so positive, supporting, and understanding towards Gwyneth even when she pushes him away. There are times when he just explodes and leave, but anyone would react that way, which makes me like him more.

And the guy that makes as him on the back cover of the book and the trailer And the other character are so full of personalities, detailed in a way that makes you think of real people, that you know them and know what they're capable of doing, or in some cases, deceive you. The story makes you think that even with the bad things, something good must happen.

That there are second chances for everyone to make things up and right. It made me think a lot on how we have to learn to trust even when we don't. Trust is earned, but we also have to give it to receive it. And how with sad things, we can learn to appreciate the bliss of the happy things. It's so full of romance, hope, vengeance, hate, action, it has it all wrapped up in unfortunately pages.

Fate & Fire: Mystic Harem Trilogy Book Two

It'll make your heart ache from the first chapter. An utterly mesmerizing and compelling read. Some of my favorite quotes: Lies weren't always easy to live, but they were tempting to hide in. You can't truly experience one to its fullest potential without surviving the other.

You can't experience love without understanding hate. Mar 25, Snuggles with Rainbows rated it liked it Shelves: Reading this book was so much fun! Hang tight guys, there will be more quotes on this matter. Slow Start While the story is quite gripping, it takes a while to gain some steam. Things started ge Reading this book was so much fun! Things started getting super interesting a little after the halfway mark, which is late for me in a novel.

All the clues were laid out in the first half; I was just getting antsy to learn the suspense. It was getting super annoying that I had to wait for a good pages before some of the unveiling began of course this annoyance was nothing compared to the Hotness of Jace. Anyway, part of me has to ask the question whether this story could have been told in lesser amount of pages.

Blindness I would like to hand it to Pepper for accurately describing such a difficult condition. Most people cannot adequately describe this phenomenon in movies or even to one another let alone write about it in a novel. The way Gwyneth sees the people around her and the world is so different from the way anyone normal would view it. It is astonishing how incredibly well Pepper captured that essence.

Jace Eatros Come on, you saw this coming! The chemistry between him and Gwyneth is unbelievable and makes me want to be her so bad regardless of her tragic history. So, it did kind of upset me that Gwyneth was pushing Jace away so much…but I guess it makes for a spicy tale to tell. I recommend this read for anyone looking for something fun, with a fantasy twist and who love cutastic boys.

The character of Jace alone is enough to warrant a read. I would like to thank the author for hooking me up with this ARC to review. The fun doesn't stop here. Check out Rainbows and Books Aug 22, Nicole the Reading Ninja rated it it was amazing Shelves: The best way to explain Forgotten, is if Phenomenal and Epic got together, had an extremely steamy night of passion and then weeks later Forgotten was born.

Corny - I know, but oh my fricken god this book is, I could not put down Forgotten once I started. I had to feed and put my child and husband to bed but even then, my head was still in the story. I tried to go to bed and after 30 seconds lecturing myself on the importance of a full night's rest, I knew sleep was futile until I finished The best way to explain Forgotten, is if Phenomenal and Epic got together, had an extremely steamy night of passion and then weeks later Forgotten was born.

I tried to go to bed and after 30 seconds lecturing myself on the importance of a full night's rest, I knew sleep was futile until I finished this book. The only issue I had and it wasn't really an issue, I was just sort of confused in the beginning with the italic parts.

I didn't feel like it made the story a deal breaker, obviously - if anything it made me want to understand the meaning behind them more. I just wanted to put it out there, that if you're confused or lost, you will understand later. Also, I should warn you about the I'm not one handle fictional frustration of the sexual nature well. That sounds bad but in cases where the character or characters fight the attraction, I'm internally screaming "Just do it already!

With this book though, I thought it was well done. Either way, this novel rocked. I recently read a pretty well known author's book about something similar and while I enjoyed that author's work, this is just so much better.

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So Forgotten, you earned it, excuse me while I I'm off to read then next one. I almost forgot something important, the overall conflict of this book is resolved, but the bigger main conflict is left opened. I don't want to say its a cliffhanger, because I don't feel like it was. Hmm how do I put this, I'm pleased with where the book was left versus wanting to slam my head into a wall over and over again. You are left waiting the rest of the story but not so much so that you wanna strangle something in the mean time.

I highly recommend this book. Jul 26, Jovhanna rated it it was amazing. Makes me connect with the character, because that how Gwyneth felt, her life was changing and she could not comprehend why. Of course she has great company to help her; Jace he confused me so much. Which was what Gwyneth felt; even without the past she lived through in this life. All answers are answered in the end where everything finally comes together.

I am so impressed with the author; she came up with this completely new story that does not compare to any other. How she wrote the story was great because Gwyneth kept having visions and dreams, that were colliding with the really of her life and she could not understand what happen. Her past made her fight, and that what I enjoy with Gwyneth she is strong for herself, I love strong characters.

See a Problem?

Lets not forget Jace, he so confusing, but so persistently crazy it comes off just so sweet, because you can tell how he much cares. The other characters are great to because they fit perfectly to the story being told but also help express better the story give it more depth. I just loved this book it was an amazing surprise.

The author took me on a new adventure with her story. Just so fresh and new that I was pulled me right in from the beginning wanting to figure out what was happening. I give this book five huge stars, was just so unique and epic, wow. So, if you are looking for something totally new and love paranormal this book is for you; without a doubt.

You will so entertain; there is humor, romance, mystery, adventure, and action all packed in this amazing read. Cannot wait to read the second book this trilogy so anxious to start and continue reading this amazing, unique world the author created. Apr 20, Heather Alexander rated it really liked it.

I was given this book in return for an honest review. I'm going to keep my synopsis short on this book, if I get to into it, I will give everything away. Gwyneth was an infant when her family was murdered. As a result of the mental trauma, she lost her sight. She lives with a wonderful couple and tries to lead a normal life. Then everything changes with the arrival of the mysterious Jace. She sees him as a bright burning light and it makes her physically ill. He won't leave her alone, he shows u I was given this book in return for an honest review. He won't leave her alone, he shows up everywhere and insists on being near her.

Over time, the physical side affects dim somewhat and Jace begins to tell her of a past she has no memory of. Can she believe what he is saying? She has no one she can talk to about it, nobody would believe her anyway. She has her best friend and her close boxing buddy, but that's about it and she thinks she may be going crazy, and is sure they would think so as well.

It doesn't help that she's having visions on top of all the other weird stuff going on around her. He makes her nervous and excited at the same time. In the end, she will have to trust somebody, but will she make the right choice? Her choice ultimately will have the fate of an entire race hanging in the balance.

Want a taste of Jace?? His voice tasted like syrup on my tongue, but his lips never moved. This book was refreshingly different, I love when I read something new and not like all the other books. There is a lot of tension between Jace and Winnie, it is palpable through the entire book.

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This was a very original story line and I enjoyed trying to figure out what the heck was going on. There is a lot of intricacies to this story and it's background. The paranormal elements are super cool but you really need to pay attention to the story and the visions or you will have to backtrack to understand what is going on.

The only complaint I have is that it did get a bit dragged out in the middle of the story, but that's it. Jan 24, Inna rated it liked it Shelves: Reviewed by Inna This book had potential to be amazing, but it fell somewhat flat on the carry out. Gwyneth a living s semi-normal life with her foster parents. She can only see outlines of gray, until she meets Jace.

He is a bright white spot in a world of grey. It's just too bad her makes her nauseous, clammy, tired and well just sick. And he also makes her want to kill him as soon as he opens his mouth. And then there's that part of her that wants to kiss him like he's a missing Reviewed by Inna This book had potential to be amazing, but it fell somewhat flat on the carry out.

And then there's that part of her that wants to kiss him like he's a missing part of her soul despite the other two. I like how the author describes Gwenyth's vision. I could actually understand and see how she things so that part was great. Jace was the best part of the whole novel. His attitude and comments made me want to slap However, I don't really understand what he is and that's my one big issue with this book, it left me so confused. Why is Jace working for Anelee if she basically killed the person he loved a few lifetimes ago and then stole something that was so important to her?

And I know I'm talking in riddles but I don't want spoilers. Then, why does Analee need Deino? I mean she already tortured and killed her once. Also the whole Marco thing? I just didn't understand anything that was happening towards the end of the book. I actually checked to see if my kindle was missing parts because like a really major event would happen and then it would just be overlooked and not explained. Like towards the end, Analee should want to kill Gwyneth and yet that part was never addressed. I don't know maybe my Kindle was spazzing because I swear this left me so confused about the whole deity and Fates world.

Sep 05, Maggielou rated it really liked it. I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest, spoiler free opinion. And Forgotten was so unique. I will start off with Gwyneth. When she was a child she witnessed her family being murdered and due to the trauma she was diagnosed to be legally blind, though she can see in different shades of gray. Pepper did a really good job with describing the everyday life of someone with such a difficult condition.

Gwyneth lives with a I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest, spoiler free opinion. Gwyneth lives with a loving foster family and tries to have as normal a life that she can. But normal is underrated. She believes herself to be clairvoyant, having dreams that she thinks are scenes of her future.

But then her life changes when Jace forces himself into her life. Though she is drawn to him for reasons she does not know or understand she tries to stay away from him. Jace is a mysterious boy. And I imagine him to be beyond gorgeous!!! At first I found that he talked in riddles as he was trying to get Gwyneth to trust him and to divulge too much information would put her in danger. But he has to heal her and help her remember the life she has forgotten, the love she has forgotten. And the journey getting there was captivating. I am not going to lie there were some parts that kept me confused however, in the end everything came together.

Forgotten has a lot of twist between the characters. Will the visions from her past affect the present? I prefer to envision them as being beautiful than how common Greek mythology describes them to be ugly. This book is packed with love, hate, vengeance, action and best of all hope! I would recommend this to any paranormal romance fan. I myself can't wait to read the rest in the series. Jun 01, Kayla M rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed the plot and story of this book.

I'll admit it was hard to understand and keep up with what was going on though. When Winnie had her visions I had a very hard time understanding what was happening and who was who. Towards the end it made a lot more sense to me. I think I will re read the book so it will make sense to me now that I've I enjoyed the plot and story of this book. I think I will re read the book so it will make sense to me now that I've finished it. Also I wasn't too keen on how slow the book was. I just wanted Winnie to remember who she was and who Jace was to her. This is not the authors fault, but my own.