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So what do you get when you take an amateur photographer and give him….

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The AHR Expo was a welcomed event after not going for something like…. Its been a difficulty of mine to keep up with all the emails that…. Pneumatics have been successfully utilized for decades in many mechanical control environments with some…. In thousands of buildings across the United States the one system that could impact…. Manufacturing has infinitely more complex automation when compared to building automation.

Here is a quick and easy tip for when you are mounting ANY damper actuator, not just Belimo Actuators… yet most installers never do it. If you follow this super easy step you will help assure a good tight seal on your automated dampers in the closed position. I even made it easy to learn with a nice, clean online training video using one of my new Christmas Toys.

If you are taking the time to follow this procedure, I guarantee, you will be paying more attention to other tasks such as:. In some other videos I will go in more detail on each one of the above issues because they are pretty common and are easy mistakes to make when you are doing a full install with multiple dampers back to back or if you only got one to do, but you have to keep paying attention to what your helper is trying to crack open with your Channel-Locks. Great video, I always love learning about how contractors install devices and you are spot on about your damper position explanation.

From my standpoint the most important part about the positive shut-off on the damper is to prevent freezing conditions at the unit or sub-cooling a space. A little leak overnight can freeze a coil. Thanks for the comment Matt. It is great to hear and understand both sides of the conversation between engineer and his intentions, as well as contractor and his interpretation.

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Abel I sent a message to you. Now, I saw your video and was very proud to contact you. I would like to contact you, but need your permission. Very Useful video,Thanks, MR.

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Chris Eichmann from Johnson Controls. I had a chance to sit down and talk with the ever impressive Chris Eichmann from Johnson Controls.

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Find out what Chris had to say about how Johnson Controls is adding even more to their value proposition, a special Johnson Controls Event for , and what makes the Johnson people and products such compelling choices for the ControlTrends Awards. The first thing that happens when you make a mistake is that your mind wants to lay blame — on someone else!

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How does your business stay relevant in a world where customers have so many choices? Marshall was kind enough to let us film six of his key principals for being successful. This video is the first of six videos that we posted on ControlTrends. Many thanks to Marshall , who is one of the truly great business teachers of our time, for sharing six success secrets, from his course The Future of Business. Mentored by [Read more…]. Many thanks to Marshall Thurber , one of the truly great business teachers of our time, for sharing six success secrets, from his course The Future of Business.

Edwards Deming and Buckminster Fuller, Marshall offers a unique and important perspective on how to be successful in business in todays dynamic environment.

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How to turn your customers into your best sales people. In part 1 of 6 learn how to deal with breakdowns by focusing on the System.