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Undying Light: Charles Bane, Jr. Reads His Poetry

Ill, his letters sputtered and stopped. I gathered our letters into a manuscript, annotated and with an introduction and donated it to The Paris Review.

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I received a handsome letter of thanks. My first day of normalcy after a week of serious illness.

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Thank you for your kind words about my work in your last letter. Alas, I do not read Hebrew.

Undying Light: Chares Bane Jr. Reads - Come Si Dice

Stone in an interview when he was in his eighties, discussing his delight in learning Greek when he was retired. The narrative is raw, tribal, and unaccountably moving. But it is not the King James, which I keep by my bed to reassure myself that miracles take place in poetry and that genius is always new under the sun. I preserve our letters and their camaraderie.

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  5. When I go to my desk to write, I say to myself, I have a friend who searches out the best and is persuaded that everything that is beautiful is of a common thing and, wrested alone by artists, is borne in flocks. A late June night in Florida is like every other month of the year, except that the poinciana trees are in bloom for these weeks only and the grass below them is red and bright yellow. If the Florida resident wants changes of season, he or she must make them up and pretend that the Royal Palm trees brought from Hawaii where they grow as tall as buildings are oak or maple in the season they are remembering.

    For the rest, the year here is not of season, but of tide.

    Charles Bane, Jr.

    At low tide on the Intracoastal Waterway, alligators sleep near the fishermen who walk onto the mud to catch their supper, or go shrimping with net and lantern. It is fine to write poetry, but it is fine also not to, to have a finished manuscript in the hands of a book designer and not to be lost in the physics of verse. It is better than writing poetry to leave the windows open at bedtime and hear mockingbirds all night, and to be piped by birds to a cafe to read and watch the sunrise like a starfish.

    It is better still to be with my son without distraction and to have breakfast and talk.

    POETRY – Thunder, Lightning by Charles Bane Jr.

    If you are reading Hemingway it is almost always Fall or early Spring, and Melville loves the snow that falls on the waves. Tonight, here, poems have raised their oars to the sky and time is slowed and prized. Visit his official website here. Learn more about her at her official site. Editor Carrie Seitzinger , Letters , July 29th, Tonight, here, poems have raised their oars to the sky Jamie McCartney Embracing the individuality and differences of genitalia.

    In Paris M It Flows Unstopped M In The Hotel As Einstein Pedaled My Old Soul Come Si Dice I Must Write You A Certain Chord It Flows Unstopped Globally published poet Charles Bane Jr. Poems by Charles Bane Jr. Includes an introduction by Mr. He accomplishes an extraordinary task in balancing the past with the present, all the while communicating a sense of unison and heartfelt understanding between poet and reader. In a time where we have all seemed to lose sight of one another in pursuit of personal gain, this connection--one that is genuine, unselfish, and even divine--almost seems impossible, something to be admired but never experienced.

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    Produced by Garett Holden. Music composition by Vincent Hurier. Published by Curbside Splendor Publishing, Inc. Copyright Charles Bane, Jr.

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