Guide The Barcza Gambit (The Alec Fincham Novels #1)

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The Barcza Gambit

White King by Roger Cave. Alec Fincham, and his elite unit, must face their… More. Zugzwang by Roger Cave.

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A British soldier loses his life in Iraq, but who… More. Octopus Knight by Roger Cave. Medusa Defence by Roger Cave. Alec Fincham becomes involved in a dangerous game… More. Deep Blue by Roger Cave. Max Jensen, a South African diamond miner, makes… More. Grand Prix Variation by Roger Cave. Mark Chambers, a wealthy industrialist and owner… More. Shelve Grand Prix Variation. The book is also enrolled for the Kindle Storyteller award, so take a look now. Before the release of book 14, Accelerated Dragon, why don't you take the chance to take in some of Alec Fincham's earlier adventures.

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Sicilian Defence Alec Fincham 2 - The Sicilian Mafia are smuggling people out of North Africa, and they non too bothered about the threat these people could pose. White King Alec Fincham 3 - Fincham has This is going to be far more complex than Fincham ever thought possible.

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Zugzwang Alec Fincham 4 - In an attempt to strike back at the people who killed his boy, a man hatches a plot to kill , Iraqis. Octopus Knight Alec Fincham 5 - Drugs and arms are being smuggled out of the Ukraine, and Fincham has to tackle the problem in the wastelands of Chernobyl.

Fincham has to travel half way round the world to protect her. Deep Blue Alec Fincham 7 - A giant, blue diamond sets off a chain of events. Death and destruction follow this stone, wherever it goes. Does Fincham protect the man, the team, or go after the threat directly?

The Barcza Gambit - It's action ALL the way.

However, little does he know, but the chain of events started much closer to home. In a country so fractured, Fincham has threats coming at him from all sides.

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He's a crime boss, drug lord, and a collector of antiquities. Fincham has a simple task, watch him!

Alec Fincham Series by Roger Cave

But as he gets closer to the target, things suddenly spiral out of control. Suddenly his short vacation becomes a living nightmare. However, that's not what everyone is actually buying. Fincham must obtain the diamonds, but the Russians, Chinese, and Israelis will quite happily kill him to get to the diamonds first. There's plenty of action, with both Fincham, and his team, running around the globe protecting British interests, and protecting his Government.

Next up is the new American designed hypersonic aircraft, the SR maybe, the Son of Blackbird possibly, or for those who read about this sort of thing Project Aurora, which was supposedly finished in the mid s just after the SR retired. Anyhow, at some mph, that's London to New York in an hour. The old SR holds the air speed record at The Bell XD flew at mph in Yep, 50 years ago.

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It doesn't hold the record as t can't take off on its own, it's just experimental. Then there is the X unmanned aircraft which clocked mpg, which is London to New York AND back in just a little over an hour, but again only for short distances and was an experimental tester. Alec Fincham is his Governments man of last resort, and these days he seems to be always busy. At heart he is a soldier, honourable and proud, but in modern times, his skills are needed by M.

Fincham and his small team have to fight many a battle through the entire series of the books, which see him travel the globe. May 24, , Hi all Been a while since I posted anything. With exams, changing jobs and writing, I've not really had the time. Book 14 is nearly good to go.

It's in editing at the moment and will be called Accelerated Dragon. But what about the rest of the books? How about trying to explain 13 books, two novella, and a couple of short stories in a single sentence. Alec Fincham works for the British Government, he's a problem solver, the man of last resort, and he's in more demand than ever.