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Inspiring Stories Of Some Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Of The Indian Startup Ecosystem - Inc42 Media

Kola co-founded Kalaari, after successfully building and selling two companies, Certus and Rightworks in Silicon Valley. To date, Kalaari Advisors has funded more than 50 companies in India. The site now incorporates events, curated city tours, and weekend checklists. She is a graduate from St.

These events have had a direct impact on over 1. Nidhi Agarwal is the founder of Kaaryah , a brand of western, non-casual wear for Indian women,aims to provide the best possible fit with its 18 sizes. On the way to the airport for a client meeting, she spilled coffee on herself and struggled to replace her shirt with a simple white shirt of a right fit at the mall. That experience triggered her to found Kaaryah.

Meena Ganesh, CEO of Portea Medical , a provider of home healthcare services in India, is a woman who has donned many entrepreneurial hats. After five years with Tesco, she joined Tutorvista, an online tutoring company founded by her husband, as a co-promoter. Leveraging her more than eight years of experience in the aviation industry, Kanika realised the frustration of customers while dealing with charter brokers and operator due to the fact that due to sheer lack of transparency and non-availability of charter planes, customers pay astronomical amounts.

It was from here, that the idea to develop JetSetGo started. JetSetGo is fundamentally re-defining the private aviation business, by seamlessly creating marketplaces that join the dots between charter customers and operators on one hand and service providers with operators on the other. For Kanika who has beaten cancer to and is now entering unchartered territory, the flight to greater heights has just begun. With the advent of on-demand marketplaces, almost any errand can be run at the swipe of a hand. The startup has raised recently raised its seed funding led by a group of angel investors mostly ex-Myntra executives.

Given her experience of more than 15 years in the travel space, it was but natural that Nidhi Varma would do something in that domain when it came to starting her own venture. The mobile app provides an in-depth and highly researched audio visual guide to world famous monuments and attractions such as the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, The Colosseum, Eiffel Tower and Angkor Wat, as well as modern monuments like the Burj Khalifa.

This year, Guiddoo, raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from a group of angel investors. Shweta has also worked with the restaurant discovery platform, Zomato, in the International Operations team where she oversaw the launch of the business into several new geographies. In , they came together to set off in a new direction, launching their own investment firm Sol Primero.

YourDOST is a technology startup of a unique kind- it aims to establish a unique platform for mental wellbeing and emotional support. The startup connects experts to people who look to discuss any kind of emotional issues, while providing them required anonymity. The startup aims to create awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental wellness in our society.

Richa is confident that technology combined with empathy and right kind of experts will go a long way in helping people going through a various emotional and mental challenges and equipping them to better deal with it.

She started her career with the Clinton administration where she helped women entrepreneurs raise funding for their ideas. Later, she worked at Centra software in Boston before returning to India. Delhi-based Mydala is a marketing portal which connects merchants and consumers and allows users to purchase offers from different brands via ecommerce.

The startup recently made headlines when it was reported that Chinese internet search giant, Baidu, is interested in buying majority stake in the company. At a young age of 16, Swati obtained a scholarship to study in Singapore, and had pursued her graduation from London School of Economics. Associated with various startup and tech initiatives, such as the Nasscom 10, girls in tech, Sheroes and TiE, Swati is also well known for her social media activities.

Inspiring Stories Of Some Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Of The Indian Startup Ecosystem

The cherry on top came later when Ratan Tata had invested in the company before it was out to raise its series C round. Priya Maheshwari — a master degree holder from University of Pennsylvania. She had worked as a policy expert in New York and later moved to Bangalore. The startup aims to introduce transparency and professionalism in the property market. With features like Fraud Protection Scheme and Buy-back Guarantee, the startup claims to provide research based facts to guide the buyer to buy the perfect house of their dreams.

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As early as in , the startup had close to users, and had helped its users to buy properties worth over INR 20 Cr. They have close to 33, partners and are expanding tremendously. A veteran in the field of financial planning with an experience spanning over 25 years, Falguni, eventually, quit her job to be an entrepreneur. She launched Nykaa — a women centric ecommerce portal providing beauty and wellness products in April Focused on providing the best beauty and wellness products, the startup targets the urban women of the modern India.

A graduate from St. Working with celebrities like Suzanne Khan, Malaika Arora Khan and Bipasha Basu, the startup has further plans to expand its celebrity portfolio, and to create virtually real-time environment for its users, with the expertise of top celebrities in the industry. CultureAlley provides audio-visual lessons to help its users learn language at the comfort of their homes. From that time, she worked as an agricultural labourer, an NYK volunteer, finished her graduation and post graduation while working almost two jobs every day. A visit from a relative from the US gave birth to fresh aspiration in her as she learnt computers to gain eligibility to work there.

Enrolling her daughters in a missionary school she left for the land of dreams, where first she had to work as a babysitter and at gas stations to make ends meet. It was only during a visit to Mexico that she got an idea for a startup. Born to the much oppressed Dalit caste in rural Rajasthan, Nauroti had to face a tremendous amount of pressure. She worked as a stone cutter and also issued the clarion call to fight for proper wages. Through sheer hardwork, she worked her way up the ranks and is now a sarpanch at Hardma village. For anyone who has faced caste or gender discrimination their life, Nauroti is a symbol of reverence.

A Dalit like Nauroti, Kalpana attempted suicide at a very age to put an end to her subjection. She was then married off at the tender age of 12 where she found herself to be a victim of abuse. Finally rescued by her father, she started working in a garment factory to support herself.

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From there, she started her own furniture venture and established a strong reputation for being a skilled entrepreneur. Such motivating is her story that she was awarded the Padma Shri by Pranab Mukherjee. She moved to New York for higher studies but sadly had little money to get through. If elected, Clinton would not be the first or only female head of state in the world. Gillard, too, was the first woman of her kind — at least as far as her home country was concerned.

And Gillard, too, was greeted with a tremendous amount of resentment, even hatred, when she made it to the top.

Why do successful women like Hillary Clinton get under so many people's skin?

This attempt at nobility was her fatal flaw. Without resistance, the sexism escalated to epic proportions. Within three years, her own party had ousted her from office, and Gillard not only resigned as prime minister, but left politics for good. Gillard, in other words, provided us with the spectacular flameout we were looking for.

She failed publicly and therefore affirmed that female success and ambition would always rebound on the woman in question, and ruin her life.

But the illusion of inevitability comforts us. Often, with the true centrepieces of trainwreck media — mentally ill or addicted women, like Amy Winehouse or Marilyn Monroe — we loathe and mock them until the very day they die, then transform them into beloved angels and martyrs after their deaths. Alive, Diana, Princess of Wales was a tabloid fixture, a madwoman who featured in stories about throwing up all her food and driving through Paris in only her underpants. Clinton may not have to go quite that far to win us over. But she fits the pattern.

So why does Hillary still get up and apply for the big jobs? Why, when she could so easily garner our love by accepting humiliation and a role in the background, does she persist in stepping forward and aiming for what she wants? All she has to do is let a man beat her — any man; her husband, a political opponent, anyone — and she can be loved again.