Read PDF Blowback, 9/11, and Cover-Ups (This book is number 24 in Defrauding America series.)

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This book details the various forms of terrorist attacks upon the United States during the past 50 years by people outside the United States and by people inside America, inside government, and the shills that have and continue to protect the subversive activities. Table of Contents for Terrorism Against America. Table of Contents for Those Ugly Americans: The exciting life of Jerry Van includes: Drugs and sex in Las Vegas.

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  • New PDF release: Blowback, 9/11, and Cover-Ups (This book is number 24 in.
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Prostitution in Las Vegas. Torching houses and restaurants in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Gambling practices and secrets. Insider information on the "four-on-the-floor" murders in Hollywood. High-level protection of underworld figures. Police and political corruption in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

New PDF release: Blowback, 9/11, and Cover-Ups (This book is number 24 in

Table of Contents for Underworld Secrets: Jimmy Hoffa to Las Vegas. The nearly pages details a half century of arrogance and corruption within the government's aviation safety offices, the cover-ups by every government and non-government check and balance, and the deadly consequences. Highly detailed and documented, information known to virtually no one, written by a former government aviation safety agent who had to act in the role of a David versus Goliath to attempt to halt these activities.

Starting with the world's worst air disaster at the time, the United Airlines DC-8 crash into New York City Flight , the same deep culture of arrogance and corruption is shown in numerous other brutal air disasters. Table of Contents for Unfriendly Skies: This is the story, presented in novel form, by and of a former pilot for United Airlines, turned drug smuggler, and his intriguing world with Columbian drug smugglers.

This novel is based upon the exciting and dangerous life of Richard Pitt, the author. Some of his actual experiences are revealed in Drugging America, written by Rodney Stich. More information available about the author, Rodney Stich, a former federal agent, international airline captain, and Naval aviator in World War II. Any comments or suggestions--especially favorable one--are always welcomed.

There are several reasons for making these e-books available: Make insider information available to as many people as possible.


Maybe, then, there will be enough informed and courageous individuals that will focus on the real hardcore corruption in government offices, and do something meaningful about addressing the corruption that continues to inflict great harm upon countless numbers of innocent people and upon many national interests.

Make people familiar with e-books. Stimulate an interest in other books written by insiders that detail and document corruption in other areas of government virtually unknown to most people. These type of books, written by insiders, are rarely found on the shelves of most bookstores.

All of these books have been written by former federal agent Rodney Stich, based upon the hardcore corruption that he personally discovered, starting as a federal agent, and based upon 15 years of continual information and documentation from large numbers of insiders, including agents of the FBI, CIA, DEA, ONI, FAA, Customs, Secret Service; former drug smugglers carrying out assignments for government agents; former Mafia figures, including those working closely with personnel of the CIA and other government entities.

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There is no known book written by and with the input of dozens of government insiders, some of whom have been killed, found dead under mysterious circumstances, or falsely charged and sent to prison--to silence or discredit them. The readers of these books will definitely have a better and more accurate understanding of the intrigue in the three branches of government.

More information is available about the author.

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  • New PDF release: Blowback, 9/11, and Cover-Ups (This book is number 24 in - Installazione E-books.
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Help fund our continuing attempts to expose corruption in the three branches of government by ordering any product from Amazon. There is no extra cost in doing this: This site will periodically make available full-length books for no-charge downloading.

This is done in an attempt to get insider information known to as many people as possible, with the hope that enough will have the backbone and character to help fight the corruption and cover-ups that are endemic in the United States. Small Unmanned Fixed-wing plane layout is the basic advisor to designing, construction and checking out mounted wing UAVs or drones.

The e-book covers either the sensible elements of designing, production and flight trying out and descriptions and the fundamental calculations had to underpin winning designs. Skip to content Search for: By Riodney Stich This ebook, written via a former hands-on executive aviation defense inspector-investigator, info and files the world of fundamental blame for the profitable hijackings of 4 airliners on September Sampling of concerns special and documented in that book. Safety in High Technology The authors think systematic organizational method of aviation defense needs to exchange the piecemeal methods mostly favoured long ago, yet this transformation should be preceded by way of details to provide an explanation for why a brand new process is important.

Moving Boxes by Air: Air shipment is a key component to the worldwide provide chain. It permits outsourcing of producing to different nations and hyperlinks construction in either multinational and smaller businesses. It has additionally been crucial motive force of definite export industries in nations akin to South Africa, Kenya and Chile. Air Freight and the Global Supply.