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Australia proudly boasts hundreds of sister cities and twin towns. The very choice of terms — twins and sisters — is of particular note.

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They look out for one another, learn from each other, protect one another, no matter what. Not only do these cities often oppose in terms of geography, but entirely different community values and lifestyles. Over time, though, this has extended greatly. Today, sister cities are paired to forge relationships which outlast military or political ties or have little to do with politics at all , more so focusing on having a stronger impact on a cultural, emotional level, encouraging peace, trust and understanding and knowledge.

The visit celebrated 25 years of the sister relationship, allowing Minneapolis to get a real feel for their French counterpart. Back in April, sister cities Fort Worth in Texas and Toluca, Mexico, came together to celebrate women in both cultures. The three-day conference, Women: Engine Of Change , marked a significant exchange for the two cities, and their respective greater societies. Women if Fort Worth and Toluca.

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The fresh and delicious foods are a healthy benefit to living there, as well as the fresh sea foods brought in daily. Giant supermarkets and even many fantastic shopping centers are located throughout the City. Transportation we should learn from, gettting a taxi or the convenient little vehicle called a tricycle make getting around never more than a minute wait from anywhere in the City. It seems everyone has a job as you see no idle people.

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As a city, Davao City has over a million people. Schools of every level, and colleges and universities are prevalent all over Davao City. People are well dressed, especially the children, and appear to be well fed and happy. Their community markets are thrilling to walk through and see the array of fresh foods that Davaoenos feast on.

Let me not forget the other goods being sold clothes to furniture. But not to be naive, there are over million people, there must be some living the low life in areas of the City. We saw none in 12 years.

President Duterte and his daughter Mayor Sara Duterte have made it clear that drug dealers are not welcome in Davao City and now in all of the Philippines; and his stand against drug dealers, thus overall crime as well, is a societal good the world,should look up to. Shamefully the opioid addiction epidemic in America has been brought about by reckless opioid drug prescribing by our own doctors looking for patient return visits for new drug prescriptions. Money over mankind never works out in the long run.

Our Agriculture System, to feed our island, has much to learn but also to share. The quality of their foods from poison free farming, and the aroma and taste of Davao Coffee is a real morning treat.

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We can benefit from that as well as the many other opportunities of a Sister city relationship. And Davao is only an inter island flight from Manila, several flights daily. You should read your letter, basically your saying that killing people is the answer to lower crime and have other criminals turn themselves in for rehab? Gotta love those Strongmen, they get stuff done and keep the litter amounts down.

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The problem is that what Duterte knows is mostly a coin flip when it comes down to the truth. But 1st, to qualify to being able to answer, you must answer the question in your mind…Do You Have Children? Especially do you have a daughter or a few? Would it sadden you that your son would steal for more drugs after the 1st dose is free and head to prison; or worse becoming another pusher man himself to supply himself more dam deadly dope.

While I am ignorant of who Pollyanna is, I do know the story of Typhoid Mary…who do you prefer to spread the deadly disease to your children? Think about it…United Parents…Yours…!

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Your new experience may sober you up. This says it all. It is however another thing entirely when the politicians are also members of crime families as is the case in both countries. I applaud Charles and fully support appropriate action against drug pushers. Aloha George, mahalo for your kind words. We can be sure that when the very strong family oriented Filipino people and their President discussed ditching the substance abuse, the ruination of a nation, there was no argument or donuts.

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