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Career choices and success: Why personality matters

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Subscribe to this journal. Vol 35, Issue 2, Tips on citation download. Why your office mate must organize her files each night before leaving? Or Why your colleague can never find important papers when she needs them? The answers to these questions may be found in understanding personality type differences.

You share similarities with others but you are really a unique individual with a unique personality and behavior patterns. These patterns define your distinct personality traits which influence your job search behavior, your job choices, your work behavior, and your happiness on the job.

The type of work situation you prefer and even how you job search can be understood if you look at them through the lens of personality type. Being irritated by others' work behavior or an assignment may result in job dissatisfaction leading to stress, lack of productivity and even job loss. Taking a personality style inventory can help you understand your preferred way of acting, thinking and feeling.

Knowing who you are can contribute to a more successful job search and job. Personality assessment can help you answer: Developed by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, based on the theories of psychologist, Carl Jung, the MBTI describes eight personality trait preferences, divided into four scales, containing two opposite preferences. The four scales and their preferences are: Extravert E Like to think out loud by talking Energized by being around others.