Manual Panpsychism: The Philosophy of the Sensuous Cosmos

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Peter Ells, Panpsychism: The Philosophy of the Sensuous Cosmos - PhilPapers

It differs from panpsychism in that it does see everything as mind, and not just mind like qualities. Having said this, perhaps Ells used just panpsychism because of the plethora of distinctions around the use of the word. As Ells puts it: Further, to actually exist then is to be either an experiential entity or composed of experiential entities as is the case of more evolved organisms such as plants and animals. The implications are vast. Obviously, if the universe is composed of nothing but beings and beings are seen as alive, then the universe is alive.

Panpsychism: The Philosophy of the Sensuous Cosmos

The Philosophy of the Sensuous Cosmos. Physicalism, some call it materialism, has achieved its extremely successful reputation off the back of the discipline of science. This is evident in the following: This book sets out to challenge the many assumptions that are metaphysical in character and cannot be upheld through the success of the scientific method. Ells intends in this book to point out how a sensuous cosmos composed of living entities is a far more profound metaphor than the prevalent materialistic view cited above.

The author proposes to show that idealistic panpsychism is a superior alternative to physicalism for the following reasons. As an aid to understanding, the book compares and contrasts physicalism with idealistic panpsychism finding idealistic panpsychism superior for the two reasons cited above. Thus there are chapters on areas where the implementation of panpsychism makes a difference.

First there is a discussion of the present state of Science. Then a section on consciousness.

Following that the author provides a detailed investigation of existence revealing explanatory problems with physicalism. One of the more interesting chapters contains a discussion of how mental causation relates to physical causation. For instance, how does a feeling cause a physical action? I found this particularly helpful.

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