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Why are little girls the only tour visitors to experience the taunting of Chloe, a slave and mistress of the owner of the Myrtles in the s? Whose invisible hand had to be repeatedly pushed away from the owner's car horn at Chretien Point Plantation before the owner could get a good night's rest? The spine-tingling explanations for these events and many others are just waiting to be discovered. She earned a bachelor's degree in theater and speech from Marywood University. Among her many credits are a successful internship with the Actor's Equity Theater in New York and a stint working for the theater as its stage manager.


Things To Do: Haunted Places in Louisiana

Sillery's passion for antiques introduced her to the world of the paranormal. Her fascination with the story behind each piece led her to write The Haunting of Louisiana and The Haunting of Mississippi, both published by Pelican.

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After many years in the New Orleans area, she moved to East Falmouth, Massachusetts, near her childhood home in New York and is enjoying exploring the fascinating stories of her New England home. It's said the hauntings began with Chloe who was a slave punished for eavesdropping on the family.

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For her revenge, she baked a poisoned birthday cake. Within hours, three of the main family members were dead. Subsequent owners suffered death and murder tragedies in the years that followed.

Things to Do: Haunted Places and Ghost Locations Around Louisiana

The ghosts of these former residents, as well as others passing through, have been documented in photos, featured in national TV shows and witnessed by residents and tourists alike. Stay the night in one of the most haunted homes in the country or take a mystery tour on Friday or Saturday evening, and you might experience your own ghost encounter. Baton Rouge , Louisiana: Great orator and defender of the common people, Avoyelles' Parish Legislator Pierre Couvillon suffered a heart attack in the capitol's chambers after a spirited speech about corrupt politicians. While making rounds, a security guard felt a tap on his shoulder and heard invisible people moving around in the dark.

Others have seen the motion detectors going off meaning someone was in the museum but when they went to investigate no one was there and nothing was caught on security tapes. Lake Charles , Louisiana: The beautiful and charming Toni Jo Henry had a sinister side that led her to murder a man in the s.

Over the course of her three trials, she became a town celebrity as many questioned her guilt, but in the end, she became the first female executed in the electric chair in Louisiana. She spent her time in a holding cell in the Calcasieu Courthouse and jail officers think Toni Jo still hangs around locking doors, turning on electronic filing systems and talking for night guards to hear. During the investigation, the investigators heard chanting of voodoo rituals and tapping noises while filming in a former slave cabin.

Unexplained lights were caught on tape sugguesting ghostly spirits were present. Those who live and work here tell a story of an overseer murdered by Union soldiers when they took over the main house. While the circumstances of his death are cloudy, his presence is thought to remain in an upstairs bedroom. He did well for himself until the Civil War, when his dealings as a double spy led to his hanging by Union soldiers.

He was the first of several tragic deaths on the property, including a Union soldier deserter discovered in the attic and a slave nanny reputably poisoned. Tour guides are accustomed to these otherworldly beings, but bed and breakfast guests may be surprised by what they find.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

A young girl runs around the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium arena floor and opens and closes doors. This occurrence has been caught on video by visiting guests on a tour. Perhaps the ghosts wander over from adjacent Oakland Cemetery or remain from the days when the building hosted The Louisiana Hayride country music show.

Tales of twisted fates are retold through the generations at the Dauphine Orleans Hotel and it's bar, May Bailey's Place. Her groom-to-be was shot dead in a gambling dispute the morning of the wedding.

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Occasionally, guests who arrive late at the hotel after a night of revelry are sometimes in a befuddled state of mind, have described being helped to their guestroom by a young girl dancing along without touching the ground. Learn more about haunted hotels in New Orleans. Haunted Places in Louisiana.