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8 tricks that will change the way you do laundry forever

With your sock cleaning cloth, potpourri parcel and fabulous duster, you'll have the best-kept house in town! Now one for you pet owners. If you've got a pup, you'll know hat they are so easily pleased, they'd probably be happy with your smelly socks just as they are - but why not treat them? Make your pawed pals day by crafting them a new toy from one of your socks - I can promise you, they'll love it!

So you've treated yourself to a lovely, plush pair of leather gloves for the chillier months and rightly want to keep them in good nick. In a few simple steps, you can make yourself a second pair using some scruffy old socks - perfect for odd jobs and those occasions that just don't warrant the best of the best. Being fingerless, they're also highly practical, so whatever you need to do - be that jump on a bike or walk the dog - your fingers will be free to do what needs be. Looks like they need a garden soap holder to me! Leave muddy fingerprints where they belong - outside.

By slipping a bar of soap into the bottom of a sock and leaving it to swing from a branch or hook close to a tap out in the garden, you've got the equivalent of an outdoor hand shower.

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  • 1. Craft a wearable cleaning cloth.

Just add water and use the sock as a cloth to scrub away dirt - your fingers will be spotless in no time. These days, parcels tend to be fuller of bubble wrap than actual goodies themselves, much to the kids' delight - it's great to jump up and down on! Now you can box up your stuff without the worry of broken glass or smashed plates, whilst your treasures sit cosily inside. A matching pink odd sock cover would look great with this!

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Storing them in handbags, cars and indoors only ever ends badly - big puddles of water on the floor as the raindrops slowly drip off the sides. Even if you've managed not to lose your umbrella cover, storing it there will mean it's likely to stay damp until it's reopened. We have the perfect solution - you guessed it, socks! Stick a stretchy sock over your soggy brolly and it'll keep everything nice and dry until next time.

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Love coffee in the morning, but hate the burns that can come with it? Keep your mitts protected with a nifty coffee cozy, crafted from an odd sock. That Fairisle patterned sock would look so cute wrapped around your favourite hot chocolate mug, and why not sew on a few buttons for extra measure? Add sequins, a handle hole and a co-ordinated border to make a personal gift - the options are endless!

Snug as a mug in a rug!

Socks that will last FOREVER Darn Tough - Canadian Prepper

Do you really need all those socks? If you come across some matching pairs whilst scouting through all those odds, why not do something selfless and send them off to Socks and Chocs?

Odd socks & 18 wonderful ways to use them - Expert Home Tips

This quirky Charity organisation is responsible for the donation of more than pairs of socks this year alone, and with your help, they can help even more people in need. Such a simple gesture can prove. If your sock draw is well due an update, The London Sock Exchange allows you to donate and recycle any of your old socks - holes and all.

Don't neglect your tootsies, 'Out with the old, in with the new' should be true for your feet, too, and this ethical business allows you to do that responsibly. If you find yourself left with odds alone, we have the perfect place to pick yourself up a plush new pair - give your feet a treat and pop on a pair of Original Jollie Goods' socks. Manufactured in the U. K, not only are they great quality, but your purchase will also help to fund this company's charitable mission of handing out hardy hiking socks to homeless charities. What's more, this amazing business donate a specially designed, long-lasting pair of socks for every pair purchased.

Now your feet can be cosy, and your conscience clear. Which is your favourite odd sock innovation? I look to satisfy my tastes without obliterating my budget. Wannabe interior designer, I'm an avid cushion cover maker and charity shop hunter.

Odd socks & 18 wonderful ways to use them

If you're always ending up with odd socks, try keeping a small mesh laundry bag on the side of your washing basket. Place your dirty socks inside and then throw the whole bag in the wash so that none of them go walkabout. If you find it difficult to carry your heavy washing basket, use a hot glue gun to secure toy cars to the bottom. This will make it a breeze to push along. Keep your laundry detergent out of reach of little hands by placing in a wall-mounted dispenser.

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Search close Search Search. Sort by Sort by Recent Popular. For the truly diligent, this formula can also be adapted to work out the probability of losing a sock in a single week by using a calibrated version using statistical modelling software which adds constants thus: The following four trends were identified: Confirmation bias This occurs where we tend to believe something is true if we want it to be true. Behavioural errors of omission and commission Human error accounts for many accidents, mistakes and mysteries, particularly in the wash cycle and these fell into two main areas: Check out the latest stories about Samsung Learn More.