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The Best Kept Secret to Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

My husband noticed it in my body language. He said I carried myself differently, like I had more confidence and ease. Of course, many practices assisted me in my journey, but the ones that helped the most are the ones that keep me grounded in myself today. I can never say enough about how important it is to celebrate my body.

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Every day I thank it for all that it does, and honor its needs through thirty-minute runs, long showers, flossing my teeth, and drinking lots of water. Make a list of the things you need to do to take care of yourself so you feel healthy and grounded, and then schedule them into your day. Along with running, creative writing has contributed greatly to my journey. It keeps my mind filled with positive thoughts, and so much of who I am comes out in the characters I write about.

I also love to read, learn new things, and travel to different places, even if just new areas or neighborhoods near my home. Doing what you love is an important step in loving who you are. Without inner peace, authenticity is fleeting. Consequently, I meditate daily and do my best to live where peace is found—in the present moment.

I also make a point of watching a couple of funny movies every week. Nothing helps my spirit soar as much as laughter. It helps me see the world through younger eyes and reminds me that, no matter what, every moment contains hope and possibilities. Take time out to nurture your spirit, whether that means practicing yoga , walking on the beach, or simply relaxing.

In order to be comfortable with yourself, you first need to be comfortable just being. Finding your authenticity—finding yourself— will help you feel your beauty.

When you endeavor to be who you are and be true to yourself, you will automatically feel attractive and unique. Also, it is important to remind yourself that beauty is never dependent upon the approval of others. Quite the contrary, beauty is very much self-defined and self-created.

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You are beautiful image via Shutterstock. Mary Dunlop is a passionate student of life with a keen desire to learn, share, and grow. She believes everyone has a special gift. Care for your body, as it is. Ahmadinia suggested tending to your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational parts. You might pray and spend time in nature. You might spend time with loved ones and volunteer.

Set boundaries around body-shaming conversations. If someone comments on your body, Goodrich suggested using these replies: Do your surroundings support you feeling comfortable? Think about how your environment can help you feel more at ease with yourself and about yourself. Think about how it can foster self-compassion and self-acceptance. Think about how it can foster feeling your feelings, and ultimately honoring yourself.

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We can feel uncomfortable in our own skin for a variety of reasons. Try to pinpoint your personal reasons, and work through the above suggestions. Because your current discomfort is temporary. Because you deserve to feel better, to feel the range of your emotions and to build a fulfilling life.

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You are showing yourself that you care about your well-being. Even sitting down to meditate for just 1 minute is an act of self-love. I am here to share with you this beautiful and simple loving kindness meditation practice, which has been researched to have many benefits such as decreased anger and anxiety , decreased self-critical thoughts , decreased chronic pain , increased positive mood , increased life satisfaction , and increased social connectedness and this is just naming a few! All of this is backed up by research! I'm a loving kindness Meditation Teacher and have worked with s of women guiding them how to cultivate kindness and compassion towards themselves.

Are you willing to try this practice for a few days?

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Can you give yourself five minutes of loving kindness? You will feel a softness within as you keeping practicing. Now gently direct your attention to the part of yourself that feels disconnected and say to yourself silently or aloud "May that part be filled with loving kindness" say this four times and then say "May my whole body be filled with loving kindness" say this four times.

Over time, doing this loving kindness practice regularly, you will start to notice that you are treating yourself with greater kindness and in the process feel greater ease within your own skin. Want to begin the process of feeling greater ease within yourself? Download my free six-minute loving kindness Meditation here: Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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Portrait of young woman outdoors. The beauty of this practice is that it's portable. You can take it on and off the cushion.