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Facts About Universal White Time Healing

The energy of White Time itself contains more than we as humans could currently comprehend, for it contains within it all colours, tones, frequencies and all units of time past, present and future. In fact it contains all possibilities in physical creation….. It is the energy worked with by all of the Masters, Archangels, Angels, Light beings, Light Extraterrestrials, and even your guides use it!! Yes your guides also work with White Time. Afterwards, when the healing is done, the healer closes with a closing word and gesture. After each healing, the healer becomes stronger and the capacity of the healer increases with one step.

So the funnel on the head is widening for more healing force to come through. In this way, the healer becomes stronger and stronger after each healing that the healer performs. You also become stronger even if you only do healing on yourself, your computer, a dog or a cat, etc. You should have a humble attitude and a worthy thought because you are healing and giving out unconditional love to all fellow beings on this Earth.

You should always remember that you are a Divine tool for the Force. It is a fantastic Force and opportunity to use this tool in the service of Light and Love.

Universal White Time Healing

Universal White Time Healing can be used in many ways and the healing goes into many levels of the client, even on the etheric and astral bodies. After each healing, there is a reaction within the client. The first day the client usually becomes tired and sleeps very well. The second day the client is alert and has more energy. The third day, the client feels good within the body.

The healing works days in the body. The healing is targeting the area of the body where it is needed. It searches for the things that could be wrong or failing, both physical, psychological, emotional, etc. The Force in itself is intelligent and can change itself and adapt to situations during the time when it is working in the body. You can never ever heal or do anything wrong. It always corrects itself. Universal White Time Healing can also be used for healing at a distance.

Information about Universal White Time Healing

When you do such a healing, the healer is following a certain sequence with extraterrestrial signs and symbols. These symbols can also be used at other times when the healer wants extra force and even to prevent energies. The symbols are a clear interpretation of the Total Love Force. The difference between Universal White Time Healing and other healing forms are many.

The strongest difference is that we take our Force as energy from a Well that never can become empty.

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Another difference is that Universal White Time Healing never has been divided up into weaker branches. It stands united as one strong teaching, with strong and certified teachers. Each country should have a Head Teacher, but some countries do not because they are accounted for as free zones. Another difference is that Universal White Time Healing receives the energy through a funnel.

This brings in the healing force through the middle of the crown chakra, while other forms of healings have the energies coming in on the side of, or around, the crown chakra. Those kinds sometime interfere or strangle the natural flow of the crown chakra. From the Well brings the Force of White Time.

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White Time is white Light, which is the same as all colors of Light in one. And all Time in one means past, present and future in one and the same unit of energy. A person working with this Frequency can heal themselves and others, as well bring this Force of Light to the Planet as She goes up to the New Earth. Universal White Time Healing is much more than healing techniques, and is truly a way of life.

It touches upon teaching what Time is. What I mean by that is that many humans do not understand what Time really is. It is an energy, a frequency, and a lot more than side effects of a linear pattern.

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As we open up to what we really do not know and have not understood, we provide an opening for taking in new knowledge and also awakening ancient memories within us. Working with White Time heals misunderstanding, heals our memories, and truly assists us in this time of transformation.

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You could say that many of the blocks that a human has towards understanding higher Knowledge can be lifted and removed. We can become more of who we really are and what we really are. It is a great blessing. Healing Changes the Aura.