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The Troubles

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: Rachel Brian d'Arcy James Ray Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Young Maggie Myrna Cabello Young Ben Isidora Goreshter Young Maggie Jake Katzman Young Gerry Mandi Masden Edit Storyline Middle-aged siblings feud over possession of their father's estate in this sibling rivalry dramatic comedy.

Over the course of three decades, violence on the streets of Northern Ireland was commonplace and spilled over into Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland and as far afield as Gibraltar. Several attempts to find a political solution failed until the Good Friday Agreement, which restored self-government to Northern Ireland and brought an end to the Troubles. The Troubles refers to a violent thirty-year conflict framed by a civil rights march in Londonderry on 5 October and the the Good Friday Agreement on 10 April At the heart of the conflict lay the constitutional status of Northern Ireland.

The goal of the unionist and overwhelmingly Protestant majority was to remain part of the United Kingdom.

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The goal of the nationalist and republican, almost exclusively Catholic, minority was to become part of the Republic of Ireland. This was a territorial conflict, not a religious one. At its heart lay two mutually exclusive visions of national identity and national belonging.

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The principal difference between and is that the people and organisations pursuing these rival futures eventually resolved to do so through peaceful and democratic means. This ascendancy of politics over violence was not easily achieved.

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During the Troubles, the scale of the killings perpetrated by all sides - republican and loyalist paramilitaries and the security forces - eventually exceeded 3, As many as 50, people were physically maimed or injured, with countless others psychologically damaged by the conflict, a legacy that continues to shape the post period. In , the Northern Ireland parliament had been dominated by unionists for over fifty years.

Its attempts to solve social and political ills, such as institutional discrimination against Catholics, were too slow for nationalists and republicans and too quick for many unionists. This gave rise to growing tension and violence between the two communities.

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The mounting scale of the disorder led successive UK governments to intervene. In , the situation was so grave that British troops were sent to help restore order.

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  6. By , things had deteriorated so badly that the British government suspended the Northern Ireland parliament and imposed direct rule from London. Relegated to the margins of UK politics for half a century, Northern Ireland had suddenly reclaimed centre stage. For them, the 'long war' was the only option. This strategy had been gaining traction since the introduction of internment imprisonment without trial in and the killing of 13 people by the Parachute Regiment on Bloody Sunday the following year.

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    When secret talks with the UK government in collapsed, the IRA leadership resolved to erode the British presence in Northern Ireland through a war of attrition. It was against this backdrop of soaring violence and increasingly entrenched positions that moves to find a lasting solution began.

    Direct rule by British ministers was viewed as a short-term measure and a process designed to restore self-government to Northern Ireland was soon underway. The first major attempt was the Sunningdale Agreement , which provided for both a devolved, power-sharing administration and a role for the Irish government in the internal affairs of Northern Ireland - the so-called 'Irish dimension'.

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    Representatives of the 'extremes' - loyalist and republican paramilitaries - were not invited. Sunningdale's political institutions collapsed in early , toppled by the Ulster Workers Council UWC strike , a near-insurrection spearheaded by a coalition of unionists and loyalists that effectively brought Northern Ireland to a standstill. Although Sunningdale was ultimately a failure, it contained the seeds of the much more intricate and successful Good Friday Agreement twenty five years later.

    As the cycle of violence escalated post-Sunningdale, further efforts were made by successive UK governments to devise a political settlement, but only one acceptable to those parties it considered "legitimate" and non-violent. It gave the Irish government an advisory role in the affairs of Northern Ireland and determined there would be no change in Northern Ireland's constitutional status - no Irish unification in other words - without the consent of its people. Nonetheless, the treaty broadly alienated the unionist community, which opposed Irish involvement and rejected the proposal for a devolved, power-sharing government.