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We've done it before, haha! Now put a baby in me! The sad thing is, the author doesn't know it's trash. This is supposed to be transgressive literary fiction. That's how they are trying to market it. And look, there's definitely an audience for this type of erotica, which portrays incest positively.


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But why not warn people that's what this is? I kept waiting for some twist at the end, to find out the father was emotionally blackmailing the daughter somehow. Jan 12, Jef rated it really liked it. Oct 20, Lily rated it really liked it.

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Haunting, disturbing novel about a teenage boy's obsession with his older sister after he discovers she is having an incestuous relationship with their father. Well written, set in England, and scenes of graphic sex. Nov 17, Nath Alie rated it it was amazing. Grateful eternely for the wz, grateful eternely to each person who worked for the book and for the movie. Its amazing the impact of the WZ even after more than 20yrs the book has been written, that every day several of us Survivors support each other to fight against our dark passenger to not let him control our life.

Abuses happen more often than people could imagine. Here the last image of the movie, perfect to represent it: The wz shown us the Survivor's way and gave us the keys to Survive and made crossed still the ways of many Survivors, grateful for each person more than Friends who are Survivors too, my way crossed with, a precious community and a comfort to not feel alone in that fight to Survive.

Last month the wz movie has been shown at Festival Lumiere Honour award given to Tarantino for info , a famous Cinema Festival here in Fr. The movie was presented at the festival by Tim Roth himself, even years after the book and movie both still have impact. A deep thank to Alexander Stuart and Tim Roth and Each person all the team behind the book and movie to have found the strength and courage to make the wz, they both can be proud of them, grateful with all my heart and eternely. Aug 28, Rebecca rated it did not like it.

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This book was horrible. I got it from a friend who didn't finish it, and now I know why. I read about half, skimmed the rest, stopped and read when I saw somebody was getting peed on, decided I could have lived the rest of my life quite nicely NOT having read that, and then fast forwarded to the end. I'm sure I missed a lot of plot by not reading the last half, but at least my soul didn't suffer. The writing is slow, plodding, methodical, and doesn't sound or feel like the voice of a troubled ad This book was horrible. The writing is slow, plodding, methodical, and doesn't sound or feel like the voice of a troubled adolescent, full of rage, or even ambivalence.

The sex is vulgar and coarse, but when it gets to the actual sexual material, there's no processing of feelings or sensations; perhaps that is the only part that seems like it could come from a teenage boy. I've read a lot of repulsive or vulgar material that was fascinating, like, "Ecstasy" and "Fox Girl. Jul 21, Mark Freeman rated it it was amazing.

I have read this so many times. The protagonist is the same age as me and the setting and time period is recognisable in a way that Holden Caulfield never could be. I haven't experienced the events though, I'm an only child! Feb 11, A. Heavy in ways you don't expect, and moments of clear beauty.

Jan 25, Lochlan rated it it was amazing. Apr 28, Matt rated it it was amazing. I centred my dissertation on this gripping novel. View all 4 comments. Apr 06, Annika rated it really liked it. Amazing language and style. I just want to read and read. But the story is so horrific, so strong that I have to skip substantial sections.

This is too much. And, yet, so is life for some so maybe I should keep reading? I love it for the fluidity of the language, for the complexity of feelings for a teenage boy who is psychologically mistreated and has to carry a too heavy burden on his shoulders, for the portrayal of evil in the least likely of people. It is brilliantly described that the ones Amazing language and style.

It is brilliantly described that the ones you love and whom you have believed love you, in fact do not care at all, do nit care for anything but themselves. Of course, this description is exagerated and not realistic, but rather poetic in its colorful dystopia. And at the same time I wish I had never read it for the way it does not have any limits, for the way the sex scenes are so over the top they only seem ridiculous in context of the dark story, for Jessie's constant willingness that would be understandable if she was a victim only but not when she is one of the instigators, and above all for the tasteless final section of the book.

That ending gives a quite different reading of the entire book and I find myself wondering what the author wanted to accomplish. Does the ending tell us that once you have been damaged by cruelty there is no way out? May 14, Novi Wijaya rated it liked it. Not for the faint-hearted. I'm drawn by the writing, repulsed by the plot.

As a subject, I think there's little uglier than incest, but the writing of The War Zone made it interesting. At the end of it though, I still don't get what motivated Jessie. Jun 15, Alan rated it liked it Shelves: Doing people in, hurting them, twisting under a chemical sky, a bedroom in Brixton. The writing is florid, appropriately, but I feel when it gets to London it goes over, and at the climax involving stabbing his dad, his sister living with an elderly Nazi architect and his mistress, I think, no.

Feb 04, LWoods rated it liked it. I don't typically write reviews, unless truly moved to. I read this several years ago, when it first came out int the UK. It haunted me for years, and still does sometimes. Dark, but extremely well written. This book was really haunting and disturbing.

It was sort of difficult to get through the book. It was gruesome at many points in the book. Mar 24, Michael Vielhaber rated it liked it.

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Feb 15, Helen Harvey rated it it was amazing. Hard-hitting and illustrates very well human emotions. A Russia tug departed Tartus toward the waters off Latakia but that makes sense as there is some sort of search and rescue operation underway. Air traffic has been very light in the area after the incident as well. Even the usual snoopers haven't shown up. It isn't clear what this was all about, but it could be something unrelated to the incident.

After last evening's tragic event, squawking while transiting the area is probably a smart move on the Tornado crew's part. Russia now says that a Syrian SA-5 S surface-to-air missile did indeed accidentally take down its Il Coot electronic intelligence gathering plane, but that Ithe sraeli Air Force is also to blame for the friendly fire incident that claimed 14 lives. According to Russian officials, only a one minute warning was given by Israel of the impending attack, leaving Russian forces nowhere near enough time to make sure their personnel and materiel would be safe from the onslaught.

According to Moscow, four Fs approached Latakia at low altitude from the Mediterranean. As a consequence, the Il, which has radar cross-section much larger than the F, was shot down by an S system missile. The wreckage of the aircraft has been found by Russian search parties roughly 17 miles west of Latakia. Here is a diagram of the incident, at least according to the Russian government, that has been provided to the press:. The idea that Israel used the Il for cover is questionable at best.

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Just look at the chart above, the timing of such an operation without coordination with the Il's crew would have to of been uncanny. What likely happened is that Israel executed its standoff strike from a launch position over the Mediterranean and the Il happened to stumble into the area. If the IAF used man-in-the-loop air-to-ground missiles, as it often does, those Fs would have had to loiter for a period of time to maintain data-link connectivity with the missiles as they careened towards their targets.

Also, it's important to note that strike missions into Syria are usually seen as critical operations by Israel and risk is accepted in exchange for destroying often high value and time-sensitive targets. In addition, the Fs didn't infiltrate deep into enemy territory in any way before sending their missiles toward their final destinations and the Il wasn't even over the water for long, it had been flying a route primarily over land.

The surveillance aircraft probably ended up being a decoy by happenstance, and that's if the Fs were even in the vicinity by the time Syrian missile batteries responded to the strikes. We'll have to wait and see how all this unfolds, but just like how it was possibly the French frigate's fault before this information was released, Russia seems to be willing to do whatever it can to redirect blame. In this case, Israel struck right at Russia's doorstep in Syria, which is a highly peculiar escalation that is sure to enrage Russian commanders and the powers that be in the Kremlin.

Russia has insinuated that a French frigate may have been involved. Alan Wilson via Wikimedia. Here is a diagram of the incident, at least according to the Russian government, that has been provided to the press: Don't forget to sign up. The shootdown comes soon after Israeli forces tried to knock out Syrian missiles that appeared to be headed for the country.