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These last two books from the The Riven Gates had me laughing, crying and on edge most of the time. I'm so glad that Manning has been continuing the series and branching off to show more depth and wonder, and just how brilliant he is.


The Death Gate Cycle

I love when great books don't die. Thank you Michael G Manning. Once again I was totally with the characters and feeling exactly what they felt. Michael has a real talent for bring you into the story and making you laugh, cry and grown at the characters. I can really imagine Mort playing with his beard and making up bad puns. As always looking forward to the next instalment. Oct 12, Chuma Okafo rated it it was amazing. You have outdone yourself here my fine sir! This was very well done. I was introduced to this series with Book 1 of Embers of Illeniel and I have since devoured every book written by Mr.

Jul 04, Kevin Cyr rated it it was amazing. Fantastic Another wonderful story from mr. Political intrigue and death by Brute Force. Parts will make you laugh out loud and others will make You Weep. Can't wait for the next installment! Aug 07, Doug Dalton rated it liked it.

I love the story and have read all his books, but low rating is for excessive swearing. His first books had little use for the "F" word but now it seems to be wide spread in his novels. Too bad for now I can no longer hand recommend his books to friends and family. Jun 03, Natasha Hodges rated it it was amazing. I've always admired Rose, and happily we spend a lot of time with her here.

Michael introduced more layers of his "world", building on the plots within the plot. Jun 05, Michalynn Farley rated it it was amazing. Michael Manning is an engaging writer who always manages to snare me within a few pages of his books.

The Severed Realm (The Riven Gates Book 2) by Michael G. Manning

Jul 22, Jo rated it it was amazing. Unexpected developments You think it's over, and then a new dimension is reviled within chapters of the series. It might just give you hope there is more to come than just the obvious. Jun 06, Diana rated it it was amazing. What can I say that hasn't already been said. I waited so long for Severed Realms to arrive and then I devour the book in 2 days. The first day I read slowly, I didn't do so well the second day, I couldn't put it down.

Now I have to wait again. Micheal Manning you are a genius. Jun 26, Blaine Padgett rated it it was amazing. Good story and well written character As always this series is wonderful. I am fascinated to see where it goes from here. Mort and company are an interesting and thought provoking cast of characters. Jun 03, Yvette Bostic rated it it was amazing. Michael once again reminded me why he is one of my favorite authors. This book was amazing! Oct 26, Mahadev rated it really liked it.

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Aug 21, Kay rated it liked it Shelves: Manning's best book to date. I look forward to the third installment. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Michael Manning was born in Cleveland, Texas and spent his formative years there, reading fantasy and science fiction, concocting home grown experiments in his backyard, and generally avoiding schoolwork.

Eventually he went to college, starting at Sam Houston State University, where his love of beer blossomed and his obsession with playing role-playing games led him to what he calls 'his best year Michael Manning was born in Cleveland, Texas and spent his formative years there, reading fantasy and science fiction, concocting home grown experiments in his backyard, and generally avoiding schoolwork. Eventually he went to college, starting at Sam Houston State University, where his love of beer blossomed and his obsession with playing role-playing games led him to what he calls 'his best year ever' and what most of his family calls 'the lost year'.

Several years and a few crappy jobs later, he decided to pursue college again and was somehow accepted into the University of Houston Honors program we won't get into the particulars of that miracle. This led to a degree in pharmacy and it followed from there that he wound up with a license to practice said profession. Unfortunately, Michael was not a very good pharmacist. Being relatively lawless and free spirited were not particularly good traits to possess in a career focused on perfection, patient safety, and the letter-of-the-law.

Nevertheless, he persisted and after a stint as a hospital pharmacy manager wound up as a pharmacist working in correctional managed care for the State of Texas. He gave drugs to prisoners. After a year or two at UTMB he became bored and taught himself entirely too much about networking, programming, and database design and administration. At first his supervisors warned him repeatedly to do his assigned tasks and stop designing programs to help his coworkers do theirs, but eventually they gave up and just let him do whatever he liked since it seemed to be generally working out well for them.

Ten or eleven years later and he got bored with that too. So he wrote a book. We won't talk about where he was when he wrote 'The Blacksmith's Son', but let's just assume he was probably supposed to be doing something else at the time. Some people liked the book and told other people. The Sartan used magic by drawing runes on the ground and in the air, augmented by singing and spoken word; they believed that their power gave them responsibility and stewardship over the lesser races, whom they called mensch. The Sartan believed in community, unity, and family, the basis of Order. However, in their conceit, they forgot about the Wave's tendency to balance everything.

As the Sartan became too powerful, the Wave shifted and the Patryns came to be. Unlike the Sartan , the Patryns were loners, volatile and destructive; they believed that their powers gave them the right to do as they would. Patryns tattooed the runes on themselves and chose their name to mock the Sartan see Languages below. These two races came into conflict over control and influence of the mensch. Both came to think of themselves as gods, though the Sartan believed themselves to be the "good guys".

Eventually the Sartan, led by Samah and his Council of Seven, and driven by their own fear, undertook drastic measures. They broke the planet Earth into four separate worlds, each one focusing on a separate element air, earth, fire, and water. This cataclysmic moment of destruction and re-creation is known as the Sundering. Millions of mensch died, with only chosen populations magically isolated for resettlement.

10 Real Gateways To Other Worlds

The Patryns were captured and imprisoned in the Labyrinth which the Sartan created for their "rehabilitation". The Vortex or the Sixth Gate was the entry point to the Labyrinth, where the mensch were temporarily housed during the Sundering itself and where the captured Patryns were eventually placed. The books later reveal that certain members of the Sartan population had objected to The Sundering; these too were consigned to the Vortex and the Labyrinth.

The Other Side of the Gate (Into the Realms #1)

In the center of the Labyrinth was the Nexus, a paradise city for the Patryns to live in once they had become "civilized. All of these worlds are connected by Death's Gate, and smaller, one-way gates called Conduits which allow each elemental world to transmit materials to one another. The Sartan were left in stewardship of not just one world, but many, all designed to work in perfect harmony. The Plan of the Council of Seven was the grand construction of interconnected worlds, each with a specific function that fed into the whole.

Almost immediately, however, things began to go wrong. Chelestra was to be the primary world where the mensch and Sartan would live. A great orb of liquid, the world was populated by great drifting beasts used as habitats for the mensch, with its own "Seasun" at the center. An appendix for Serpent Mage describes this liquid as not actually water, but a fluid which can be breathed through lungs and gills. Chelestra was also intended as a tremendous waste management and recycling plant, with the great floating habitat-beasts called "durnai" serving as biological recycling stations for the detritus from the other worlds.

However, strange serpents, creatures of great power and corruption - that the Sartan had not created - began to appear. The Sartan could not account for their existence, but their danger was undeniable. Even worse, the emulsion fluid of Chelestra had a neutralizing effect on Sartan rune magic, rendering it and them utterly powerless. Surrounded by water that took away their power, no longer in control of the mensch, and faced with the serpents, the Sartan of Chelestra retreated into their capital.

Samah, fearing what would happen if the serpents spread to the other worlds, shut Death's Gate, cutting communication between the worlds. The Sartan then placed themselves into a stasis sleep, expecting it to only last long enough for the other worlds to finish their parts of the grand plan and come help. This contributed to the disappearance of the Sartan from the mensch worlds, setting up the main series' events. On Arianus, intended as an industrial and manufacturing world of floating continents, the Sartan had other problems.

Cut off from communication with the other worlds Chelestra specifically and the Council , the Sartan were slowly dying of some unknown cause, quickly becoming vastly outnumbered by the mensch. These Sartan also settled into hibernation, hoping for help from the other worlds.

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The Kicksey-winsey, a grand machine intended to align the floating continents and provide them with water water being a direct byproduct of its production cycle , as well as manufacture all the processed goods desired by the other worlds, never became properly active. The dwarves, known on this world as Gegs, not truly understanding its purpose, effectively became slaves to the machine, worshiping it after a fashion as an artifact of their gods, the Mangers, known to others as the Sartans who had placed them there as its caretakers.

The elves became tyrannical lords of much of the mid-realm through manipulation of the dwarves to obtain a monopoly on water, whilst constantly waging war with the humans. Pryan was created as a great inverted globe with four small suns at its center. It was to be the power plant and center for all four worlds, but it too fell into chaos. Great Citadels collected the energy from Pryan's four suns and beamed it through conduits to the other three worlds the Colossi on Abarrach, the Kicksey-winsey on Arianus and the seasun on Chelestra.

Covered entirely by miles-thick jungle only the dwarves had ever seen the legendary 'ground' the Citadels were to be the bastions of civilization, where the Mensch would live a life of plenty and comfort. However, as with the other worlds, the Sartan mysteriously began to die. In fear, some citadels banished the mensch to the jungle. The Tytans, great blind giants of immense power created by the Sartan to manage the power systems of the citadels, were also banished because of fear they could no longer be controlled by the remaining Sartan.

The Tytans went on to be an unstoppable terror as they searched for the citadels, trying to get home. Finally, and most desperately, Abarrach was a huge volcanic asteroid-like world. The Sartan and mensch lived inside its honeycombed tunnels—designed to provide minerals and metals to the Kicksey-winsey—but they turned out to be loaded with poisonous volcanic fumes.

The mensch were wiped out swiftly—the dwarves hung on the longest—and the poisons taxed the magic of the remaining Sartan to create breathable air. Huge columns called Colossi had been created by the Sartan to provide light and keep the world warm in the long run, but they began to fail almost immediately because they did not receive the necessary energy from Pryan.

See a Problem?

With all the mensch dead and Sartan magic stretched to the limit, the Sartan of Abarrach turned to the forbidden arts of necromancy , using the corpses of the dead to supplement a lost workforce. While at the start it seemed a logical if desperate move that would help, it proved to be the most critical and tragic mistake of the whole Sartan race, as the dead eventually escaped from Sartan control. But the use of necromancy had an even worse result, one far more disastrous for the Sartan: For every life brought back, every soul prevented from passing on, another life ends untimely.

For each dead body resurrected, another member of the species, somewhere, dies. The continuous restoration of dead Sartan on Abarrach resulted in the mass deaths among the Sartan populations of other worlds. Only on Chelestra, apparently due to either the Barrier protecting the Sartan city, or the properties of the water itself, did the Sartan survive relatively unscathed. In the Labyrinth, the Sartan who should have been monitoring the prison realm either died or left.

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