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The Future of Religion

Thus Christianity becomes more of a "practice" than a "belief". As Rorty puts it: Vattimo, unlike Rorty, counts himself as a Christian, committed to living out Jesus's commandment to love one another. He argues that God is essentially kenotic, or self-emptying, pouring himself into the world so completely that he no longer exists as a metaphysical reality.

Richard Rorty on John Dewey

We are left with the task of interpreting and governing life in the light of Jesus's teaching about charity: Interesting as this book is, its main shortcoming which is also a shortcoming of Rorty's and Vattimo's outlook, in general is any satisfactory theory of human tragedy. Love, surely, is the ultimate theological ideal, but we are not always capable of living up to our ideals, even when we are totally committed to them.

We still need, in some sense, to be saved from ourselves, because going back to Romans the good we would do, we do not do, and the evil we would not do, we do. Any meaningful Christianity of the future must take account of our tragic inability properly to enact the commandment to love. This is why the locus of the Christian message is not the feel-good sentiments in 1 Corinthians 13 - beautiful as they are - but the reality of love crucified upon the cross.

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The Future of Religion by Richard M. Rorty

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  7. Saturday 15 December The Future of Religion: Richard Rorty and Gianni Vattimo. Two heavyweights argue this question without convincing Hugh Rayment-Pickard This book contains a friendly debate between two of the biggest guns in modern philosophy: This volume brings together two prominent contemporary philosophers to reflect on religion in its relation to ethics, society, and politics.

    The book is well-structured, with an introductory overview by the editor, an essay by Rorty, another by Vattimo, and finally a lively dialogue. Since both Rorty and Vattimo also discuss each other's work in their respective essays, the book provides an excellent opportunity for these major representatives of continental thought and contemporary American pragmatism to engage in constructive and fruitful discussion.

    Zabala's introduction sets up the contributions of the two major thinkers by defining some key terms and concepts, and by sketching some of the general parameters of current philosophical analyses of religion.

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    The Future of Religion: Richard Rorty and Gianni Vattimo

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