Manual Muslims In Australia: The Dynamics of Exclusion & Inclusion

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ISS 6 Muslims In Australia

Muslims in Australia have attracted increased attention as citizens in the last decade. The research scholars in this book present a complex and dynamic picture of their presence and experiences in Australia, taking us far beyond simplistic notions of security threats and discrimination. Their contributions reveal that Muslims and non-Muslims, as individuals and communities, display many different attitudes towards each other and towards many issues, including reactions to the media, threats of terrorism and access to Islamic schools.

The non-Muslim community does not always set the agenda for these interactions: Muslims experience exclusion while excluding others at the same time, often other Muslims. Muslims in Australia portrays the varied ways in which Muslims traverse spaces of inclusion and exclusion, and suggests ideas to encourage and sustain acceptance and social cohesion.

  • ISS 6 Muslims In Australia, — Melbourne University Publishing.
  • ISS 6 Muslims In Australia!
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  • ISS 6 Muslims In Australia, — Melbourne University Publishing.
  • ISS 6 Muslims In Australia!

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Acculturative Issues of Muslims in Australia

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Of the entire Muslim population, Nearly half of the Australian-born Muslims are from Lebanese and Turkish descent, and heritage of the others is linked with a wide range of countries Yasmeen, Muslims are dispersed across all of the Australian states and territories, with the highest number settled in New South Wales and the second highest in Victoria Hassan, The Muslim population of Australia skews young: Being young, they are either in full-time education or working.

Muslim males, compared with the mainstream males, have a higher level of postgraduate qualification Hassan, The number of people who own a house is half of the national level Hassan, Elderly Muslims, when compared to average Australian seniors, have a higher rate of disability and require assistance for everyday life Hassan, All those who immigrate to a new country undergo change, referred to as acculturation. Though it is a two-way process in theory, in reality the minority has to embrace the ways of the larger majority Berry, Integration, which is an amalgamation of original and adopted cultures and belief systems, is regarded as the favorable outcome.

However, integration is affected by the ideas and perspective of the newly arrived as well as the expectations, attitudes, and behaviors of the host society.

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Overall, acculturation is a complex multidimensional phenomenon, with changes occurring at numerous levels. A review of the literature indicated limited information about the acculturation, adaptation, and integration of Muslims in Australia Fozdar, To address this gap, researchers have recently started to focus on their settlement process, experiences, and challenges encountered. Additionally, Rane and colleagues identified Australian Muslim appreciation for the educational and health care systems in Australia.

Further, investigations on the values of the Muslims in Australia indicated that participants perceived their values to be aligned with universal moral and ethical values Kabir, a. adviser blasts division within movement/Condemns exclusion

Studies exploring identity issues found that Australian Muslims reported feeling that they can be good Muslims and good Australians Woodlock, ; further, the majority of the respondents reported a bicultural identity Kabir, ; Woodlock, Muslim immigrants to Australia like to adapt, but also want to retain their original culture, language, and religious identity Poynting, As yet, there is inadequate information about Muslim engagement with mainstream Australian; however, the data emerging indicated that most of the skilled Muslim population interacted with members of the larger society Fozdar, When assessed at the individual level, reports of wellbeing appeared to be similar to that of non-immigrant Australians; at the national level, however, it appeared to be lower than Australians though still within average range; Woodlock, Acculturation is not an easy process and can precipitate psychosocial challenges for minorities and the larger majority.

Studies conducted in Australia reveal that Muslims have experienced acculturative stress. Securing employment has been a major difficulty due to discrimination Casimiro et al.

Acculturative issues of Muslims in Australia

Peucker and colleagues report similar findings. Subsequently, unemployment has aggravated poverty Hassan, Youth, a period of unemployment, is postulated to be more vulnerable and at risk due to being in a physical and emotional developmental stage Hassan, Muslims have emerged as a disadvantaged section of the Australian population Peucker et al. Investigations are indicating that Muslims in Australia tend to feel less safe Centre for Muslim Minorities, and worry about their future safety and security Woodlock, There is a general impression that Muslim do not assimilate in with the majority Fozdar, This notion has been reinforced by politicians, some of whom have used a narrow definition of integration based on cultural indicators attire worn, language used, and food consumed instead of the broader financial, political, and social indicators contributing to society through paid and unpaid work, and social interaction with the majority.

Subsequently, Muslim women, particularly those who wore hijab and niqab, report encountering more prejudicial treatment Yasmeen,