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Let him meet as many people and good-tempered dogs as possible. He should wear a light leather collar for a short time each day; when he is used to this, attach to it a short cord or thin lead and let this trail for a few minutes while you play with him. Some puppies learn to walk on a lead with no trouble at all after one or two lessons, but with others care and patience and a certain amount of firmness are needed.

I think it is important to have a puppy trained to a lead at an early age, because all forms of training should be done on a lead, especially stopping him from jumping up at strangers and generally getting too tough. Use a double chain, leather or nylon, check collar, the kind that will not pull too tight. Most Bull Terriers love riding in a car, but until you are sure he is not going to be car-sick, take him for very short rides in company with another dog or passenger, to a wood or a field where he can have a romp. If he is sick, or if you want him to behave well when left alone in your car, let him spend short periods in it at home, where you can watch to see that he is quite happy and not chewing anything.

It is a good idea to leave a marrowbone with him if he is inclined to be destructive. All dogs love to be talked to, so the more the better. They only understand by associations and have fantastic memories. Use your voice i. An excitable puppy needs very slow, quite handling and a quite one the reverse. Serious obedience should not be expected until the pup is about six months, but at four months or a little before, he can be taught to Sit, Down and Stay, as it is much easier to put them into these positions when they are small. Get him used to walking on the lead without pulling and gradually take him where there is traffic, but give him plenty of free running in the woods or fields.

Only call him when necessary, but each time he comes of his own accord, give lots of praise, a titbit, or a little game a favourite toy, ball or choc-drop, etc.

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Never punish a dog when he comes to you, however naughty he has been. If you have a dog who is naturally disobedient, you must use a long line so that you can keep control Difficult Puppies. Some people disagree with me, but I am a great believer in avoiding situations which cause fear, possessiveness or aggression, until I have a dogs affection and confidence, and know I can control him, but on the other hand there is no question of who wins, dog or me, it must always be me.

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Neither would I put his bed where people are constantly passing, nor allow him to lie on the furniture or in front of the fire. Do not pass him on without giving the prospective new owner a complete picture of your difficulties, and only let the dog go with an absolute understanding that if not happy or a success he will be returned to you. Sometimes a dog who is impossible with one family is perfect with another. Please do not let a Bull Terrier who fights, run loose where there are other dogs. Either keep him on a lead or line, or take him when and where you are pretty certain you will not meet other dogs.

Play with your puppy first, either indoors, or outside, talk to him and get him to look at you whilst standing well, then give him a titbit or ball to play with. Teach him to walk on a loose lead, in a circle and up and down, different distances you may be judged in a small or large ring.

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When he will do this at home on his own, make him do it when you have visitors and other distractions. Then outside in a park, recreation ground or a fairly busy place. Do not take him to a show until you feel you have done everything to give him a flying start. You should groom your dog as often as possible. A brush after exercise is all that is required coat-wise. Grooming helps to remove dust, mud and any loose hair.

Training an MBT

Even white coats shine with health when regularly brushed or rubbed-down with a soft cloth. Grooming also provides an opportunity to check nails, ears, eyes and teeth, and to deal with any problems as soon as they appear.

George - English Bull Terrier - 2 Weeks Residential Dog Training

It is an advantage to familiarise your puppy to having its nails clipped, so that in later life it does not become a three-man task to clip the nail of a wriggling Bull Terrier. Puppies that Bite Training for a Bull Terrier at Six Months At six months old he should have a few minutes discipline each day, in your garden or where it is quite; distractions come later. All mini bulls would, in the perfect world, be trained to at least the level of Canine Good Citizen , a very reasonable goal.

This AKC-sponsored program of certification involves exercises requiring the dog to sit, down, stay, come, walk decently on a leash, and behave politely around human and canine strangers.

All dogs do best with a job in life. Organized dog sports can provide a terrific outlet for all that joie de vivre and bounce of your mini. The MBTCA has developed an awards program to encourage the training of miniature bull terriers and to recognize club members and their dogs who have achieved honors.

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Hall Memorial Versatility Award , or the Hildie, as it is known. Trained miniature bull terriers are joys to their owners and sources of inspiration and welcome entertainment to others. It can be done! Furthermore, praise means relatively little to them as a reward, so plan on making generous use of food treats, toys and games.