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He is well known for his contribution to the art world by sponsoring artists such as Botticelli and Michelangelo.

Ruler of Florence

His life coincided with the mature phase of Italian Renaissance , and his death coincided with the end of the Golden Age of Florence. Legend says that in his early childhood , Lorenzo demonstrated unusual intelligence , good taste, curiosity and prodigious memory, all of which was accompanied by a healthy dose of wit, a trait held by many famous Florentines.

Lorenzo was considered the brightest of the five children of Piero and Lucrezia. Cosimo the Elder was very fond of Lorenzo and ensured that he had the opportunity to study with the best teachers of the time. In particular, Lorenzo attended the Platonic Academy of Marsilio Ficino, who had a big influence on many elements of Florentine culture. There Lorenzo learned to play the lyre and sing, and discovered a love for poetry and arts.

27 Dark Facts About Lorenzo de Medici

The young Lorenzo grew up watching his grandfather Cosimo, whom he always tried to surpass in wisdom and cunning. Piero sent Lorenzo on many important diplomatic missions when he was still a youth, which included trips to Rome to meet the pope and other important religious and political figures.

Lorenzo De Medici - I Medici 2 II Renaissance

Lorenzo did not officially accept power, wanting to be considered a simple citizen of Florence while virtually centralizing into his own hands the power of the city and the state. In the period between and , he completely reformed state institutions, suppressed all rivalries existing between families and resolved all family problems to become the supreme arbiter in every question of dynasty.

He also ensured a period of peace among the various Italian powers through his influence and important friendships.

The Medici Family

By enacting minor changes to the communal constitution , he gained power without losing popular support: Lorenzo, like his grandfather, father, and son, ruled Florence indirectly through surrogates in the city councils , threats , payoffs, and strategic marriages. Giuliano was brutally stabbed to death, but Lorenzo escaped with only a minor wound to the shoulder, having been defended by the poet Politian. News of the conspiracy spread throughout Florence and was brutally put down by the populace through such measures as the lynching of the Archbishop of Pisa and the death of the Pazzi family members who were involved.

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When these moves had little effect, Sixtus formed a military alliance with King Ferdinand I of Naples , whose son, Alfonso, Duke of Calabria, led an invasion of the Florentine Republic, still ruled by Lorenzo. Lorenzo rallied the citizens. However, with little support from the traditional Medici allies in Bologna and Milan the latter being convulsed by power struggles among the Milanese ruling family, the Sforza , the war dragged on, and only diplomacy by Lorenzo, who personally traveled to Naples, resolved the crisis.

Lorenzo emerged from the conflict with greatly increased prestige. Lorenzo maintained good relations with Sultan Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire , as the Florentine maritime trade with the Ottomans was a major source of wealth for the Medici. Lorenzo is remembered as The Magnificent for his political astuteness as well as his artistic skills. He was a writer , a poet and a great patron: In his novel Inferno , Dan Brown sums up that Lorenzo was said to have had a superb eye.

The Pazzi conspiracy

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