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You cannot be this stupid! Are you completely incapable of rational thought?! Burns from The Simpsons Sing the Blues.

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This instigates a big Berserk Button when his superior, the provost, acts and talks just as stupid. For the rest of the game, he refers to Duster as "Moron. In the original, he'd use shock tiaras on whoever the perceived idiot is or storm off in disgust.

Chances are, if you participated in any team-based events or dungeons, you've either met someone like this, or been that person yourself. Goes double for MOBA players.

Enraged by Idiocy

In Ashe's recruitment event of Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia , Penelo asks her to join by saying how much better it will be to be part of a group in the dangerous wilderness. Unfortunately, right behind Penelo are Laguna and Yuffie. Ashe takes one look and turns around to keep traveling on her own. Magnus, being the Insufferable Genius he is, finds it hard to tolerate both more simple-minded Kitten who isn't even dumb; just not Primarch-tier and letters from the Imperial citizens who are rather unfortunately slow and absurdly ignorant. The former makes him break into lectures and generally snap at him constantly, the other have him fly into rages.

Notably, this also applies to events that he finds are stupid, such as when he thought it really was reuniting Vulkan's artifacts that brought the man himself back , meaning a prophecy that had no reason to work was true after all: Black Mage of 8-Bit Theater. As with most of life's problems, he responds to it with extreme violence. Be the idiocy in the form of an Ear Worm , or Being Touched , or who knows what else, you can count on Sheen to yell and curse and become violent on a hair trigger whenever it happens.

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The Game Masta apparrantly hates stupid people so much that the Anthropomorphic Personification of his "hatred" is, consequently, an utter moron. Thog considering himself to be Roy's Evil Counterpart also drives Roy to distraction. Redcloak also finds himself exasperated with Xykon's impulsiveness and refusal to think deeply or strategise. Stand Still, Stay Silent: This seems to be a factor in Lalli's dislike of Reynir. Lalli is a grown up Child Soldier with a few years of magic practice behind him, if little training in it. Reynir is a Sheltered Aristocrat with just a few days a few weeks after a the Time Skip of even knowing he's a mage, causing him to still be Easily Impressed by the Invisible to Normals aspect of it.

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When an omen that only the two of them can see appears, Lalli's reaction to Reynir's gawking at it is to scold him for "looking stupid". The page quote is the best example in the series to date. His pride prevents him from admitting his own stupidity enrages him as well.

enrage (v.)

Freeza thinks he's found a worthy opponent in Goku, and he has But prolonged exposure to Goku's unique personality slow drives him to greater and greater rage and sanity slippage. It's incredibly satisfying for the audience watching his cold, taunting demeanor dissolve into childish insults and tantrums. Piccolo deals with it the best, though he still flips out over his student being unable to dodge anything.

Goku and Vegeta do make him angry, though he deals with their stupidity through sarcasm and insults later in the series. Akihiko Kayaba of Sword Art Online Abridged has been bottling up two years' worth of rage at the prospect that the lion's share of his player base simply cannot function at a higher level of thought process than "group up and hit it 'til it dies".

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Part of the reason he took on his Heathcliff alias is to alleviate the massive number of player deaths that resulted from a glitch of his own sleep-deprived creation; that a massive number of players died in incredibly stupid ways despite this does not help his temper one bit. Herself, Canadian mother Peyton Himself, Texan father Jane Wachnin Herself, Sam Wachnin's wife Aaron Wachnin Himself, Sam Wachnin's son Adam Wachnin Himself, Sam Wachnin's son Aiden Wachnin Himself, Sam Wachnin's son Cindy Pace Herself, Sam Wachnin's real estate customer Jolae Fuller Herself, anger management psychologist Steven Stosny A complete list of Physical weapons can be found here.

The first Enraged RhinoBot was crafted. The point requirement for the Enraged RhinoBot was lowered from 17,, to 13,, Retrieved from " https: Personal tools Log in. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Digby scientists were hard at work trying to improve upon the already amazing RhinoBot when a fluke of chance led to the creation of the Enraged RhinoBot!